Nestled on the vibrant island of Ibiza, Fincadelica beckons with the allure of barefoot luxury—a concept that takes centre stage in the realm of extraordinary wedding experiences.

Step inside Fincadelica Ibiza

Steeped in authenticity, this 300-year-old finca unfolds its bohemian charm, creating a haven for discerning travelers venturing into the northern reaches of the Balearic island.

Join us as we embark on a detailed exploration of this inspiring property, uncovering the nuances of weddings perfectly suited for this exclusive island setting.

Wedding spaces

The enchanting estate of Fincadelica sprawls across twenty-one acres, where the possibilities for dream weddings are as boundless as the open spaces. This haven for free-spirited couples offers seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering a deep connection with Mother Nature.

Picture dinners, drinks, ceremonies, and live music flourishing in this magical setting, with a show-stopping feature – a soundproofed cave nightclub that invites guests to dance into the sunrise!

Elevating nuptial celebrations to new heights, the estate boasts an elevated, decked platform with a ceremony runway, providing uninterrupted views of the natural surroundings. Perfect for sunset-hour ceremonies, as the sun’s glow gracefully dances on the deck before bidding adieu behind the picturesque valley.

The Ibizan Wedding Experience

Being situated on the vibrant Balearic island of Ibiza, Fincadelica opens doors to a wealth of experiences for wedding guests. From thrilling quad bike adventures to exclusive moments at private beach clubs, Ibiza offers an array of possibilities to enhance wedding stays.

Onsite, to banish any pre-wedding tension or just to soak up the relaxation in the days after the wedding, the private turret treatment spa room is certainly worth a visit. Guests can also appreciate the yoga deck, bio-dynamic green house, mandala cactus garden, and thanks to its expansive grounds,  a 30-minute hike on the property awaits.

Wedding Accommodation

Fincadelica features bedrooms distinguished by their luminosity, eclectic design, and unparalleled comfort. The meticulous selection of luxurious textures, natural fibers, and thoughtfully designed relaxation areas contributes to an overall atmosphere of sophistication. The rooms are adorned with unique artworks and vintage treasures, creating a distinctive and inviting environment.

With the capacity to comfortably sleep eighteen guests and the flexibility to provide additional spaces, each suite is designed to offer an exquisite retreat. Additionally, each suite is equipped with either a terrace or a private garden, providing an ideal setting for the relaxation of your intimate wedding party.

Excitingly, Fincadelica is set to launch a second stunning property in Xarraca this year. This eight-bedroom estate, with magnificent sea access, provides additional accommodation options for wedding guests, expanding the estate’s offerings.

For larger celebrations hosted at Fincadelica, additional guest accommodations are conveniently available nearby. Partnering with prestigious establishments such as Atzaró, Safragell, Six Senses, and The Standard ensures a range of choices to accommodate varying preferences and requirements.

The Fincadelica wedding couple

When we enquired about the ideal Fincadelica couple, their response painted a portrait of individuals with a mindful approach to entertainment and dance, enthusiasts of experiential and healthier lifestyles, those eager for sustainable and unique gastronomic experiences, and conscious consumers concerned about the environment.

Fincadelica’s appeal extends to global travelers, inviting them to immerse themselves in the estate’s natural beauty and expansive surroundings. Regardless of your background in Entertainment, Finance, Wellness, Fashion, or Design, the allure of Fincadelica is sure to captivate you.

Venue spec

If Fincadelica has left you as awestruck as it has the Wedinspire team, you’re probably itching for some details.

Let’s talk guest numbers. The luxurious deck ceremony can accommodate up to 120 guests (even more with benches). Should your guest list go beyond that, fear not; the expansive rustic ceremony space can host up to 300 guests.

Fincadelica’s abundance of spaces makes it perfect for gatherings of any size. Whether you’re looking to dine with an intimate group of 60 guests or planning a larger celebration, the estate can comfortably accommodate. The standard event fee covers up to 120 guests, but the venue is equipped to host events with 250-300 attendees.

For detailed wedding pricing, feel free to reach out. As a glimpse, a 3-night stay, inclusive of the wedding, begins at 60,000 Euros.

Your Wedding at  Fincadelica

Opening its doors back in 2022 with its inaugural spring wedding, Fincadelica stepped into the exhilarating realm of destination weddings. If a European wedding is at the forefront of your desires, this estate is the epitome of where you should host your wedding!

From its innate authenticity to its elevated ceremony terrace and exclusive cave nightclub, the estate stands as the quintessential Ibizan wedding haven.

For further information on Fincadelica, including features, photos, and reviews, visit the venue’s profile page here, where you can directly communicate with the venue’s owners regarding your wedding specifications and requirements, receiving personalised wedding quotes and availability details.