Your venue website is your shop window, a gateway for couples to get in touch and book a viewing, it is a way to be found and it is a way to help couples fall in love with your venue before even veiwing it.

A blog on your website has many benefits, from an SEO point of view they are great for Google as new, useful and valuable content is what search engines want to show on their results pages. A website that has regular new content posted on it will rank better than one that hasn’t been updated for many years.

From a search engine perspective adding new content is excellent but it’s also a fantastic way to engage with potential clients. A blog can give helpful advice, latest news from your venue or even introduce staff members for example.

Content Ideas for Wedding Venue Blogs

If you haven’t got a blog set up on your website then now is the time to do so especially with the re-introduction of weddings still looming. Once you have your blog, what should you be posting about? Here are our top tips on content ideas for your wedding blog.

Real weddings

As a wedding venue you want to be sharing photos from real weddings at your venue, we are not talking every wedding every week, but featuring one a month is a great way to show couples what they can do with your venue, how to decorate and style it, how the space can be used and the photos couples could have.

Work with photographers that shoot at your venue, you may already have a VIP list of regular photographers from your region that have a style you love, ask if you can feature their work on your site. Most photographers will see this as a compliment and it’s also a great marketing opportunity for them so don’t be afraid to ask.

Write a post about the day, the couple and feature beautiful photos that show off your venue and the day itself. Even better add a testimonial from the couple too!

Showcase your venue

Your website is all about your venue, giving a great overview of what you offer, but if you want to add more details then posting on your blog is a great way to expand on different areas. You may allow fireworks, so you could create a post on the use of fireworks at your venue, the types of displays you have, photos of different displays couples have had plus you could collaborate with companies in your local area that offer this service, they may contribute a couple of paragraphs which your potential clients find really useful.

Your venue may look completely different at night, when the night falls and the party starts, show off how your venue comes to life in the evening, from outdoor areas for guests and lighting, cosy seating areas and warming fire pits.

The same venue at different seasons and times of the year creates a different feeling, show off how amazing an outdoor ceremony is in the summer, and how cosy an intimate indoor ceremony in the winter is.

Venue News

The use of your blog doesn’t have to just be about inspiration and wedding ideas, you can use it to promote new areas of your venue, perhaps a new outdoor ceremony area, revamped bar or refreshed accommodation suites.

For couples looking at your venue let them see things such as improved areas or new features, this gives a positive image and shows couples that you are always improving your venue and keeping it up-to-date and not letting it become tired and dated.


A frequently asked questions page may already be on your site which is great, however creating a blog post out of it is a great resource for couples. What do you commonly get asked about your venue? What things don’t couples ask but are good features for them?

Things such as:

  • Are fireworks permitted?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Can I connect my phone and Spotify playlist to your speakers?
  • Can I collect my wedding day cards and items the next morning?

There may be areas that you can expand on and may wish to create an article on, how about music and entertainment,  the options available and ideas that other couples have had, from bands to pianists and singers.

Meet the team

Getting personal is a great way to connect with couples, introducing key staff members helps build trust and a connection before they have even met.

A blog post introducing the wedding and events planner who takes charge of viewings and manages the day for you, can make couples feel more relaxed on initial introductions.

Wedding Blog post ideas

A great blog can be created by chatting to your head chef in charge of wedding day food and menus, you can discuss advice on popular options for different times of the year, depending on seasonal choices, what they love about wedding breakfasts and a brief outline of their achievements. And why not introduce your head bartender to talk about drink options and the possibility of creating a personalised wedding cocktail just for you and your guests.

Featured suppliers

You may have suppliers that work regularly with you at weddings, be it caterers, bands, florists or stylists. Create an article with suppliers you work with, a Q&A format can work really well, they can offer their tips and advice within their field and how they work with you as a venue and ideas and suggestions they have.

This is great for helping couples to visualise how they can use your venue on their wedding day, allowing them to see who has worked at your venue and act as a little black book of contacts for couples booking your venue.

Getting the best from your wedding blog

It is important you keep your blog updated, be consistent and have a post schedule. You don’t have to write one a week, with downtime you can easily write your articles and then schedule to post them over the next few months automatically. The key is to be consistent, a blog is great, but if the last post is dated 30th June 2017 it doesn’t give a great impression.

When new content is posted to your blog you can then share it, share it on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram post and stories, add images to your Pinterest page and perhaps include in any email marketing you may do.

Create a strategy, a post plan of ideas and topics to cover, who can write what and when you want to publish them. With a blog plan in place this can then be linked to your marketing and social media strategy plan to maximise their exposure.

If sitting down and writing articles just isn’t for you, then how about creating video, these can be used and shared on Youtube and Instagram, you could then also have the content transcribed and edited to create an article that you can then also use on your blog.