Castle of Enfesta | Castell d’Enfesta

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  • Capacity: Up to 250
  • Sleeps 2

The Cultural Heritage of Castell d'Enfesta, located near Barcelona, provides jaw-dropping landscapes and charming spaces to create your unique and exclusive wedding.

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The venue

The Castle of Enfesta, a medieval gem with roots dating back to the 10th century, is a coveted wedding and event venue, conveniently located in the heart of Catalonia. With its enchanting spaces, personalized services, and multilingual team, it offers a unique experience for guests worldwide.

The Castle of Enfesta, known as Castillo de Enfesta, stands as a magnificent Medieval-Gothic imperial fortress, bearing witness to centuries of history and architectural evolution since its earliest documented mention in 1081. Its origins trace back even further, to the 10th century, with a lineage of nobles and viscounts who called it home. Recognized as a Cultural Heritage site in 1988, this storied castle sits conveniently just an hour's drive from both Barcelona and Lleida, making it an ideal destination for weddings from diverse locales.

With its ancient tower, intricate interior and exterior arches, and intriguing hidden corners, the Castle of Enfesta offers an unparalleled setting for any event or activity. Its enchanting spaces cater to celebrations of all kinds, from intimate ceremonies in the adorned church to grand gatherings atop the medieval walls or amidst the natural surroundings.

Two expansive terraces afford breathtaking views, accommodating up to 160 seated guests or over 250 for cocktails, ensuring an atmosphere of exclusivity and personalized service. From the grandeur of its Gothic entrances to the charm of its stone halls, every wedding hosted here promises to be a singular experience cherished by guests long after the festivities conclude.

For those seeking a tranquil haven amidst the excitement, the Castle of Enfesta provides an elegant suite adorned with baroque mirrors, a regal dressing table, and other noble accents. This suite also serves as an idyllic space for pre-wedding preparations or capturing timeless photographs with loved ones and stylists.

Additionally, the castle offers convenient accommodation within a 10-minute radius for guests, along with transportation to and from the venue, ensuring a seamless experience for all involved.

Committed to excellence in service and event management, the human team of the Castle of Enfesta is truly unparalleled, offering personalized service and attention. As the only venue in Spain that can provide a destination wedding planning team, they go above and beyond to ensure your every need is met. They have professionals based in London, UK and Barcelona, Spain; however, as international professionals, they support you worldwide, including in-person in your home country and Spain.

Furthermore, their multilingual capabilities are extraordinary, with proficiency in more than six languages—Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Arabic, Italian, and German—. This makes communication effortless and ensures that they are your ideal helping hand in liaising with any other service providers you may wish to engage. The castle stands as a preferred destination for couples and brands worldwide, welcoming enquiries with open arms and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

What we love

We adore the castle for its rich historical ambiance, brimming with charm, making it a versatile canvas for a broad spectrum of wedding celebrations – from exclusive and intimate family events to grand banquet parties.

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Castle of Enfesta | Castell d’Enfesta

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  • From: €3,900
  • Capacity: 250
  • Sleeps 2

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  • From: €3,900