We love finding out what’s on the hot list for upcoming weddings and it seems from our latest round of surveys- tying the knot across the next few years means throwing out convention.

Weddings are set to change, formalities are being omitted and couples want more, so much more from their celebratory experience!

So here’s a quick run down on what’s in and what’s out for impending nuptials, there’s a few wedding traditions you won’t believe couples are omitting from their big day…

What’s in for future weddings…

Luxe wedding villas

Wedding villas provide the ideal setting for informal, relaxed celebrations, proving the most desired type of wedding venue for celebrations abroad, they have it all-  exclusivity-tick, on-site accommodation-tick, added features for wedding stays-tick.

Extended weddings

More than 60% of couples we asked plan on spending longer than a day celebrating their wedding.

Nuptial parties across long weekends or more will become the norm, filled with welcome meals, family and friend gatherings and farewell brunches.

Elaborate Experiences

Impressing the guestlist can sometimes feel like no easy feat but it seems adding glamorous activities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences is the way to go. Top of the list to excite include; luxury spa treatments, wine tasting evenings and chartering a yacht.

Mindful Weddings

Of those we spoke to over 50% of couples revealed they are considering a more mindful wedding for their upcoming big day. Sustainability and eco-friendly options are at a forefront, not only when it comes to venue choice but right through to the finer details.

Hot topics for future weddings include; virtual invites, second-hand attire, the reduction of food waste and the elimination of plastic use.

What’s out when it comes to weddings…

Cutting formal wedding traditions may seem a bit extreme but with wedding experiences evolving into entirely new concepts there’s some classic elements which just don’t make the cut…

Bouquet Throwing

Many brides are opting to toss out the bouquet throwing – literally!

Photo by Maria Rao

A huge 40% of couples admitted they will not be carrying out the superstitious concept featured in many a rom-com movie. The act of throwing the bridal bouquet into a crowd of  women with the catcher destined to be the next one to walk down the aisle was recently deemed as; outdated, a tradition with no belief, unnecessary and cheesy.

Controversially the act of bouquet throwing was also labelled as sexist and even demeaning for women amongst couples we spoke to late 2021.

The Best Man’s Speech

26% of couples told us they will not be including a best man’s speech during their big day- this might come as welcome news if you’re a best man with public speaking jitters!

Once seen as the perfect opportunity to embarrass the groom, the tradition of the best man speaking post wedding breakfast may one day become obsolete. Labelled as inappropriate, especially with the popularity of reduced guestlists, the main reasoning behind omitting the tradition was to eliminate social anxiety.

Venue Pure House Ibiza | Photo by Matt Morgan

The First Dance

Now here’s a shocker, especially for the romantics amongst us- over a quarter of couples are scraping the first dance!

From a slow sway to an Ed Sheeran classic to a fully choreographed performance, a couples first time on the dance floor as husband and wife is often hugely anticipated amidst guests but here lies the very reason why many brides are deciding to cut the tradition- outlining the dance as ‘more for the guests than ourselves’.

Photo by Kimon

The future of weddings

It may seem unimaginable weddings without speeches or first dances but as mindsets shift, celebrations will inevitably evolve, mindful considerations and extended experiences will shape a new future for weddings, with a re-focus on their true meaning- to marry the one you truly love!