We share the wedding of Helen and Jorge who live in California and headed over to Hacienda Sac Chich for their wedding day in Mexico which was captured by Jacqueline of Amper.

They decided to get marry at Merida as is a perfect place to arrive from all over the world, also you can have a beautiful stay due to the city being so rich on culture and gastronomy, is a very particular place different from the rest of the country, this makes the celebration a perfect destination wedding.

Autumnal Wedding at Hacienda Sac Chich

On December 16th , one day before their big day, the bride and groom, family and friends enjoyed a lovely evening at El Catrin 47, a cantina kitchen with great cocktails and delicious authentic food.

The big day started with Helen preparative at 1 o’clock with her 7 bridesmaids while Jorge was getting ready at Casa Nueva, a beautiful building with a spectacular garden. At 3 o’clock the couple had their “first look” at the old part of the hacienda with tall ceilings and great orange walls surrounded by nature. The ceremony was conducted by a very close friend of the family.

After all the guest enjoyed the catering by Pocholos, the couple changed their garments to a traditional Korean hanbok to perform an ancient ceremony where the parents of the groom throw chestnuts to the couple and they must catch them with a handkerchief and according to the ancient ceremony the number of chestnuts they catch is the number of children they will have.

After a happy first dance all the guest enjoyed the music that made them dance until the end of the big joyous day at 2am.