Capturing the raw emotions of a wedding is the true essence of an excellent photographer and when we come across Valentina & Paolo’s stylish images they shone as one of the most emotive collections we had viewed to date, just take a look for yourself…

Emotive Italian Villa Wedding

Set in a natural beauty haven amongst rolling hills and woodland, sits the couples chosen venue, the enchanting Italian villa of Tenuta di Ripolo offering a country retreat like no other.

With an abundance of outside spaces to explore, the day exclusively shaped around the historic residence and was captured by documentary wedding photographer Daniele Torella. Creative and intimate portraits display one incredible destination wedding.

Bold coloured floristry with natural foliage shouted creativity and elation whilst romantic candles and evening fireworks added a touch of glamour. Valentina¬†& Paolo’s glorious outdoor ceremony was really emotional thanks to heart felt speeches from their closest friends and the day was filled with laughter and joyous celebration throughout.

Warm light of the intense Italian sunset allowed for some truly remarkable, intimate portraits which the couple are sure to treasure forever.

Italy is certainly a destination for dream weddings, there’s the natural countryside such as the location of Villa Aurelia or the glamorous waterside of Lake Como, the pure elegance of Florence or the charm of Tuscany. It’s certainly one of our favourite locations for wedding couples and it’s clear to see Valentina & Paolo made some excellent choices on their planning journey allowing them to experience an incredibly momentous day.

About the Photographer

Daniele Torella Photography

I was still very young when my interest for photography started, but it was a university course on history and technics of photography that pushed me to delve into its technical and cultural aspects. I soon realized that I was more interested in photographing persons, in a attempt to narrate their history through shooting. This was the reason that above all pushed me to specialize in reportage.

In 2009 I became a wedding photographer, a job that does not only enable me to express my creativity, but also furnishes incessant occasions for meeting new people and knowing fabulous places.

My Passions…

Since my early days I have been keen on animals, all of them, but I so much adore dogs that I can hardly conceive of my life without having a dog at my side. I am always happy if during a wedding I meet one, and I never miss the occasion for showing my lovely attention.

Then, I love cinema, without distinction of genre or country, in the original language (whenever possible). The study of foreign languages (English and Spanish) is another of my interests and takes a considerable amount of my time. I adore good food and am always open to experiencing new tastes.

Traveling is in the absolute sense what most stimulates me. I deem it very important, an investment for memory so to speak. Each country I have visited and each person I have met have left a permanent trace in my soul.

My Work

Under these premises it is easy to guess how much I favour spontaneity and naturalness in my job: no banal poses, no expected shoots. No photographic service must be identical or similar to a previous one.

I simply follow the bride and groom along their day as if I were invisible, even though I am in fact keenly present and vigilant. I am always careful not to lose any emotion, ready to catch the arising of a smile, a sign of tenderness, all that can most significantly show the uniqueness of such a day.

Even though I am based in Rome, curiosity and taste for discoveries of new places make me ready for any kind of work in Italy or abroad, so please do not hesitate to contact me for information. Whatever location you may have chosen for your wedding I will always be delighted to portrait it.