Sharing the beautiful wedding of Lucas and Juana’s at Finca Son Sampol in Mallorca.

In Spain, one of the most enchanting nights is the night of Saint John on Junes 23rd, known for being the shortest night of the year and its magical allure. It holds cultural significance, particularly in the Balearic Islands, where families and friends traditionally gather on the beach to celebrate amidst fires, food and joy. For Lucas and Juana, this night held special importance, pushing them to choose the 23rd of June 2023, for their wedding.

Against the backdrop of Es Pinar, the pine forest of Son Sampol, Lucas and Juana’s wedding ceremony unfolded on the evening of the summer solstice. The pine trees, native of the region, created a magical atmosphere for an intimate ceremony.

The couple desired a simple and intimate ceremony and that came to life with a wedding altar furnished with a variety of flowers and vegetation. They walked down to the aisle through a raffia rug, surrounded by natural bouquets, reflecting the couple’s sense of authenticity.

In the brief but emotive ceremony we lived speeches from close relatives among tears and countless smiles from the guests. The emotional resonance of the moment set the perfect stage for the new journey that lay ahead for the newlyweds.

After the ceremony, the sunset came and The Bellinis, a musical playband, took the stage, initiating a night of revelry. The aperitif opened with DCalvache’s delicious canap├ęs and family and friends initiated their first dance steps.

The wedding details were a tribute to the night of Saint John. The seating plan, the different floral arrangements, and even a recycled menu that served as a mask were made with warm colors reminiscent of flames. Each guest was encouraged to write down their desires on small papers that later would be burned in a communal fire during the celebration.

The commitment to sustainability of the couple was seen in each detail. Recycled and natural materials such as linen, ceramic, and wood were used for table covers, napkins, jars, and furniture, adding an eco-friendly touch to the wedding decor.

The dinner was a gastronomic delight, entertained by live concerts from close friends of the couple. The emotional ambiance, combined with the idyllic venue of Son Sampol, made that this 23th June a night to be remembered forever.

The night ended with a lively disco, featuring a neon sign “Burn with us.” The celebration became a crazy night party due to the mixed music styles of dance, pop, and 80s beats from renowned DJ Paco Colombas. The night of Saint John’s concluded with the final chimes of the clock, resulting in unforgettable memories of a truly magical wedding.