Far-flung weddings are on the rise, with more than 200,000 British couples eloping abroad in the past two years.

With guaranteed weather, beautiful backdrops, and the shift towards smaller more ‘meaningful’ wedding celebrations, it’s certainly a trend we’re likely to see more of in the next few years.

A Wedding and Honeymoon all in One

There’s also another consideration. With honeymoon’s being a highlight for newlyweds, many couples are looking for ways to combine them both, to optimise budgets and time. On a practical and financial level, it does make a lot of sense. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up four of the most popular choices for destination weddings which also make the most incredible honeymoon locations.

But first, here’s a few things to keep in mind….

Why choose a destination wedding?

There’s endless possibilities when it comes to creating your wedding experience abroad, from beachfront ceremonies to exotic retreats and cuisines your guests will never forget. With sun-kissed weather generally a given, the indulgence of promised outdoor celebrations and spectacular backdrops draws many UK couples to it’s apparent appeal.

From returning to a special place to removing the challenges of huge guestlists, there’s plenty of reasons to opt for a destination wedding and a growing number of couples are looking to optimise wedding venues to double up as their honeymoon. It’s a wonderful way of extending the celebrations and making the most treasured time together as a couple abroad.

Honeymoon Mexico

How much does an international wedding cost?

It’s no secret that marrying abroad can be far more economical compared to the UK. Even more so, if you add on the addition of your honeymoon stay.

To give you an idea, in the UK the average wedding exceeds £30k, opt to go abroad and you can save tens of thousands, with the typical cost being around £6,585 – a vast saving (according to Mintel Research).

When you factor in the cost of an international honeymoon on top of the average UK wedding cost, wow! -the pounds really add up. But, host your dream wedding in a location simply ideal for honeymoons and you instantly uncover a cost saving measure with the most rewarding results.

How to combine your wedding and honeymoon

Before you take the plunge, so to speak, here’s a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to combining your destination wedding and honeymoon;

  •  Your choice of venue/accommodation. If your wedding venue offers accommodation for you and your wedding guests, you may wish to move to a more private part of the resort to enjoy your honeymoon or simply change to a different hotel in a nearby location to transition from wedding to honeymoon.
  • Choose a destination which will allow you to relax and unwind. Hosting your wedding will leave you exhausted whether you opt for an intimate celebration or epic party, you’ll certainly need some indulgent time to relax, so make sure your wedding destination can also offer a setting of tranquility afterwards.
  • For a complete change of scenery for your honeymoon consider easily accessible locations to your wedding, landscapes can drastically change in Europe with very little travel. Just imagine saying your vows in historic Florence then heading off for a luxurious honeymoon in trendy Lake Como.

Honeymoon and Wedding Ideas

Here are the top four places to add to your shortlist for a destination wedding that are without a doubt desirable honeymoon beauty spots…

Refined romance in Italy

Recognised as one of the most romantic countries in the world, it’s easy to see why Italy brings out the wedding wanderlust in couples. Here you can have it all – gourmet cuisine, first-class hospitality, and beautiful scenery. Add to it, some of the best wedding venues in the world, and it’s the perfect recipe for marriage.

The glorious Ca’ P’a Privata on the Amalfi Coast, is a stylish venue particularly geared toward the summer months. Here guests can relax in the secluded setting, boasting its own private beach.

With its renaissance art and rolling hills, Tuscany is another favourite with newlyweds. The formidable Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco is set against a medieval castle, within manicured gardens and terraces all to yourself. It’s a wonderful choice for exploring the wider region during your honeymoon.

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Unfiltered beauty in Mexico

With some of the best beaches in the world, Mexico has long been a top honeymoon choice for those looking for an exotic flavour. Ten hours away by plane, it’s well-worth considering hosting your wedding and honeymoon here – allowing you to fully maximise your time and budget.

Known for its unspoilt beauty and path less walked, the Caribbean coastline town of Tulum is the perfect choice, featuring the incredible venue, Papaya Playa Project.

Equipped with its own sheltered beach hut, couples can say their vows on the water’s edge, followed by an unforgettable party under the stars. Accommodating up to 200 guests, it’s also one of the larger venues in the area. The morning after the night before, you’ll be glad you came, as the Caribbean sea and pristine white sand greet you in the heart of the breathtaking Yucatán Peninsula. A stunning location for newly weds to bask in the beginning of their married life together.

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Modern Luxe in Ibiza

Shaking off its hard-partying image, the magical island of Ibiza has come of age. With an uprising of sleek modern fincas and luxury hotel residences, it has reinvented itself as a popular destination with discerning hipsters. With its well-documented ‘spiritual’ side, the island brings its trademark bohemian touch, with Balearic chill vibes, making it an excellent choice for your wedding day.

The chic resort of Pure House is the perfect embodiment of Ibiza cool. Here you can say ‘I do’ submerged in the beauty of nature. Within easy reach of Ibiza Town and all the bustling hotspots, there’s certainly plenty of after-hour options to get your honeymoon off to a celebratory start!

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Fairytale dreams in Greece

Romance is always in the air when it comes to Greece.

With turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and a whole host of islands to choose from, it’s an idyllic place to host your wedding day. And, when the party is over, it’s even better for getting into the swing of married life, with superyachts, beach life and great food and wine to indulge the senses.

Of all the islands, Santorini is one of the most iconic, offering spellbinding volcanic views blending into its dreamy background. Overlooking all of this, the Cocoon Suites is the perfect choice for your big day. Here you can party until the early morning, making the most of the stunning setting.

If, however, you like your Greek islands less lively, Mykonos is the one for you. Mykonos Blue is a dazzling residence, small enough to take over for a wedding, yet sizeable enough to be enjoyed for your honeymoon. The pools, beach and bar are make it a popular choice with a cosmopolitan crowd, and honeymooners alike.

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