When you want to be able to make your wedding truly special, you need a setting that does your vision justice. You need to feel like you can picture yourself gliding down the aisle in a truly timeless way, all while the eyes of the world are upon you.

A venue that offers unparalleled luxury and invites you to get ready in front of a backdrop that takes your breath away is what will make your dream a reality. Explore our heartfelt options below and you’ll be able to picture yourself creating memories that will endure forever.

Lavish wedding venues across the globe

It’s our privilege to personally introduce you to seven of the most luxurious wedding venues in the world, each of which invites you into a space you will never forget.

Admirers of authentic Tuscan style will be enchanted by this timeless 5,000 acre estate that is unlike any other. Based around the medieval church of San Michele Arcangelo, and set alongside the ruins of a medieval castle, this is a location that is sure to host your dream wedding in style. The beauty of it is that what you see at first glimpse is only the beginning.

As you make your way from your room to the ceremony, you’ll find more than a few stone-clad villas rich in the Tuscan style. And when it’s time for the reception, everything is set beautifully alongside more contemporary offerings like the Borgo Piazzetta and the Ristorante Campo del Drago Italian restaurant. Welcome to the luxury wedding you thought would be forever out of your reach.

Proven, France and the striking heights of the Petit Luberon offer a touch of luxury that’s steeped in fairytale imagery. You’ll see cypress, fig trees, and sun-bleached olive groves for miles around, all so you can prepare to exchange vows in setting that offers real meaning. During your stay you’ll be overlooking the village of Bonnieux and the charming square that has been the centre of the community for centuries.

Alongside all of the excitement and socialising you’ll want to have a few moments of quiet reflection before the ceremony, so what better way to do it than with a poolside cocktail. Once the big moment has arrived, the mountainous Provencal landscape offers the perfect backdrop for photos before you head to the reception at La Bergerie. This truly unique lifestyle restaurant based around wood-fired cooking is sure to add a refined finishing touch.

Tuscany, Italy is home to a stunning 11th century monastery that is set alongside one of the most striking surviving castles in this corner of the world. The ancient woodland and private medieval square, not to the mention the vineyards and chestnuts forests, provide ample opportunity for beautifully poised photos with your entire wedding party.

Everything has been painstakingly restored to create a subtle, nuanced Tuscan retreat and spa rich in the rustic charm of the region. Give your guests the gift of an executive chef cooking class, a wine tasting, or even some traditional truffle hunting out in the forest and it’ll be an experience everyone looks back on fondly for the rest of their lives. A luxury wedding isn’t just about exchanging vows, it’s about bringing the people you love together.

Nestled in a timeless spot between the Tiber river and a vast array of historical sites is the best kept secret in all of central Rome. Roman Baroque style influences the shape and form of the likes of Railings Hall, The Loggia, and The Mirrors Gallery, all while the Diana and Venus lounges offer that extra element of sophistication every luxury wedding demands. Your choice of reception and ceremony locations will give you ample opportunity to shape your dream day.

Your home for the duration will be a private residence that comes complete with swimming pool, Turkish baths, a fitness area, and even a private garden for the honeymoon suite. It’s a little island of calm that will allow you to get ready for the biggest moment of your life in your own way.

If you want to ensure the food for your reception lives up to the uncompromising standards of the setting, rest assured that 5-8 course menus prepared by executive chefs are the norm.

Provence, France is home to an enchanting 5-star retreat, elegantly encircled by vineyards and set against the iconic backdrop of Mont Ventoux. From the moment you arrive you’ll be afforded a warm welcome by the 10 ancient houses positioned around a traditional olive tree. It’s a striking site that is a great place to take photos with the rest of your wedding party later in the day.

The hotel can serve up to 70 of your guests, while the rolling hills sit in the background to provide inspiration while you’re getting ready. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in your choice of ceremony spaces before enjoying on-site gourmet dining, and your vision will soon come to life.

Italy’s Lake Como serves as the backdrop to the quintessential small Italian town of Ossuccio and the traditional park and gardens that are its calling card. You can expect to see a rich assortment of neoclassical architecture arranged to provide a lavish setting that is never short on privacy. It’s an inspired choice for the luxurious yet intimate wedding you have always wanted.

Having your ceremony outside so you can exchange vows while looking across the water is truly heavenly. Your wedding party can then walk to the water’s edge for photos before making their way back inside for a reception punctuated by fine dining.

Take a scenic detour into the sun-drenched Ibiza countryside and you’ll find views of the coast blended with a traditional venue that is rich in luxurious finishing. Staff are always on hand to help you get ready, even down to helping with your hair, make-up, and that all-important big white dress the whole room will be looking at.

When the big day arrives, start things at a calmer pace by taking breakfast in your room as you look out over the striking views of the Es Vedrà. And because you can ensure full exclusivity if you have 60+ guests, you’ll be able to experience the wedding of your dreams without ever having to compromise.