When it comes to the current economic hardship, even weddings aren’t immune to cost-saving practices. For this reason, many couples are looking at the pros and cons of hosting a DIY celebration, versus an all-inclusive one.

There are many benefits to each, and a couple of drawbacks too. However there’s certainly no wrong or right – only what it right for each couple.

DIY Vs All Inclusive Weddings

If you’re looking for inspiration and a guide of which way to go, or perhaps a combination of both, here’s everything you need to know.

What is a DIY Wedding?

There are many different iterations about what a DIY wedding is. However, it’s a wedding where the couple organises all the details, liaises directly with suppliers, and puts all the final touches together, from flowers, music, photographer, table decorations and furniture rentals.

Here are a few benefits in hosting a DIY wedding.

Cost savings

Perhaps the most important of them all are the cost savings you can expect when you’re planning a wedding yourself. This way you are not obliged to use pricey third-parties, and can pick and choose from suppliers you would prefer to work with. Especially when marrying abroad, you can make some huge savings, a wider choice and a chance to engage directly with the supplier and discuss your requirements and where additional savings or deals could be made.

Make it your own

In a world of identikit weddings, there’s something to be said for authenticity. Quite simply put, the best way to have a personalised wedding, is to take care of the finer touches yourself. After all, it’s the small details that often make the most impact.

By hosting a DIY wedding abroad, you have the option to make the big day yours – just as you imagined it would be, and without obligation to a wedding coordinator that doesn’t know your style. You have full control and certainly ideal for anyone that is creative.

Gives you full control

Especially when you chose to marry abroad, it’s easy to lose control of the big day. However, when you take ownership of it, you get full control of how it should look and feel – plus this means lots of trips to the venue, what a bonus!

Of course, there are a few areas for consideration too, such as:

It may lack quality

It’s not to say that DIY weddings can’t be special or luxurious… but unless you’re adept at event planning, have lots of contacts, and possess stellar negotiation skills, you’ll be on the backfoot. That’s because when you go it alone, it’s easy to forget the important touches that an expert would not. And, unless you know how to bring a premium touch to proceedings, you run the risk of your wedding day looking more shabby than chic.

Time and stress

Never underestimate how exhausting wedding organising can be. Add to this the stress of the local language barrier and time difference, and it can certainly all add to your workload. At an already anxious time when emotions are running high, think about whether this is an important trade off.

It has other costs

Here’s a thought – as it takes more time this comes at a cost, researching and finding suppliers, discussing with them your vision and options, making sure it is what you want, buying something this isn’t right or not what you wanted, these are additional costs that could be incurred.

What is an All-Inclusive Wedding?

We’ve all head the term the ‘Gold package’, so what does it mean? Simply put, an all-inclusive wedding is one where a venue (or possibly wedding organiser) presents you with a few options for your wedding day in a pre-packaged bundle. These vary in cost and scale, and offer selection of options and choice to create your wedding day.

Here’s some of the many benefits of an all-inclusive wedding


There is no shame in admitting that you don’t have the time (or inclination) to start planning a wedding. In fact, this is the biggest factor as to why couples choose packages in the first place. In doing so, you can take comfort in the knowledge that everything is taken care of, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the big day as you should.

Less Stressful

As with the above, there’s certainly less stress in choosing a package. When travelling abroad for a wedding, you don’t need any more complications to throw into the mix. Having a pre-planned wedding allows someone else to take the stress on for you and also removes the need and time to find suppliers and research different options, the choices and options are there for you.

Knowing what to expect

There are no surprises or hidden costs (usually), with a wedding package. You will be told what to expect in advance, and may even have some flexibility with the running order, although this will be minimal. Either way, it offers some reassurance to couples so they know exactly what to expect. If you’re on a limited budget, this is also one of the most economical ways of hosting a wedding abroad.

Good value for money

Back to costs again, you might be surprised to know that you might even benefit financially from choosing an all-inclusive package. That’s because venues and suppliers often work together to bring about savings. This also means that you’ll often have access to some of the best local catering, entertainment and transport available – being able to trust in their reliability too.

But, it’s not all plain sailing! There are a few drawbacks to the all-inclusive option, which are:

Not always premium

The downside of choosing ‘the Bronze package’ is that venues are often catering to the masses. This means less personal touches, more mainstream appeal – not always a premium option, unfortunately.

The cookie cutter approach

Although you know what you’re getting with an all-inclusive wedding, the downside is that you’re one of several couples taking this option. This means it’s less original with less personality. That said, with your wedding being abroad, it will still feel novel and exciting to guests.

Is DIY wedding really cheaper than a package wedding?

The costs of a DIY wedding is time, while is can be cheaper overall there is no limit to how much you can spend, package weddings can suit different budgets and have options that make it easier to plan and arrange, and takes away any stress and pressure from you.

In Summary

Two very different options for two very different wedding experiences. While there are pros and cons for each, there is also a DIY aspect to wedding planning, table decorations, invites, favours, these things require personal input and consideration. Decide what is important, many venues will have a package for their food and drink but decor, styling, flowers are all left to you, they can recommend suppliers but actually this part of the wedding planning is over to you to arrange giving you a mix of all inclusive and DIY.