Planning your dream wedding can have its challenges and keeping eco-conscious amidst all of your preparations is no easy feat.

After choosing your sustainable wedding venue, one of the ways you can make your wedding eco-friendly is by choosing environmentally friendly wedding jewellery. Read on and find out some of the most compelling reasons why sustainable is the way to go.

Why Choose Sustainable Wedding Jewellery?

One of the hottest wedding trends today is going green. Mindful weddings are taking the centre stage. People are being more creative on how they can host a memorable event with minimal impact on the environment.

From the way you print wedding invitations to picking a wedding venue, you have a plethora of ways to make the special event sustainable. Even your choice of jewellery can reflect eco-consciousness. And if you are not yet convinced to choose sustainable wedding jewellery, below are five things that might make you change your mind.

1. Affordability

If there is one reason why many people love sustainable wedding jewellery, it would be the price. Couples on a budget can save a lot without compromising aesthetics.

The amount that you can save, however, will depend on many things such as the supplier and overall quality. In recent years, we have seen expensive sustainable jewellery, but the price is often justifiable because of its materials. And even with such, they are still cheaper compared to fine jewellery made from traditional precious stones and metals.

While they can be more affordable than their conventional counterparts, however, do not make the mistake of assuming that their quality suffers. Jewellers are utilising state-of-the-art technologies to develop top-notch products. If you know where to look, you can enjoy a combination of beauty and affordability.

2. The Use Of Responsibly-Sourced Materials

Sustainable wedding jewellery uses materials that are responsibly sourced, so you can be fashionable without the guilt. Many are even made using locally-available materials, which is a good way to help the local economy.

Conflict diamonds are some of the most controversial materials you will find in wedding jewellery. These are illegally traded diamonds with profits used for financing conflict in war-torn areas in western and central Africa. Not to mention, they are often extracted by slaves who are using primitive methods, including manual mud-digging.

Instead of opting for such stones, a better alternative would be lab-grown diamonds, which are perfect if you are searching for something sustainable. That’s because these stones do not come from mining activities. If you don’t know where to find them, this article on Learning Jewellery will help you look for online shops specialising in lab-grown diamonds.

Even online, you can shop for sustainable jewellery with top-notch quality from leading sellers. However, it’s important to note that while lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free, there are issues related to the energy requirements for manufacturing these stones, which can pose environmental concerns. So, take time to research the supplier’s approach to making the diamond as well.

3. To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint, including on your wedding day. One way to do so is to go for sustainable jewellery. It is possible when you source it from local suppliers. That means that it cuts down the distance that the jewellery must travel from the supplier to the buyer.

More so, sustainable wedding jewellery means that it is made using eco-friendly materials. Take the case of diamonds. Natural diamonds need to be mined. Such processes can contribute to noise, air, water, and land pollution, among other problems. On the other hand, their sustainable counterparts are made through environment-friendlier procedures, which can significantly cut carbon emissions.

4. To Support Small Businesses

By planning a sustainable wedding, specifically by choosing eco-friendly jewellery, you are also supporting small businesses. Large companies, especially those with global operations, have significant contributions to environmental problems. While they might have their respective sustainability programs, it is undeniable that they have harmful environmental impacts. This is especially true among those that mine diamonds from the earth’s surface.

Supporting a small and local business that sells sustainable jewellery will create a domino effect. Such businesses are likely to give back to others within the local community. This way, you are helping create a more sustainable economy that does not rely on global providers.

Do not get us wrong, however. Being a small business does not necessarily mean that they are sustainable. In the same way, this should not give you an immediate reason to discount large companies. There are some big businesses with a huge emphasis on sustainability. You just must invest in research to find the right ones.

5. The Scope To Enjoy a Wide Array of Designs

Another good reason to choose sustainable wedding jewellery is that you will have a long list of choices. From the materials to designs, the options are almost endless.

We can define sustainability in many ways. Among others, it can mean recycled or upcycled jewellery. Makers are using old materials and repurposing them into new creations, minimising waste. This way, you can have unique statement pieces compared to run-of-the-mill jewellery from traditional retailers. Through their creativity, makers of sustainable jewellery are challenging conventions in their design.

By being sustainable, your wedding jewellery can be made of different materials other than conventional mined gemstones and metals. For instance, they can be made of sculptured ceramic or recycled glass bottles. The sky’s the limit depending on the ingenuity of the creators of the pieces that you will be wearing on the big day.

In Closing

Make your wedding sustainable by choosing the right jewellery! Plan a special event while being eco-conscious. Let your jewellery shine without guilt. By going sustainable, you are not only saving money, but you are also doing something to save the environment. This is a great way to do good for future generations. It might be a small step, but you will be a part of a bigger movement and create a ripple effect.

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