In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding planning, catering to the unique preferences and values of each generation is key to success. For Gen Z couples, born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s, the approach to marketing your wedding venue and business needs to be as innovative and fresh as their perspective on love and celebration.

How to Reach and Attract Gen-Z Couples In 2024

Millennials compared to Gen Z’s are people born roughly between 1981 and 1996, while Gen Z are those born approximately between 1997 and 2012, so in 2024 they could be 27 years old. With this these people have different views and thoughts and exceptions of products and services.

So, what are the essential strategies to captivate the hearts of Gen Z couples?


The old adage “one size fits all” simply does not apply to Gen Z. These couples are looking for an personalised and authentic experiences, where they can put their own unique stamp on their wedding day. From non-traditional attire to personalised vows and unconventional venues, Gen Z couples are opting for an experience that feels tailor-made to their own love story.

Short, Sweet, and Attention-Grabbing Emails

Gen Z is renowned for its short attention span, so your marketing emails should follow suit.They won’t want to or will read long emails,  they want the key information that allows them to make a decision, is this venue going to be within budget, is it available in x date or month, can it accommodate 50 guests staying over night?

Craft concise, attention-grabbing messages that get straight to the point. Avoid lengthy narratives and get right to the heart of what your venue can offer, answering any questions they have directly and providing the net steps.

Grab their attention with unique subject lines in your emails, ensuring you stand out in their inbox and not missed.

Speedy Responses and Instant Gratification

Gen Z couples are accustomed to instant downloads, streaming, and on-demand services. They appreciate quick responses. Ensure that your venue’s inquiry response time is swift, and your booking process is as streamlined as possible. It’s all about offering convenience and providing the information they need to make a decision swiftly.

Getting the information to them quickly is important, but remember to also help guide them, here is our brochure, here is a guide to our pricing, are you abatable one evening to arrange a call so I can discuss your requirements, give a detailed quote and then a video tour? Help them know what the next step is. Couples won’t enquire, get a brochure emailed to them and then email back and say I want to book. This is not a transaction, this is an experience.

Visuals Speak Louder Than Words

Photos and videos take center stage in Gen Z’s world. High-quality imagery and captivating videos that showcase your venue are essential. Your visuals should tell a story, conveying the unique atmosphere and experiences your venue offers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Make sure you spend and invest in photographer of your venue and also video tours, drone shots and features. Sharing wedding photos by photographers at recent weddings is fine, but on your own website make sure you have high quality, professional photos of you venue, the grounds, the pool, the views, the property, the bar area, the accommodation and the honeymoon suite. Hire a professional photographer who can take these photos when it can be done without guests, wedding photographer photos are full of people and guests, you want the focus to be your venue.

Mobile website and mobile emails!

Couples today spend hours on their phones, and the likely hood is when they enquire they are sat down on their phone researching, so it is crucial your website is mobile friendly. Does it look good on a computer screen and does it look good on a phone?

Mobile emails? Just like ensuring your website is mobile friendly and looks good, ensure your emails also look and read well on a mobile. It is likely your email replies will be read on their phone, make sure there are clear, short and concise paragraphs that can be easily read or skimmed.

Long emails, long paragraphs with no spacing, large attachments and files, huge images embedded are a no no.

The Social Media Check: Be Up-to-Date

Before even considering your venue, Gen Z couples are likely to scour your social media profiles. Ensure that your online presence is not only up to date but also aligned with the aesthetics and values that resonate with this generation. Authenticity and consistency matter.

Couples will go and take a look at your instagram page, firstly make sure the links work and it goes to your page, but even more importantly, make sure it is current and up to date, If you last post is from 2021 then that will be a red flag for couples, do you not have photos to post? No recent weddings? Are you even still in business?!

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Social media isn’t just an as and when job, it is a must do job and crucial when marketing to couples now.

Leverage Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials hold significant weight in the decision-making process for Gen Z couples. With reviews on products, services, food takeaways, films, it is no surprise that couples wan to read review on your wedding venue and business. As part of the research process by couples who will look at your website, social media and also want to see reviews on wedding platforms, your own website and review sites.

Encourage happy couples to leave positive feedback and share their wedding experiences. Highlight these reviews on your website and social media to build trust and credibility.

Sustainability Matters: Communicate Your Commitment

Gen Z is exceptionally conscious of environmental and ethical issues. Where sustainability is becoming more and more a focus it is an area couples also consider and are mindful of. Communicate the sustainability efforts your venue is undertaking. Offer sustainable options for couples, such as eco-friendly décor and catering.

Unique Experiences: Go Beyond Tradition

Gen Z couples value unique experiences over traditional norms. Explore creative ideas like pool parties, extended wedding celebrations, or unconventional ceremony settings. Being there in the moment, creating unique and special moments with friends and family, we see an increase in couples looking at yoga classes, wine tasting, yacht charter, pizza parties, these types of experiences are more important and more common.Weddings are more than just a single day.

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Gen Z is known for breaking away from traditional norms. In our couples survey for 2023 couples are ditching the first dance, the bouquet toss and even some are axing the speeches. Couples of today want to do it their way.

Be open to fresh and innovative concepts for weddings. Embrace their desire to create a celebration that reflects their individuality, whether that means non-traditional venues, ceremonies, or attire.

In a world where weddings are more than just an event, but a reflection of love and personality, adapting your marketing strategy to cater to the Gen Z couples is essential. Their values and expectations are unique, and by embracing their perspective, you can position your wedding venue as the ideal canvas for their unforgettable day.