Love Garden – Finca El Cañuelo

, Spain
  • Price From: €8,500
  • Capacity: Up to 350
  • Sleeps 11
  • Min Nights: 1

Located in the charming village of Bolonia, Spain, Finca El Cañuelo emerges as an extraordinary destination for couples seeking a wedding experience immersed in natural splendor and historical richness.

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The venue

This hidden gem offers a picturesque setting, surrounded by lush nature and overlooking one of Spain's most breathtaking beaches, creating an idyllic backdrop for the union of two souls.

What sets Finca El Cañuelo apart is the privileged view it offers over the Strait of Gibraltar and the vast Atlantic Ocean. As your guests gather to celebrate your love, they will be treated to an awe-inspiring panorama that extends beyond the ordinary.

The venue's location, away from the city's hustle and bustle, provides an intimate and protected historical setting, where imposing millennia-old sandstone megaliths and dense pine forests envelop the celebration, creating a magical space that elevates the significance of your special day.

The meticulously designed 5,000 m2 garden is a testament to the venue's commitment to creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. With a clear Japanese influence, the garden features carefully pruned bushes and trees, decorative granite sculptures, serene lakes, and prominent rocks that contribute to a balance of asymmetry and a Zen-like ambiance.

For more intimate weddings, a secluded location within the garden offers views of a dense forest of intense green, seamlessly merging with the turquoise blue of the Atlantic Ocean. On clear days, the silhouette of the African continent adds a touch of exotic allure to the backdrop, overseen by an ancient monument that leans gently, creating the perfect harmony between sea and land.

The exclusive services offered by Finca El Cañuelo extend beyond the breathtaking surroundings. The venue's team can recommend suppliers, caterers, and everything needed to host a wedding event that exceeds expectations.

What we love

Choosing Finca El Cañuelo as the venue for your wedding is not just a choice of location; it's a commitment to an experience that transcends the ordinary. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, historical significance, and a meticulously designed garden, your wedding at Finca El Cañuelo promises to be a timeless affair, etched in the hearts of all who have the privilege to witness your union.

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  • Exclusivity
  • Sleeps up to 11
  • Min Stay of 1 nights
  • Swimming Pool
  • On-site Planner
  • In-House Catering
  • Bridal Changing Room

Love Garden – Finca El Cañuelo

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1 hour from Jerez Airport, and 2 hours from Malaga Airport.

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  • From: €8,500
  • Capacity: 350
  • Sleeps 11
  • Min Nights: 1

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  • From: €8,500