Discover the charm of a stunning and authentic finca wedding in Ibiza, where bohemian elegance meets the wild beauty of Mediterranean gardens. Planned to perfection by Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner this celebration in a private villa highlights its uniqueness and has never been done before experience.

This Ibiza wedding perfectly blends style and natural beauty, making it a dream come true for those seeking a unique and intimate wedding experience. Let us inspire your special day with the simplicity and elegance that made Natcha and Cesar’s day unforgettable.

The Whimsical Rustic Villa Garden Soiree with Natacha and Cesar

For Natcha and Cesar, Ibiza wasn’t just a destination; it was a passion, making it the undisputed choice for their wedding. They dreamed of a day that was deeply authentic, brimming with beauty, exquisite food, and exciting entertainment. Their vision? A celebration that danced in the essence of the Renaissance era, yet flirted with a wild, whimsical touch.

This is where Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner stepped in, embracing their dream to orchestrate a contemporary twist on traditional bohemian nuptials. Inspired by fashion and the raw beauty of nature, we created a garden soiree that was the epitome of elegance, breaking free from conventional norms to celebrate love in its most beautiful form.

The quest for the perfect venue led us to an enchanting Ibiza finca hidden away like a secret garden, offering an escape into a world of mystique and magic. Our mission was to craft an immersive experience, a prelude to Natcha and Cesar’s love story, far removed from the commonplace sights of Pinterest or Instagram. This celebration was about making them and their guests feel uniquely special, and we achieved just that.

The Wedding Venue & Location

For Natcha and Cesar, finding a venue that felt like a hidden gem in Ibiza’s lush landscape was paramount. They dreamed of an intimate garden setting that blended the island’s natural beauty with architectural elegance, where their celebration could last until the early hours.

“After our first call, I immediately thought of Can CG, a finca that epitomises the essence of Ibiza with its stunning gardens, iconic arches, and traditional Sabina ceilings. More than just its beauty, Can CG promised the vibrant, all-night-long party atmosphere the couple desired.” says Edyta the founder of Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner.

This traditional Ibizean Finca was not just a venue but the perfect canvas for their celebration, offering a harmonious blend of elegance, nature, and Ibiza’s enchanting spirit. It was here, surrounded by the charm of Can CG and the warmth of their loved ones, that Natcha and Cesar’s journey together began anew.

The Decor and Styling

The couple envisioned their wedding to embody a blend of elegance and wild beauty. They chose a soft, dreamy decor with a focus on natural elements and a pastel palette enriched with touches of spring colors like yellow, red, violet, and green.

The couple’s styling choice brought the outdoor setting to life, with organic pampas grass and floral arrangements that complemented the surrounding garden. Reception tables, set under elegant bohemian parasols, featured classic white with lilac hues and simple vases, creating a harmonious blend with the natural beauty of the venue.

“We aimed to reflect the couple’s unique tastes and the venue’s charm in every detail. From the dress code to the floral catwalk for the ceremony, every element was chosen to create an interesting setting. For the reception, we designed a ‘mini-forest’ on the tables, which added a magical touch to the palm garden backdrop of Santa Eulalia’s hills.” says Edyta from Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner. For that we worked with the leader when it comes to a stunning set-up on the island and our dearest creative partners Art Natur Ibiza

The Dress

The stunning bride Natcha captivated all with her breathtaking wedding gown, setting a trend for elegance and grace. As a fashion expert and her exquisite taste left guests in awe as she adorned herself in a show-stopping ensemble that exuded grandeur. The gown boasted a bold structure and striking off-the-shoulder puff sleeves, which elegantly transformed into a statement bow at the back. That Ibiza bride style was truly unparalleled, radiating elegance and grace like never before seen.

The Photography

Natcha and Cesar chose a team of photographers to capture their special day –– skilled in seizing candid moments and with a style perfectly suited to their romantic, untamed wedding. This dynamic duo expertly captured both the natural and nostalgic aspects of the day, creating a mosaic of memories that reflected its graceful and sophisticated essence.

The Wedding Cake

In line with the nature-inspired theme, we suggested a cake that could grace the pages of a Vogue magazine. The stunning creation, adorned in a modern-contemporary art style, perfectly complemented their hidden wild garden motif. With its white base and the addition of their wedding flowers, the cake was a true masterpiece.

Ibiza wedding catering

For Natcha and Cesar’s wedding, we curated a three-course menu paired with a stunning dessert buffet. However, the allure of the cake drew everyone to the dance floor before the night was over.


Music is such an essential element of the wedding. Ibiza is famous for its party and music. However, to start we selected a fantastic string trio that played some of the couple’s favourite songs. Welcoming guests and adoring the couple entrance and exit. For the aperitif we chose a soly vies with a guitar and singer.

The world-famous DJ Santanna Oush rolled in the party, which started outside and continued inside until late.

Party Lights

Lights were key in creating the perfect ambience for this Ibiza finca wedding. As the sun set, the warm glow of candles enhanced the dinner ambience, casting a romantic atmosphere over the gathering.

Transitioning into the evening, we adorned the dance floor with touches of elegance, draping white fabric and fairy lights to infuse a festive spirit. To guide guests to the dance floor and create an inviting atmosphere, colourful uplighters and party lights illuminated both the garden and the interior of the Finca, ensuring everyone knew where the real party was happening!


The vow exchange at Natcha and Cesar’s wedding remains in our memories. Every nuance of the wedding showcased the couple’s unwavering dedication to putting together a unique, one-of-a-kind event. There was a sense of transcendence and grace on their special day that will not be forgotten.

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