Simply deciding to invite children or to keep them off your guestlist is not always a straight forward decision and believe it or not, there’s actually a solution which not only keeps the bride and groom happy but parents and their little ones too!

How to enjoy a Child-friendly Wedding

More than anything you want your guests to be able to kick back, relax and immerse themselves in your happy proceedings and let’s face it, the logistics of children joining in on the buzz and excitement whilst also keeping them safe, entertained and generally looked after is no easy feat. So, how can you eliminate the stress out of inviting children to your wedding?

Let’s introduce you to  award-winning experts Safe and Sound Events, specialising in boutique event childcare, their services are hands down perfect for weddings and will have you jumping for joy!

How can bespoke childcare relieve the stress of inviting children to weddings?

“A wedding is a long day and generally speaking pretty much an adult affair.  The day can be extended further by travel and preparations. By hiring the services we offer at Safe & Sound, the bride is able to enjoy the company of the children without having to worry about unoccupied children getting restless.

We organise the toys, games, activities and supervision to ensure that everyone can relax.  It’s not about taking the children away, unless there are times where they might be better occupied elsewhere, but about making them a greater part of the day.

Really, we manage the logistics of the children for the day; from the requirements of those children in the bridal party, to taking out a little one during the ceremony who has become unsettled, keeping children busy during drinks receptions, to ensuring that they are present for each course of food but can zip off and play in between and during the speeches.”

What childcare services are on offer to modern couples getting married?

“Childcare for an event demands unique considerations, differing skills and experienced event knowledge. This is all about discrete coaching and gentle guidance, working alongside your trusted caregiver for key moments, throughout the unfamiliar logistics of the wedding itinerary.

Every wedding is different, no two are the same, so childcare must reflect this. The service provided has to tie in perfectly with the details of the day.

At Safe & Sound our services are about the number of children and the time of day combined together, each package we provide has its own lovely, unusual name. Here’s some ideas of our wedding services;

  • Completely Mrs. Doubtfire Designed for small scale weddings for children with big imaginations. Our Completely Mrs. Doubtfire engages and entertains with activities and endless toys and games. Perfect for keeping younger guests happy throughout the day and parents who would like child supervision and entertainment at any point of the wedding or event.
  • Exclusively Mary Poppins Involving dedicated team members for 1:1 or small groups of children. Perfect for that extra pair of hands for the bridal party, tending to a small group of children with one or two team members, always ensuring that your children remain immersed in the day.
  • Sleepover with Nanny McPhee Welcome to the exclusive evening crèche, perfect for parents who wish to enjoy the evening of the event, while ensuring their children are happy and entertained come their bedtime. Just bring their PJs, and we’ll keep your children safe and snuggled up in a quiet, dedicated area away from the party.
  • Night, Night Tinkerbell In-room night time babysitting. Night falls, the children are tired. For those staying over our Night, Night Tinkerbell service allows you to kiss them goodnight, tuck them in and then enjoy your evening. Perfect for sleepyheads who are ready for bed when the parents are attending an event or just enjoying a weekend away.
  • Fairy Godmother The Perfect Partnership. Your private nanny attends to your child’s every requirement just as she should do. Your Fairy godmother, alongside your child’s nanny will ensure a day that is filled with fun, excitement and sparkle for younger guests who are able to enjoy the day in full.”

Is there a minimum number of children required to hire wedding childcare?

“No, not at all.  Our Mary Poppins service is designed for 1 or 2 members of the team.  Frequently we are booked for just one child and this is often the child of the couple.”

Childcare for UK couples opting for Destination Weddings

“Safe & Sound absolutely provide childcare for weddings abroad, we charge the costs of the services along with the provision of accommodation and travel.  We are more than happy to provide our services wherever in the world your family wishes us to travel and will happily pack our bags to join you at your exciting destination wedding.”  Safe and Sound Events

How to make sure your wedding venue is suitable for children

Many wedding venues across the UK and Europe are perfect for weddings with children of all ages, allowing for bespoke childcare to provide magical experiences. Ideal features to look for in child-friendly venues include;

  • Onsite accommodation or separate day rooms for little ones to sleep
  • Safe and secure outside spaces, ideally gated perimeters and pools
  • Areas/spaces away from the ceremony or wedding breakfast for childcare entertainment
  • Suitable catering options for the age range of your child invitees

You will find the most aspirational places to say ‘I Do’ in the UK, Europe and worldwide, on our inspiring, diverse Wedding Venue Finder. For more advice, take a look at Should I Invite Children To My Wedding?

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