The stunning wedding Danielle and Jack who got married in Spain at This Must Be The Place. Wedding photographer Anna Svobodova captured the day and tells us all about it. Over to Anna…

What an absolutely enchanting wedding it was! It was an honor, joy, and fun capturing the extraordinary day of Danielle and Jack.

Traveling all the way from the UK along with their nearest and dearest to celebrate their wedding near the city of Barcelona at the beautiful venue called ‘This Must Be The Place’; a charming Spanish farmhouse from the 14th century set on the edge of a valley, surrounded by mountains and forests where you are simply absorbed by the peaceful nature and stunning sunsets.

This Must Be The Place

It was an intimate destination wedding, yet, unforgettable; the day had a very unique vibe! Danielle, an absolutely radiant and stunning bride, exuded positivity, infusing every moment with immense joy. Together with Jack, they made everyone feel the warmth of their love and welcome.

I should also highlight the fact that they put together an impeccable team of vendors who meticulously handled every aspect of the wedding day, ensuring an experience that surpassed all expectations.

The day began with the excitement of getting ready within the confines of the venue, surrounded by closest friends. As the air filled with anticipation, the ladies popped up champagne while getting ready their elegant hairstyles and makeup.

The ceremony, led by the ever-charming officiant, James, took us on an enchanting journey as he interwove personal anecdotes and amusing tales that showcased the beautiful bond between Danielle and Jack. Laughter echoed through the air, adding an element of whimsy to this joyous occasion.

Post-ceremony, the air buzzed with merriment during the aperitivo hour. Delightful libations flowed freely, accompanied by delicious tapas, and games that sparked laughter and camaraderie. As you will soon discover, even during the group and couple photos, we shared innumerable moments of sheer delight, embracing spontaneity and allowing our creativity to shine through with playful and fun poses.

Indeed, even the impossible seemed plausible, as we witnessed pigs taking flight amidst this extraordinary wedding celebration.

The evening unveiled a feast fit for royalty, where delectable flavors danced upon the palate, heightening the senses. The speeches by the father, groom, and best man exuded heartfelt emotions, evoking tears of joy and laughter.

And when the DJ unleashed a torrent of chart-topping hits, the dance floor came alive, and everyone danced the night away celebrating the amazing couple. It was definitely the wedding of the year!

Cheers to the happy couple! And congratulations are in order for the exceptional wedding team whose remarkable talents and unwavering dedication made this celebration nothing short of extraordinary.