Introducing video content into your wedding venue marketing strategy can be a game-changer for attracting potential couples.

Marketing your wedding venue through video

Whether you’re new to the world of video or looking to enhance your existing efforts, our guide will walk you through the steps to create captivating video content for your venue. From planning your shots to editing the final footage, we’ve got you covered with expert advice to help you showcase your venue in the best possible light.

Why create Amateur Videos for your venue?

Considering nearly 50% of couples book their wedding venue abroad without actually visiting in person (*data from our 2023 survey), video content is hugely important. Even without a substantial marketing budget for a professional videographer, your iPhone can serve as a powerful tool to capture the shots couples are seeking.

The goal is to provide couples with a deeper understanding of your venue for wedding purposes, as videos have the ability to convey a wealth of information and emotion, surpassing the impact of mere photographs.

Content Ideas

Before you begin filming, you need to focus on the purpose and structure of the content you wish to create. Here’s some content ideas to consider;

Real Weddings
Hosting an actual wedding provides the perfect opportunity to create compelling video content to share with prospective couples. Whether you’re capturing the excitement of the wedding party or the heartfelt moments of the ceremony, ensure you have permission and refrain from posting until approved by the bride and groom.

Prior to the event, when your venue is dressed to wedding perfection, focus on capturing key shots such as aisle walks, panoramic views from the ceremony site, table and DJ setups.These key shots provide invaluable content for brides-to-be to envision their wedding day at your venue.

Styled shoots
It may seem obvious, but alongside professional styled shoots aimed at obtaining high-end photography, consider using your iPhone to capture video content. Editing can work wonders, and behind-the-scenes footage adds authenticity. If the photographer permits, involve them in the shot to showcase the collaborative process. With your venue wedding-ready, make the most of the decor and set-ups.

Fortunately, you don’t always need to stage a fully dressed wedding to capture compelling amateur videos. Simply use your venue’s USPs, typically your stunning wedding backdrops.

Stand in the exact point the wedding couple will exchange vows and capture a slow 360-degree view of their perspective. Similarly, position yourself in the reception area and move around the dance floor to provide a dynamic view of the event space.

A grand entrance
An impressive entrance sets the tone for the entire wedding experience. Take a leisurely stroll up to your venue, showcasing its picturesque entrance, allowing couples to envision their grand arrival.

An experience
Highlight unique wedding experiences such as spa facilities, cooking classes, private jacuzzis, or hidden gardens to add depth to your venue’s offerings. What wedding experiences can you capture on video?

The face of your venue
You could also consider getting in on the action yourself. If you feel confident enough to do so, why not flip the camera and do the talking while you film? or get a collegaue to direct?

If you’re comfortable, take the opportunity to describe your ceremony area or explain guest capacities whilst standing in your reception area. You could even create a video FAQ style, addressing commonly asked questions about getting married at your venue.

Amateur Video advice from the pro’s

Good lighting is key
Natural light works wonders. Face the light source to avoid shadows and enhance visibility. Experiment with filming at different times of the day to showcase how your wedding setting looks in various lighting conditions. Try filming during sunrise and sunset, as they offer particularly beautiful natural lighting- known as the golden hour.

Steady shots
Keep your phone stable for a professional look. Consider using a tripod or stabilise your hand movements as much as possible.

Clear Audio
If you wish to capture audio use a quiet environment and speak clearly. Better sound quality can be achieved with an external microphone.

Mind your background
Choose a clean, clutter-free background that complements your content. Out of place items or poorly placed furniture is not a good look.

Short and sweet
Attention spans are short. Aim for concise videos to maintain viewer interest.

Show personality
Let your authenticity shine through. Viewers connect more with genuine and relatable content.

What to do with your content?

Editing videos on your iPhone is surprisingly straightforward. You can easily shorten clips, extract specific sections, and adjust lighting to enhance the overall quality of your video.

Instagram & Facebook
Instagram’s algorithm favours video content, making it a great platform for your ameteur vidoes. Use your content to create engaging reels and stories. You can add music, text overlays, and captions to provide context.

Canva offers social media templates that you can use to elevate your posts.

TikTok provides an ideal platform to showcase your amateur videos in a more casual manner and reach a wider audience. Keep your editing simple and let the natural charm of your wedding setting shine through.

Include in your sales pitch
When engaging with a potential couple, it’s an opportune moment to share one of your videos via email. For instance, “Given our recent conversations about our ceremony area, I thought you’d enjoy seeing it in action. Attached is a brief clip captured this week, highlighting some recent backdrops.”

Send your video’s to Wedinspire
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Send your edited or un-edited videos to us and let our team work its magic. There are no fees involved for members, making it a great way to boost your leads.