Creating a day that will stay with you for the rest of your life is what we all dream of. The key is to find a venue that speaks to your heart, shows your guests what you mean to one another, and allows you to embrace an experience that’s truly magical.

Explore our shortlist of unique wedding venues from around the world and you may just find one that speaks your love language. They each have their own personality and way of welcoming your guests to take their seats as they watch you glide down the aisle. We’re excited to hear if you find your perfect location.

Unique wedding venues to explore abroad

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to introduce you to a stunning array of venues, each of which has it’s own unique charm, character, and charisma.

The beauty of this tranquil wedding space in Oaxaca, Mexico is that it allows you to step back in time and focus on your love for one another. Formerly a nun cloister, and now a modern downtown social venue with plenty of access, it offers 16,000 square feet in which to write the next chapter of your lifetime love story.

Exchanging vows in one of several nearby Catholic churches will add a traditional touch to proceedings, all while you and your guests prepare for the “calenda” walk event. An elegant cocktail hour follows, allowing you to meet and greet your guests and fill your wedding album with memories that will never fade.

Los Cabos, Mexico could be the setting where you exchange vows for the rest of your lives. This traditional working mango farm provides a luscious backdrop of fragrant herbs and flowers that will enhance your wedding album in a timeless way.

The serenity and peace of the on-site chapel adds to the rustic charm of the farm, allowing you to feel lighter than air as you make your way down the aisle. In-house catering that uses local produce completes the picture as you put on a wedding reception that your guests will simply never want to leave.

This exclusive Bali wedding venue features the lush green surroundings glittering pool you would expect in this part of the world, but this is only the beginning. Imagine the feeling of saying, ‘I do’ out on the rooftop cocktail cabana as you take in the breathtaking ocean views. What it will mean to you is impossible to express with words alone.

Once it’s time for the speeches, food, and dancing, the white-stone restaurant will be more than happy to supply cocktails and canapés before an al-fresco banquet dinner. The unique fusion of modern Asian and European cuisine will make quite the statement as you entertain your wedding party.

Corfu, Greece is home to a sought after village movie set that comes complete with impressive Ionian cuisine for your whole wedding party to savour. This is a chance to create a bespoke wedding unlike anything else, all with exclusive access to your own village for the day.

Walk towards the Corfiot Orthodox church by traversing the open air village squares as your white dress flows in the breeze and dreams will come to life. Then you have the perfect backdrop for photo with your relatives in the form of the Danilia folk Art Museum, a traditional, and a selection of old Venetian buildings and shops. An on-site wedding planner is available to help you and your partner come together in a way you will never forget.

Modern architecture and minimalist design fuse in perfect harmony in this little corner of Santorini, Greece. Stays are available for a minimum of 3 nights, allowing the bride and groom-to-be to look out from the spellbinding highpoint in Pyrgos across the Akrotiri caldera.

Having breakfast brought to you as you get ready to create your dream wedding look is the perfect start to the day. It’s about feeling like the world has put its eyes upon you and it’s arms around you, all so the walk down the aisle feels like the centrepiece of the day.

A Moroccan desert ceremony is something that allows you to express your love for one another in a truly unique way. The venue is rustic, minimal, and stylish, allowing you to explore the many wonders of the Agafay Desert.

The majestic Atlas Mountains sit in the background to provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony, all while in-house catering prepares the wedding breakfast. Leaving the ceremony with a bond that will last a lifetime while experiencing truly unique surroundings will stay with you forever.

This truly inspiring windmill villa in Santorini, Greece offers spectacular views of Caldera and a nearby volcano, courtesy of the cliff edge terrace. Turn your wedding into a celebration of culture as well as love and you’ll feel truly at peace in the historic village of Megalochori.

And for the new couple who want to start their honeymoon in style, you can book the windmill suite alongside your wedding. The living room, kitchen, and hot tub out on the sun terrace give you everything you need to spend quality time together, just the two of you.

Celebrate your love for one another in a way that also gives back at this eco-friendly Moroccan venue and you’ll be blessed with breathtaking Atlas Mountain views. Exchanging your vows as you look across the Ourika Valley will set your heart racing and allow the two of you to truly fall into the magic of the moment.

If you then add in the local cuisine of head chef Michael Arthur, you’ll be left with the perfect wedding breakfast that celebrates the setting, as well as your love for one another.

The oldest vineyard in Santorini provides views across the Caldera Bay that are the perfect backdrop to your ceremony. As your eyes meet on the Upper Terrace, you’ll fall in love all over again in front of the people who mean the world to you. Add in the sun-kissed slopes of the vineyard and you can take heartwarming photos in amongst a traditional landscape that’s truly something to savour.

This tropical oasis attraction in the UK gives you exclusive use of a selection of biomes from 4.30pm until 1.00am. Imagine hosting your guests with cocktails in the Rainforest and exchanging rings in the Citrus Grove and you start to see what can become possible here.

To make sure nothing is overlooked, an experienced in-house team of wedding planners will help you get the very most out of this truly unique venue. The photos you get of the big day are sure to be something you look back on for many years to come.

Step aboard a 5-Star Super Yacht moored in what is quite possibly Europe’s most exclusive harbour and you’ll be blessed with iconic Mediterranean sea views. Imagine making your way down to the Aurora Ballroom and Atlas Rooms to tie the knot surrounded by elegant chandeliers, before taking your seats at a lavish wedding banquet.

Once the evening comes around and it’s time to relax a little more, take your bridesmaids, ushers, and the best man up onto Wheel House Terrace for some group photos. This truly is a unique venue in every sense of the word.