Mas Bosc

, Spain
  • Price From: €5,900
  • Capacity: Up to 180
  • Sleeps 20
  • Min Nights: 2

Nestled amid the serene landscapes near Barcelona, Spain, lies a hidden gem awaiting to sculpt your wedding dreams into reality - Mas Bosc. This enchanting wedding venue, steeped in history and modern elegance, promises an unforgettable celebration amidst nature's embrace.

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The venue

Imagine exchanging vows in a picturesque garden, embraced by the soft rustle of leaves and the gentle caress of a warm breeze. Mas Bosc offers an array of captivating spaces for your special day, each exuding its own charm and allure.

Step into the timeless elegance of the modernist house, meticulously restored to retain its architectural splendor while embracing contemporary comforts. The conditioned indoor space, adorned with panoramic views of nature's canvas, beckons as an idyllic setting for your reception or party. And fear not the caprices of weather, for Mas Bosc presents a stunning indoor option - a hall so magnificent it rivals the allure of open-air festivities.

For those craving an intimate communion with nature, the "grove" whispers promises of a ceremony enveloped in tranquility and beauty. Here, amidst the verdant foliage, your love story unfolds amidst a symphony of bird songs and the whisper of leaves.

Mas Bosc isn't just a venue; it's an enchanting sanctuary where every corner brims with romance and possibility. Lose yourself in the infinity pool's mesmerising vista, where the sky meets the earth in an ethereal dance, casting hues of gold and crimson as the sun bids adieu. Luxuriate in the embrace of modern luxury, as the recently renovated interiors weave a tapestry of comfort and sophistication.

But perhaps Mas Bosc's greatest allure lies in its promise of flexibility and personalization. Here, your wedding unfolds according to your whims and fancies, each moment crafted to reflect the essence of your love story. From garden ceremonies to poolside soirees, Mas Bosc offers a canvas upon which your dreams are painted.

The house has 6 double bedrooms with its own bathroom and 1 triple room with its own bathroom, all of them with beautiful views of the natural environment.

The capacity of the house is 15-20 people. In case you need to accommodate more guests, there are rural houses and hotels nearby.

Love what you see? For further information on hiring Mas Bosc as a wedding venue or to request a brochure with pricing and packages, please enquire here.

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  • Exclusivity
  • Sleeps up to 20
  • Min Stay of 2 nights
  • Swimming Pool
  • Recommended Caterers
  • Licensed Bar
  • Bridal Changing Room
  • Car Parking

Mas Bosc

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90km from Barcelona Airport (BCN)

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  • From: €5,900
  • Capacity: 180
  • Sleeps 20
  • Min Nights: 2

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  • From: €5,900