The wedding brochure is a must have for your wedding business, be it printed or a PDF it is something you can send and share with your potential couples giving them more information about your venue or business and acting as a marketing tool as part of your sales funnel.

When a couple enquire about your venue or wedding business it is great to have a brochure you can send to them, something that is well laid out, lots of great photos of your work or venue, something that wow’s and impresses them and helps move them along the sales funnel.

Wedding Brochure Design Importance

Your brochure is a great way to share more information but in a beautifully and well present manner, your brochure shouldn’t come across as a sales sheet with lots of prices and figures, it should tell a story, guide them through different options and areas of your venue or business.

Your brochure should start by introducing your business and by the end, leading the couples wanting to book a viewing or appointment with you.

Remember, couples who have enquired are interested, your brochure gives you a chance to impress the couple again with what interested them to begin with, adding a little more detail and depth. The brochure is the next step giving more information and taking them to the next stage of the sales funnel where they can look at the detail and focus more on the packages and pricing.

What’s important to have in your brochure?

Your brochure needs to flow, it needs to have a reason and point, so it cannot just be beautiful photos, it also needs to have information in it too!

Key things to consider:

  • Make sure your brochure flows and tells a story
  • Include pricing and packages, or at least from pricing.
  • Include information about different areas of your venue and business
  • If you are a venue include a floor plan and map of key areas for the wedding
  • Include information on what makes you unique and special
  • Include recent quote and testimonials from couples

For a wedding venue, introduce the venue, then move on to the different areas and parts of the wedding and how you ensure every part is special. Don’t just fill it with fluff, ensure there is also key information too, guest capacity, how will they be seated, inside and outside options, what if it rains? A map or layout of the venue is also great so couples can see the flow and size of the spaces.

Make it flow, tell a story:

  • Introduction
  • The setting and location
  • The ceremony and reception spaces
  • The service, food and drink

Then there is food and drink, do you have in-house catering? On-site bar? Amazing pictures and details of what the chef and team can create is important.

Finally pricing and packages, ensure this is there and is clear and simple to understand, what is the cost and what is included, different times of year may effect the pricing, so make sure this is set.

Provide the information couples want

Whatever your wedding business your brochure must have some substance, it is also a great way to answer any or common questions couples may have which then removes the need for emailing back and forth covering similar things.

For venues things such as a floor plan and map of the site is useful, couples then have an idea of the flow of the venue and different spaces.

An FAQ page is also great for answering a range of different and common questions, are fireworks allowed? Are you pet friendly? What time do we need to collect things the next morning? These are questions you may get emailed so it is useful having it all there for them to see.

Pricing – A key thing so make sure it is included and easy to understand. Simple starting packages and guide costs, meals and drinks packages can be discussed and finalised further down the line, but ensure couples have an understanding of the cost and what is included.

Action step: Make sure your brochure is clear, concise and flows like a story, having the information they need while also building further trust and love for your venue.

Make sure it is on brand

Your brochure is a marketing tool and also reflects you, so make sure it is professional and consistent with your branding. A text heavy Word document with few pictures is not going to have the same impact or engagement as a beautifully designed and laid out PDF brochure that has a good balance of text and imagery, white space and structure.

Having a brochure is important, but having something that will wow and help couples is more important than one that could have a negative effect.

Printing your brochure?

Your brochure doesn’t have to be printed, couples will enquire online so having a PDF or a hosted brochure online that you can share right away is perfect. Printing is a cost that isn’t needed most of the time, couples viewing your venue are likely to have already seen the online version of the brochure, and with open days you can collect contact details of the couples and send them the brochure after which you can use to then follow up on.

Following up

When a couple enquire you can send them your brochure, however make sure to follow up on this, did they have any questions from it, which package were they looking at, would they like to come and view the venue? This is important, don’t just send your brochure and await a response, follow up and follow up again if you have too.


If you already have a wedding brochure then now is a great time to review this, things to consider –

  • Does it include your best photos or does it need refreshing?
  • Are the photos suitable and show all areas of your venue?
  • Is it easy to read – from line-height to length of paragraphs
  • Do you have pricing or at least a from price included?
  • Do you have more recent reviews you can include?

Wedding Venue Brochure Design

If you don’t have a brochure to send couples it is certainly something you should consider investing in, when a couple enquire it gives you a professional document that you can include more detailed information on that can be presented better then in an email and that isn’t suitable for your website.

Need a brochure? If you need a brochure creating or looking to have your current brochure redesign then get in touch, our design team can help.