Many couples choose a micro wedding for a number of reasons. As the name suggests, this marriage has to do with the invitation of fewer numbers of people in the wedding ceremony. It is a form of wedding and can rank with the traditional wedding. The major difference between it and traditional wedding is the less number of guests invited to the wedding arena and wedding reception. Most of the programmes observed in traditional wedding can form part of this kind of wedding.

Micro weddings can be small and intimate weddings, the venue may hold a low capacity, allowing you to limit your guest count and only have people you truly want to be there at this moment.

Our Guide to Micro Weddings

Many people make the mistake of equating micro wedding with elopement wedding. Micro involves family members and some selected people. This is different from elopement, which involves the couples and wedding official. It has most of the features of a normal traditional marriage only that is organized in a low key, and features fewer numbers of participants. The number of attendee can range from ten people to thirty and thereabout. Number of guests depends on what the couples want to achieve. In most cases, the number is not more than fifty.

Many couples across the UK and the western world are choosing micro wedding. It is the most trending marriage system in the US and other advanced countries of the world. There are enough reasons while modern marriages are embracing this form of wedding.

Why are tiny wedding becoming more popular

Tiny weddings have many advantages. Many couples opt for that because that is what they can afford. You are free with a small wedding. It offers you the opportunity to think outside the box. Flexibility allowed by this kind of wedding is not possible in a traditional wedding. In planning this kind of wedding, couple can include ideas that resonate with them, and jettison what does not appeal to them.

Less stressful and costs less

Couples prefer to keep their marriage in a low key to save cost and eliminate waste. Most importantly, it minimizes stress involved in marriage, especially those planned on a large scale. It takes away the time couples travel to far places running about for many things. Micro marriage helps preserve their energy as well.

Most importantly, this form of marriage is easier for your pocket. Instead of providing for hundreds of guests, as is the case with traditional wedding, you are providing for a limited number of guests.

Less time consuming

Generally, this form of marriage takes less time. It can take about two to three hours or slightly above that. This is good enough. You have many opportunities to interact with your guests and then get back to your residence for well-deserved rest. You can decide after the wedding to have a time out with these guests in a nearby restaurant. This is only when you feel it is necessary. Three hours are sufficient to drink, interact, and nibble with those friends. Because guests are few, it takes a few minutes to conclude the photograph.

Quality marriage

When it comes to quality marriage celebration, many people will agree that small-scale marriage is always the best. If you provide enough for the small numbers of guest you invited, it is better than inviting hundreds of people only for them to have poor entertainment, and disappointment at the end.

More quality time with your friends

The small gathering gives enough room to interact with your friends and guests. You can get quality advice from them, especially on those aspects that are very important for the success of your marriage. More than that, your guests will feel valued and special to your life because you invited them to the solemn occasion.

Planning time for micro wedding

When you say that micro wedding is less stressful, you take the issue of planning time into consideration. It takes less time to plan this kind of marriage, because fewer guests are invited. Furthermore, when it comes to planning, fewer people are involved in both the planning as well as the execution of the wedding ceremony. You do not need to stress yourself about planning because apart from basic things needed for a wedding, you are inviting less number of people to your wedding venue.

Marriage format is quite different from macro wedding

Another good thing about this wedding is that it does away with many things. Planners will have better streamed programme compared to the usual traditional wedding. Planners focus on those elements that are necessary and let go those that are not needed. For instance, time usually spent on the photograph can be recovered. Furthermore, making space or elaborate place is not necessary in this kind of wedding. Because the programme is not packed, couples have enough time to include anything they want and remove what they do not want since it does not affect the time and the planning.

Advice for couples planning a micro wedding

If you want to go for small-scale wedding, then forge ahead and do not listen to what anybody else can say about it. A word of advice; you should get ready for pushback, because friends, relations and associates could dissuade you. Many of them might be hurt at end of day when they fail to make the list of your guests. In this type of wedding, you are not to meet everybody’s expectation. You know what you want and you should stick to the thing you want.

