As the name suggests, a micro wedding is all to do with scale. Sometimes defined as small and intimate weddings, typically a micro wedding will host a much lower capacity involving the invitation of fewer guests to your special day.

Most aspects of a larger traditional wedding can form part of a micro wedding and there are many reasons why couples opt for this type of celebration.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Many people make the mistake of equating micro wedding with elopement wedding. A Micro Wedding involves up to a maximum of about 20 guests, usually including close family members and a select few friends.

This is different from an elopement, which involves only the couple and wedding official. Generally micro weddings will include features of a larger traditional wedding day only organised on a smaller scale typically with a more relaxed vibe.

Prior to 2020 many couples across the UK and the western world were choosing micro weddings. In fact back in 2018, it was the most trending marriage system in the US and there are a whole host of reasons why modern marriages are embracing this form of wedding.

Why are tiny weddings becoming more popular

Ok, we need to address the big event of 2020 and no it’s not a huge lavish wedding (unfortunatley!) it’s the world pandemic Covid-19, safety restrictions have significantly reduced wedding numbers and therefore the popularity of micro weddings has increased dramatically.

As of October 2020 in the UK only weddings of up to 15 people can take place and people still want to say ‘I Do’ to the ones they love so their micro wedding ensues. But as we mentioned their popularity was already growing prior to Covid-19, but why?

The Cost

It seems simple instead of providing for hundreds of guests a micro wedding instead lets you provide for a limited number, reducing your financial outgoings. In some cases inviting less than 20 costs significantly less than 100 especially when you are looking at a price per head basis, so budget can of course be a strong reason to choose a micro wedding.

However, as of the last decade a new trend is emerging in micro weddings where in fact couples are deciding to increase their price per head budget hugely for a select few and spoiling their special guests to indulgent wedding celebrations. Including; exclusively hiring out venues to enjoy with their family and friends across a weekend, whisking love ones to amazing destinations abroad to watch them say ‘I Do’ and creating once in a lifetime experiences for a handful of their nearest and dearest.

Micro weddings as with any type of wedding can be as indulgent or tight-budgeted as you want it to be and less guests does not necessarily mean less cost unless you ultimately want it to.


Large traditional weddings can come with a whole host of formalities, expectations and requirements but micro weddings offer couples the freedom to think outside the box and the flexibility to use their creative ideas. No tight schedules, no huge guest numbers needed to be entertained and accommodated, no top table formalities and with the option to make the day totally unique no wedding comparisons between friends.

Big Day Nerves

Character and personality can certainly depict the right type of wedding for a couple. If you are naturally more introvert and the thought of a room full of hundreds of eyes on just you, fills you with utter dread and anxiety then a smaller micro wedding could certainly be the right choice. Many couples feel more at ease and are able to relax on their special day knowing just a handful of loved ones are celebrating with them.

Reduce planning stress & time

Having to logistically think about less than 20 guests opposed to 100 can reduce your stress and the time planning your wedding day. There’s less invites to post out, less responses and questions to deal with, less menu choices to arrange, less table favours and name tags to sort. A whole host of things on your to-do list can be reduced in time or even totally eliminated by reducing your guest numbers.

Quality time with your guests

The small gathering gives you the time to really interact with your guests. Instead of your day being a steady stream of welcomes, goodbyes and guilt that you haven’t properly chatted to a hundred people individually, a micro wedding allows for a more relaxed vibe. Welcoming much fewer guests allows more time for quality conversation in the excitement of your magical day.

It’s all about the marriage!

Some couples feel a micro wedding allows them to enjoy the true meaning of the day, marrying the one they are completely in love with and beginning their marriage together. Standing up in front of a huge group of people and declaring their love can seem unnecessary to some. A micro wedding allows for you to be surrounded by the people you love and gives you the space to enjoy each other at this exciting time.

Micro Weddings Photo by Paul Caddis Photography at Treseren

Advice for couples planning a micro wedding

If it’s your decision to go for a small-scale wedding, then forge ahead and do not listen to what anybody else may say about it. A word of advice; you should get ready for pushback. Many of them might be hurt at the end of day when they fail to make your select guest list. In this type of wedding, you are not going to meet everybody’s expectation, you know what you want and you should stick to this.

Take good care of your guests

Since the event is small-scale, think about each and every guest and what treats you could offer them. This doesn’t have to be hugely expensive gifts but more thoughtful tokens, maybe when you sit down for dinner you have everyone’s favourite drink waiting for them or your table favours are personalised with special touches.

You don’t have to do it alone

Just because you are planning a smaller scale wedding does not mean that you shouldn’t ask for help. There is the tendency for the couple to handle everything by themselves.

A coordinator can help you, but you must pay attention to details to ensure that nothing important is left out. The fact that the wedding is small does not suggest that it is simple. Small celebration needs better planning, and there are a lot of areas to consider.

Limit the lists of invitees

As with any micro wedding it is not possible to invite everyone and anyone; otherwise, it will no longer be a small wedding event. When you make the guests list, you are going to have to be very selective. Agree on the number of people you want to invite and discuss the options between you and your fiancée.

Immediate family is usually given first priority with close friends afterwards. Our advice is to think about who it is that you really want by your side on the day, who knows you best, who is going to make you smile, shed a tear as you say ‘I Do’ and really appreciate the invitation.

Don’t think about who it will upset more when they don’t get an invite, or else on your special day you could end up surrounded by guests who you felt had to be there rather than who you actually hand on heart wanted there.

Work your budget well

When it comes to your budget, use the splurge and save theory which quite simply means splurge on the areas or items that mean the most to you and save on the others.

With a micro wedding you may be able to eliminate certain items or décor completely, for example elaborate transport may be unnecessary and an order of service could be irrelevant.

Gift advice is still necessary

Irrespective of the size of the wedding, there is still the need to have registry or gift options for your wedding. Some people may think that because of the micro nature of the wedding that having a registry is not important.

It is necessary as your loved ones may still want to contribute to the start of your married life together.

Choose the perfect wedding attire

Micro wedding does not have to necessarily mean a micro dress (although it really could, we have seen some amazing shorter bridal gowns of late which look incredible!)

There is no rule as to regards to dress code for a micro wedding go as elaborate or simple as you desire, remember there’s no rule book. And, if you want to splurge on that ultra beautiful break-the-bank designer wedding gown as you have a reduced guest list, go for it!

Flexibility in planning is the key

Embrace the flexibility of planning a micro wedding. Make up your own mind and detach yourself from traditional wedding demands. If you are not comfortable wearing a white dress, ditch the idea.

Don’t feel under pressure to satisfy any cultural demands, be in charge of your planning journey, enjoy and your micro wedding will be everything you dream of.

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