Dreaming of an idyllic countryside wedding surrounded by rolling hills, lush woodland, vineyards, and historic charm? Look no further, as we present a curated list of enchanting wedding retreats that promise to transform your special day into an unforgettable experience found in Italy to Spain, Portugal to the UK.

Countryside Wedding Venues abroad

From the picturesque landscapes of Provence, France, to the sun-soaked beauty of Catalonia, Spain, and the rustic elegance of Tuscany, Italy, each venue on this list exudes romance and provides a perfect setting for your celebration of love.

Nestled in the heart of Provence, Le Galinier captures the essence of French romance. This charming wedding retreat boasts lush gardens, vineyards, and a historic farmhouse that exudes rustic elegance. Imagine saying your vows under a canopy of ancient trees, with the scent of lavender lingering in the air.

Le Galinier offers a serene and intimate atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a romantic escape in the French countryside.

For a fairytale wedding, Château La Tour Vaucros is an exquisite choice. This historic castle, surrounded by manicured gardens and vineyards, provides a magical backdrop for your special day. The blend of history and opulence creates a unique atmosphere that will transport you and your guests to a bygone era.

From the grandeur of the château to the enchanting gardens, Château La Tour Vaucros offers an unparalleled experience for those who desire a truly majestic celebration.

Perched atop a hill in Catalonia, Spain, Hotel Castell d’Emporda is a romantic haven with breathtaking views of the Empordà region. The hotel’s medieval charm and modern luxury create a perfect harmony for a countryside wedding.

Whether exchanging vows in the historic chapel or hosting a lavish reception in the gardens overlooking the rolling hills, this venue promises an intimate and unforgettable celebration in the heart of Catalonia.

Escape to the bohemian beauty of Ibiza at Fincadelica, a stunning wedding retreat that blends rustic charm with island elegance. Surrounded by olive groves and lush gardens, Fincadelica offers a tranquil setting for a romantic ceremony and a lively celebration.

The venue’s unique character, coupled with Ibiza’s natural beauty, ensures a wedding experience that is both chic and laid-back, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a destination with a touch of boho flair.

Mallorca’s Finca Son Sampol is a hidden gem that combines the rustic charm of a traditional Spanish farmhouse with the luxury of a boutique retreat. Set against the backdrop of the Tramuntana mountains, this venue offers breathtaking views and an intimate atmosphere.

From the picturesque courtyard for your ceremony to the olive tree-lined reception area, Finca Son Sampol provides an enchanting escape for a truly romantic wedding in Mallorca.

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Tuscany at Villa Catureglio, a historic estate surrounded by rolling hills and olive groves. This venue radiates Tuscan charm, with its Renaissance-era villa, cypress-lined avenues, and panoramic terraces.

Villa Catureglio’s romantic gardens provide an idyllic setting for exchanging vows, and the villa’s elegant interiors offer a regal backdrop for a sophisticated celebration.

Step into a world of refined luxury at Castel Monastero, an exclusive retreat in the heart of Tuscany. This medieval village turned five-star resort combines historic charm with modern amenities. The picturesque surroundings, including vineyards and olive groves, set the stage for a fairytale wedding.

With its elegant interiors and impeccable service, Castel Monastero ensures a wedding day that is both grand and intimate, capturing the essence of Tuscan romance.

For a wedding with a touch of French grandeur, Château Engalin in Occitanie is a splendid choice. This 18th-century castle boasts manicured gardens, a reflecting pool, and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The château’s elegant rooms and outdoor spaces provide a versatile canvas for creating a celebration that is both timeless and modern.

Château Engalin promises an enchanting setting for a romantic wedding with a touch of French flair.

Nestled in the heart of Umbria, Borgo Castello Panicaglia offers a captivating blend of historic charm and natural beauty. This medieval hamlet, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, provides an intimate and romantic setting for your wedding day.

Whether exchanging vows in the charming courtyard or hosting a celebration in the rustic banquet hall, Borgo Castello Panicaglia transports you to a bygone era while offering all the modern comforts for a truly memorable event.

Escape to the serene countryside of Alentejo, Portugal, at Craveiral Farmhouse, a unique wedding retreat that harmoniously blends rustic simplicity with modern design. Surrounded by cork trees and rolling hills, the farmhouse and its surroundings provide an authentic and tranquil setting for your celebration.

From the organic garden to the cozy event spaces, Craveiral Farmhouse offers a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere for a destination wedding in the Portuguese countryside.

Tuscany’s Borgo Stomennano is a historic estate that transports you to a world of timeless beauty. The medieval village, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, offers a romantic backdrop for exchanging vows.

The estate’s gardens, adorned with roses and cypress trees, create a picturesque setting for a sophisticated celebration. Borgo Stomennano captures the essence of Tuscan romance, making it a perfect choice for couples seeking an elegant and authentic Italian wedding experience.

In the heart of Emilia Romagna, Italy, Roncolo 1888 offers a unique blend of history and elegance. This historic villa, dating back to the late 19th century, is surrounded by lush gardens and offers breathtaking views of the Italian countryside.

The villa’s charming interiors and outdoor spaces provide a versatile canvas for creating a personalized and intimate wedding celebration. Roncolo 1888 promises a romantic atmosphere and a touch of old-world charm for your special day.

Tuscany’s Castello di Vicarello is a luxurious escape for couples seeking a fairy-tale wedding in an enchanting setting. This medieval castle, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, offers a perfect blend of historic charm and modern comfort.

The castle’s romantic courtyards, panoramic terraces, and elegant interiors provide a stunning backdrop for exchanging vows and celebrating in style. Castello di Vicarello promises an unforgettable and sophisticated wedding experience in the heart of Tuscany.

Each of these gorgeous countryside wedding retreats in Provence, Spain, Italy, and Portugal offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and romantic allure. Whether you envision a grand celebration in a historic castle or an intimate gathering in a rustic farmhouse, these venues provide the perfect canvas for creating lasting memories. Choose the destination that speaks to your heart, and let the breathtaking landscapes and enchanting atmospheres of these retreats elevate your wedding day to a truly magical experience.