Take good care of your guests

Since the event is small-scale, you must go all out to treat your guests very well. You do not need to get expensive drinks for your guests. Look for affordable and pleasurable food and drinks your guests will be happy with. You do not need to take them to the most expensive restaurants and inns in town. This could amount to a waste of resources.

Do not do everything all alone

That you are planning a small wedding does not mean that you will not get help. There is the tendency for the couple to handle everything by themselves. A coordinator can help you, but you must pay attention to details to ensure that nothing important is left out. The fact that the wedding is small does not suggest that it is simple. Small celebration needs better planning, and you must do your best in this area.

Limit the lists of invitees

You should know that it is not possible to invite everybody you want; otherwise, it will no longer be a small wedding event. When you make the guests list, try to limit it. Agree on the number of people you want to invite and do not go above that limit. If you do, it could escalate the cost. Your wedding day is not the day you have a deal with those you did not know before. Limit your lists it is very important.

Trim your budget

There are several reasons for engaging in a small wedding. The major reason is to cut costs. You have to trim your budget. You do not make budget that can carter for more than fifty guests. The best way to maximize your budget is to cut down on the number of guests. This can help you save substantial amount of money at end of the day.

Apart from trimming the number of guests, you must also work on those things you must have, which are absolute necessities. The most important thing here is to narrow down on what you want to provide so that the cost does not go high. Even in those things you must have, there is still no need for you to go for the most expensive items. Try to eliminate every unnecessary thing that can cost you money. The aim of this kind of wedding is to free you from the wedding burden. You do not have to mind other person’s business. It is not possible to pacify the interest of everybody.

Have a clear vision of your wedding

For a start, you must have a clear vision of what you want. If you have a clear idea, it will be easy to determine what to include. First, sit with your fiancé to discuss what you want to add to the wedding. She could have an input to make. Joint discussion is important before you make a final decision. Here are some of the items you discuss with your spouse.

The ideal number of family members and friends that could grace the occasion; do not put yourself into any pressure while drawing the list.

When you discuss with your fiancé and you agree on the items you want, then it is time to go ahead with the planning. Approach every aspect of that wedding with confidence. There is likely going to be opposition especially from the two families when you make your intentions known to them. Even those that do not have the opportunity to be there when you wed still have the chance of seeing it when you upload photos of the wedding on social media sites. Your friends can easily appreciate that, and they can tell why you decide to make that event private. When people are not invited, they could understand why they were not invited to the wedding.

Register is still necessary

Irrespective of the size of the wedding, there is still the need to have a registry for the wedding. Many guests may have gift for the couple. It is still the need to have registry. Some people may think that because of the micro nature of the wedding that having a registry is not important. It is necessary.

Choose the perfect wedding attire

Even if you are planning a tiny wedding, there is still the need to wear the perfect wedding outfit. There is no rule as regards the type of dress to wear and the cost of such dresses. While you should not opt for the most expensive, you should settle for what is good. You need something that makes that event to look memorable whenever you see the wedding photo.

Opt for tiny reception

In micro wedding, there is no alternative to a small reception. It can save the cost and it offers you plenty of freedom, which you require. For your reception, you can choose any venue close by. The era is gone when you have to invest hundreds of dollars to secure a place for your wedding reception. It is easy to customize a place you can use for the reception.

Small receptions are easier and better to organize. Moreover, you will be more at ease with your guests because you will not be bombarded with wedding programs, which will make you exhausted even before the reception is over. If you organize a tiny reception, you have sufficient time to interact and share with your friends you invited for the wedding.

Flexibility in planning is the key

Embrace flexibility while planning the wedding. Flexibility means that you have to accept those traditional wedding requirements, which you think you can afford and do away with those, which you think it is a burden. You should make your mind and detach yourself from those things traditional wedding demands. When you do that, you are going to overcome most of the burdens and you will no longer spend more than what you can afford to.

If you think that wearing a white dress can eat deep in your pocket, then you can consider ditching that idea. You should not be under pressure to satisfy any cultural demands. Just allow yourself to be in charge of what you are doing. If you submit yourself to external pressure, then you will likely lose focus.