Be it a wedding at home or abroad you want to capture it all, however when getting married abroad it is becoming increasing popular for it to become a 2-3 day celebration. With that in mind hiring a photographer isn’t just for the wedding day, it is now also for the before and after party!

Italy based wedding photographers Benni and Carol of Benni Carol Photography tell us  what to consider and the benefits of hiring for more than just the day itself.

Why you should consider having photos Before, During and After

When you decide to get married abroad, it is never really about one single day. Very often destination weddings are a happy and one lifetime celebration that spreads across – at least – three days, in fact most of the time, across one week. Usually, closest friends and family will stay at the same location and share a beautiful, relaxing time together with the couple there.

If you get married in Italy, for example, chances are that you will rent a villa or a countryside house for several days so you can spend as much time as possible with your beloved ones. This is a very precious time, where you will have the possibility to fully enjoy your dearest friends and family members on a very special vacation in a beautiful foreign country.

I mean, think about it, when will it happen again? So, even though your wedding day is undoubtedly the most important of the days you will spend abroad, memories – in fact, great ones! – will be made on the other days too.

And it is always worth documenting them all.

How does it affect the cost of having photos the day before and after the wedding?

When you are in doubt and not quite sure whether you you need a photographer with you the day before and the day after the wedding, keep in mind two main things:

Most of the time photographers offer a two/three day package: it is always worth asking your photographer whether they have a special package to cover multiple days of the wedding week.

These packages are usually offered as a bundle and are much more convenient than when they are purchased separately. For example, we offer pre-wedding/welcome dinner packages that, if purchased with the main wedding coverage one, are much cheaper.

You’ll be spending the actual wedding day with all of your guests, while the welcome dinner and the after day party are spent with the main wedding party. Hence, you’ll be spending more quality time with them and it is always worth documenting these most precious moments.

The Welcome Party and After party

We love being able to document the day before and/or the day after the wedding. The couple, as well as all the other guests, are much more relaxed, they don’t feel the pressure of the actual wedding day, that even though it’s a very happy one, sometimes it can also be felt as a bit stressful.

Also, when we are lucky enough to attend the welcome party, we create a special connection not only with our couple, but also with the rest of the wedding party, which makes things so much easier and again, so much more relaxed, on the following day. Translating in much more natural and candid pictures.

It is also a perfect rehearsal photoshoot session for the couple in preparation of the “official” wedding one. Plus, a wonderful occasion to have some extra professional pictures taken while wearing a different and more casual outfit on a very informal moment.

In conclusion, deciding to have your wedding photographer on multiple days will only assure a better and more relaxed overall experience and it will give you the chance to have a more complete storytelling of one of the happiest weeks you will ever have!