Welcome to the season of insight! As we gear up once again, we’re empowering our venue community with a comprehensive overview of the current landscape in wedding planning. Examining our latest data from our recent survey of couples, we unveil sought-after wedding preferences and trending patterns.

2024 Destination Wedding Preferences

Dive into the world of 2024 Wedding Preferences where, in addition to uncovering the top choices for destination weddings this year, we shed light on the specific details couples actively seek when enquiring about a venue’s wedding offerings. This invaluable information serves as a strategic guide to enhance your approach and ultimately boost your wedding bookings!


Today’s wedding trend leans toward intimate, meaningful celebrations with the closest circle.

For destination weddings, most couples aim to invite a select group, and our current survey unveiled 30-70 guests proved to be the magic number, prioritising intimate ceremonies and micro-celebrations.

With more than 50% of couples financing their weddings independently, the focus on who and what is allocated to their budget has become increasingly apparent.

Action Step: Review the micro-wedding packages you offer and add any further excursions or activities to incentivise intimate celebrations.

Ideal Landscapes

Opting for a countryside retreat as your overseas wedding venue is a style statement gaining immense popularity among couples. The allure of outdoor setups surrounded by natural beauty, whether it’s amidst Italian hillsides, French mountain ranges, or the rustic charm of the Greek mainland, is high on brides’ wish lists.

To capitalize on this growing trend, spotlight your external wedding spaces with flair. Let photography be your storyteller, capturing the scenic landscapes in all their glory. Share these captivating images across your social platforms to engage your audience. Additionally, don’t forget to send any new imagery to Wedinspire – updating your profile with fresh visuals can significantly boost your leads!

Indulgent Extras

Elevating the wedding experience for their discerning guest list, couples are extending festivities to include indulgent experiences. These exclusive adventures span spa treatments, exhilarating watersports, enchanting hot air balloon rides, luxurious yacht charters, delightful wine tastings, and immersive local cooking classes — truly once-in-a-lifetime moments.

In response to this evolving trend, couples are now envisioning more than a single-day celebration; they are meticulously planning a comprehensive wedding stay that spans 2-3 days.

Action Step: Evaluate your offerings for couples and their guests. Consider enhancing your package with welcome buffets, farewell brunches, and additional extraordinary experiences to align with the growing expectations of today’s couples.


More than 50% of couples planning destination weddings are now prioritising sustainability and eco-conscious elements for their special day.

A rising wedding trend that involves couples embracing upcycling and zero-waste commitments. This includes initiatives like donating wedding flowers to charitable causes and opting for a plastic-free celebration.

As we step into 2024, it’s the opportune moment for your wedding venue to adopt eco-friendly practices. Whether it’s incorporating locally sourced produce in your catering or implementing sustainable initiatives across your operations, now is the time for your venue to take substantial strides towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.

The Essential info 2024 wedding couples want

While having a presence on top-tier marketing platforms and aligning with current trends is crucial for your venue, it’s essential to recognise that a poor response to leads can significantly impact your conversion rate.

Our recent research delves into the primary information couples seek from wedding venues, and through a detailed examination of the three key points identified, I provide professional advice on optimising your response strategy.


Understanding that 88% of couples highlight transparency in knowing all wedding costs associated with hosting an event at your venue is crucial. In the swift decision-making process, couples need to determine whether their budget aligns with your offerings.

Given the unique nature of weddings and the diverse requirements of each couple, covering aspects such as guest numbers, catering needs, decor extras, and beverage packages, it’s imperative to adopt an approach that caters to individual needs. Crafting personalised quotation spreadsheets, easily generated and tailored, proves to be one of the most effective and concise ways to communicate pricing details.

Avoid inundating couples with emails containing numerous attachments that require meticulous scanning. Simplify the process to enhance engagement and avoid potential barriers to lead progression.

When presenting pricing, it’s essential to include any minimum requirements and additional extras, such as taxes, upfront. Transparency in these details eliminates hidden costs, fostering the trust necessary to secure a booking.


Couples prioritse information about the availability of your venue for their wedding date, it’s crucial to be prompt and strategic in your responses.

In instances where a requested date or weekend is unavailable, refrain from a straightforward “no.” Instead, respond with alternatives close to the mentioned date or even propose the same date for the following year. This approach demonstrates flexibility and keeps the conversation open, maximising the potential for a positive outcome.

Wedding Brochure

A substantial 60% of couples express a desire for a wedding brochure that is ‘easy to read’ when seeking information about a venue’s wedding offerings.

That’s a large proportion of leads. Now, it’s time for some reflective questions. Firstly, do you have a dedicated wedding brochure? While venue catalogues for accommodations are valuable, a specialised wedding brochure is essential to drive sales.

Next, scrutinise your existing wedding brochure. An outstanding one can significantly boost conversion rates, while a subpar effort may deter potential couples. Your brochure should be a vibrant showcase, accentuating your unique offerings and setting you apart from competitors.

Given the international scope of weddings, consider reviewing your brochure from a global perspective. Marketing an Italian wedding to a local audience differs from marketing it to a UK or US couple.

If you find yourself in need of support or would like a professional review in this crucial area, don’t hesitate to contact our team at contact@wedinspire.com.

Venue Visits

By the close of 2023, 52% of our clients acknowledged the importance of physically visiting venues before finalising their decision on a wedding venue abroad. However, a more noteworthy revelation was that 17% confirmed securing their international venue solely based on a video tour of the wedding space.

This prompts a critical question: Are you currently offering video tours to couples? If not, consider integrating this into your practices for 2024. It doesn’t require professional filmmaking skills; a simple walk through using your iPhone can be remarkably effective in showcasing your venue and providing a virtual experience akin to an in-person tour.

2024 Wedding Planning

In 2024, couples planning destination weddings are seeking indulgent locations boasting epic scenery, coupled with a strong emphasis on sustainability for their meticulously curated guest lists.

To stand out amidst competitors and secure bookings, your venue must resonate with the preferences of these couples. Showcase micro-ceremony spaces, offer unique experiences, and present once-in-a-lifetime packages. Additionally, it’s crucial to meticulously review and optimise your enquiry responses to enhance the likelihood of securing bookings.

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