Money and budgets are certainly not the part anyone gets excited or wants to talk about when it comes to weddings. Knowing how much to budget, how much to spend and what to spend it on can be a daunting task.

We have a budget spreadsheet you can download and use to help manage your costs and a great way to ensure you have everything covered.

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

Our budget spreadsheet covers everything from ceremony and venue costs, through to food, drink, the dress and cake, down to the make up artist, photographer and wedding insurance. And of course there is a little section for that all important honeymoon too!

Download our Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

You can download and save this spreadsheet and open is with Excel, google sheets or open office. Use this as a guide to manage what you need to budget for and book, as well as make note and manage your budget.

You can also download our free wedding printables and checklists here.

Using your Spreadsheet

You can download and save your spread sheet to your Mac or computer, phone and iPad, it will open with Excel and Google spreadsheets. Opening and saving a copy via Google Spreadsheets allow you to easily access and manage your budget while out and about, if you are at a wedding fair or open day, you can quickly add new suppliers and costs to your budget sheet keeping it up to date.

Free Wedding Budget Worksheet - Printable and Easy to Use

The remaining balances will calculate when you have entered the cost and the amount you have paid so far, the same with the final totals too. You can easily add in new rows for other items you may wish to add.

Add supplier details to help know who you have booked and paid, as well as any additional notes and comments.

You can also download our free wedding printables and checklists here, or use our wedding budget calculator.

Best of luck with your budgeting!