Introducing a brand new pinnacle in the realm of destination weddings, Palazzo Vilòn is a breathtaking haven nestled in the heart of Rome, Italy—an exclusive palace that defines opulence and sophistication.

Emerging as a regal venue, setting new benchmarks in luxury hospitality, the Palazzo stands among the most refined locations globally to exchange vows.

Rome’s Exclusive Wedding Palazzo

Let’s embark on a journey through the rich history of this extraordinary palatial gem, uncovering its concealed allurements that cater to the most discerning of wedding clientele.

Unique Palazzo Features

From May 2023 onward, Palazzo Vilòn began crafting enchanting moments for couples in pursuit of an exceptional Roman wedding experience. One of its standout qualities resides in its unwavering dedication to exclusively serve its esteemed guests.

Your aspirations of an enchanting Roman wedding can be transformed into a splendid reality through the art of personalisation at Palazzo Vilòn. This exquisite venue boasts a multitude of spaces, each thoughtfully designed to offer a diverse array of services, making the organization of your special event a seamless and delightful endeavor.

To cater to your every event-related aspiration, the palace is adorned with a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped professional kitchen, a beguiling disco-club area graced by a well-appointed bar, three sumptuous lounge spaces exuding a timeless and refined charm, and access to a tranquil, secluded private garden.

Your sojourn towards a truly memorable and exceptional occasion is distinguished by an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and meticulous pursuit of perfection, custom-tailored to your needs.

Palazzo Vilòn Wedding Ceremony

The Palace, an exquisite venue capable of hosting a diverse array of events, offers a meticulously curated arrangement for your special occasion.

The enchanting Railings Hall, affording guests a captivating view of the Loggia, stands as the ideal choice for your wedding ceremony. Here, amidst an ambiance of timeless beauty, the bride and groom shall commence their nuptials, guided through a regal journey that traverses some of the most magnificent corners of the palace, including the resplendent Mirrors Room. This journey serves as an opportunity for couples to immerse themselves in the grandeur of their surroundings, elevating the romance of their momentous day.

Following the ceremony, a delightful transition leads to one of the two accessible salons, where guests can partake in refreshments. With an ideal wedding guest count of approximately 40, Palazzo Vilòn ensures that your event is flawlessly organized, leaving an indelible impression of elegance and grace. The Palazzo warmly welcomes elopements.

Couples who choose to marry at the Palazzo…

Palazzo Vilòn is the ideal wedding setting for UHNI, Royals, and Worldwide aristocrats, VIPs/Celebrities, Governmental/Heads of State, Corporate Officials, CEOs, and Creative Directors.

Wedding Guest experiences at Palazzo Vilòn

In addition to offering an array of in-house amenities such as a sauna, fitness center, and disco club, the Palazzo goes above and beyond to curate an assortment of exclusive experiences that promise to immerse discerning guests in the authentic, vibrant, and sophisticated tapestry of Rome, creating indelible memories.

Delight in a guided tour of the Vatican Museums, indulge in a luxury wine-tasting experience enhanced by a sensory journey, or embark on a captivating sunrise city tour to witness the majesty of Rome in its pre-dawn splendor. These are just a glimpse of the exceptional encounters offered. Moreover, the Palazzo offers exclusive experiences such as private yoga sessions, guided city center tours via golf cart, and immersive cooking classes led by the esteemed chef, Gabriele Muro.

Roman Wedding Cuisine

Indulge in a culinary symphony orchestrated by Chef Gabriele Muro, an internationally acclaimed culinary virtuoso. His Mediterranean-inspired creations are a harmonious celebration of fresh seasonal ingredients, infused with global flavors that pay homage to Italian culture.

Wedding Accommodation at Palazzo Vilòn

The Palace offers three magnificent accommodations, each adorned with exquisite marble and tasteful art. The Bridal Suite, also known as the 113 square meter Borghese Suite, boasts a roomy living area and a double vanity bathroom made of blue sodalite marble.

The Cembalo Junior Suite, situated on the ground level of the Palace, offers a private baroque-style house experience from the 1700s. The suite overlooks the lovely private garden of Palazzo Borghese, where guests can enjoy breakfast while taking in the garden’s aromas.

The Chapel Room, which originally served as the home’s chapel, is the ideal example of baroque art, with gilded frames and bas-reliefs. Additionally, Palazzo Vilòn has a fourth, thirty-square-meter room that can be at the disposal of staff members like drivers, security personnel, personal chefs, nannies, or secretaries.

Extend the celebrations of your special day by indulging in supplementary activities available at the Palazzo’s sister properties, including dining or enjoying an aperitif in one of the collection’s properties, just a short stroll from the Palace. From April till October, guests may wish to spend their honeymoon at Capri Tiberio Palace.

Wedding Guests: Exploring Rome

Nestled in the heart of the Eternal City’s charming historical district of Rione Campo Marzio, Palazzo Vilòn is  located just a few steps away from the main street Via del Corso, and the iconic shopping area Via dei Condotti whilst being in proximity to the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Venezia.

The hotel’s prime location offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Rome. The Spanish Steps, a hub of romance, are just a stone’s throw away, making the Palazzo an idyllic wedding getaway.

In terms of transport logistics, the Palazzo’s concierge offers a range of services to ensure guests’ comfort and convenience. Private transfers, limousines, or chauffeur services can be provided, to and from airports and around the city.

A Roman Masterpiece

This private residency, blending exclusivity with unparalleled dining, stands as one of Italy’s most astounding palaces. It’s the perfect haven for guests seeking a truly unparalleled taste of Rome. Immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort designed for the world’s most distinguished royalty, capturing the essence of regal indulgence.

Your Wedding at Palazzo Vilòn

Discover more about Palazzo Vilòn here and enquire directly to the Palazzo for further information, availability and booking details.