Dive into the forefront of wedding trends for 2024-2025, focusing on couples seeking far-flung nuptial celebrations. Drawing insights from our recent annual wedding survey of couples planning their wedding, and the preferences of today’s affluent, young couples, I’ve curated the essential and thrilling international wedding planning trends for the year.

Overseas Wedding Trends 2024

While each destination wedding is inherently unique, certain sought-after elements stand out and below I will be revealing the secrets to crafting your exceptional destination wedding experience.

Out of season dates

June, July, and August have long held the reputation as the peak wedding months, often deemed the most coveted and consequently, the most expensive dates for weddings.

Wedding date preferences have undergone a complete shift. Previously romanticised months like June and July have lost their top spots, giving way to September and May as the most sought-after months for tying the knot abroad.

If you were to expand your outlook beyond the traditional concept of ‘desirable’ wedding dates, you could open up a realm of possibilities in diverse and stunning wedding venues worldwide.

Carefully curated guest list

Gone are the days of inviting everyone under the sun to your big day. Today’s trend leans toward intimate, meaningful celebrations with the closest circle.

For destination weddings, most couples aim to invite a select group, and our current survey unveiled 30-70 guests proved to be the magic number, prioritizing intimate ceremonies and micro-celebrations.

With more than 50% of couples financing their weddings independently, the focus on who and what is allocated to their budget has become increasingly apparent.

Countryside Retreats

The quintessential wedding destination? Look no further than a countryside retreat! The allure lies in immersing yourself in vast, untouched landscapes or experiencing a seemingly otherworldly escape nestled in the countryside—making it the ultimate choice for exchanging vows abroad.

Exploring global wedding spaces set amidst these serene landscapes is simply enchanting. Picture Italian hillsides, French mountain ranges, or the rustic charm of the Greek mainland.

These countryside settings abroad boast awe-inspiring natural beauty, featuring rolling hills, picturesque vineyards, and serene lakes. They create an intimate and tranquil backdrop, allowing couples to celebrate with their closest companions, far removed from the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s a chance to reconnect with those who matter most and embrace the true essence of marriage.

Wedding Villas

It should come as no surprise that in 2024/25, the venue stealing the hearts of couples aligns seamlessly with our clients’ desires over the last four years—a wedding villa. And it’s no wonder why; it encompasses everything needed for an unforgettable day—exclusive ambiance, top-notch amenities, and the privacy to craft your dream celebration.

Many of these villas not only provide event spaces but also offer guest accommodations. This sets the stage for the ultimate wedding gathering, creating a stylish and intimate setting that these villas are renowned for.

Over 60% of couples are leaning towards venues that provide onsite accommodations. Villas, with their blend of boutique-styled rooms and dedicated celebration spaces, truly offer the perfect setup—a win-win situation for couples seeking both comfort and elegance for their special day.

On-point locations

If your dream is to say ‘I Do’ in one of the most coveted locations, Europe stands as a treasure trove of opportunities. As we reflect on our most sought-after wedding venues in recent months, a handful of destinations stand out, each holding its own allure waiting to be explored.

The Greek islands reign supreme among the most coveted wedding locations, with Santorini and the lesser-known gem, Ios, capturing the hearts of our clients. In Italy, the romantic landscapes of Tuscany and Sicily stand out, along with the luxurious allure of Lake Como. Southern Spain boasts remarkable villas that have become highly desirable, not to mention the magnetic appeal of Ibiza as a hotspot destination.

Beyond the Big day

Couples today are seeking more than just a single-day celebration; they’re planning a comprehensive wedding stay spanning 2-3 days. This extended celebration includes welcome buffets, farewell brunches, and a series of extraordinary experiences in between.

To impress and indulge their refined guest list, couples are extending the festivities and offering lavish experiences. These once-in-a-lifetime adventures encompass a range of indulgences such as spa treatments, thrilling watersports, enchanting hot air balloon rides, luxurious yacht charters, delightful wine tastings, and engaging local cooking classes. It’s all about creating unforgettable moments and pampering guests with an array of indulgent experiences throughout their stay.

Sustainable Destination Weddings

More than 50% of couples planning destination weddings are now prioritising sustainability and eco-conscious elements for their special day.

Wedding venues are embracing greener practices by incorporating sustainability into various aspects of their services. From using locally sourced produce in their catering to implementing eco-friendly practices throughout their operations, venues are taking significant steps toward sustainability.

A rising wedding trend involves couples embracing upcycling and zero-waste commitments. This includes initiatives like donating wedding flowers to charitable causes and opting for a plastic-free celebration. Simple yet impactful changes, such as swapping plastic straws for eco-friendly paper alternatives, sharing floral arrangements and decorations among multiple couples at the venue, and even gifting ‘replanted trees’ as wedding favors, are becoming popular ways for couples to champion this eco-friendly trend.

Alfresco dining

The allure of an outdoor wedding breakfast is timeless and worth considering for those contemplating a destination wedding. While not a new trend, I’ve gathered a stunning collection of beautifully styled alfresco dining setups from this year to inspire your wedding tablescapes. These curated examples promise to ignite your imagination and elevate your vision for an exquisite outdoor dining experience on your special day.

2024/25 Wedding Ceremony

If you’re seeking more than just wedding reception inspiration, I’ve meticulously curated a visual hot-list of ceremony setups to spark your imagination. Each carefully selected idea encapsulates the essence of an unforgettable ceremony, offering a myriad of creative possibilities to consider for your special day.

Your destination wedding

The upcoming trends in weddings are certainly interesting to explore, but remember, your wedding is all about you! Let your decisions reflect your personalities and preferences as a couple.

As specialists in destination wedding venues, our curated portfolio offers an array of exclusive spaces worldwide. Looking ahead into 2024-25, there’s an abundance of unique wedding experiences awaiting your discovery—some you might not have even thought about. Whether it’s an intimate beachfront soirée, a majestic French Chateau, or a charming boutique Masseria, our portfolio holds the key to finding your one-of-a-kind place to say ‘I Do.’ Explore our offerings and uncover the perfect setting that resonates with your vision for this special day.