We share the beautiful wedding of Sylvia and Ben who got married in June at Spanish farmhouse, This Must Be The Place. Their wedding was beautifully captured by wedding photographer Anna Svobodova.

This Must Be The Place

Anna the photographer said about a year ago I received an email; “Hi, we’re an American-German couple planning our wedding in Moià in June 2019 at This Must Be The Place and I came across you and your beautiful pictures.

We really like your natural style as we are not a big fan of posing and like more ‘moment’ pics catching emotions like laugh, happiness, maybe some tears and joy. Let us know if you have time and would be interested to follow us on our big day!”

“Oh YES! Of course I am!” Every time I receive an email like this one from Sylvia and Ben, I couldn’t be happier because that’s exactly what I want to capture into my photographs, to create candid snapshots which reflect the atmosphere and emotions of the wedding day.

When I met Sylvia and Ben, we went together to visit the venue which is aptly called “This Must Be The Place”. Once we set eyes on the venue, we were amazed. “Wow! That’s The Place!” A charming Spanish farmhouse set on the edge of a valley, surrounded by captivating mountains where you are simply absorbed by the peaceful nature and stunning sunsets.

I couldn’t wait for their wedding day to come. Everything they had planned sounded wonderful, their philosophy of how they wanted to spend the day and their expectations of the photographic reportage was just ideal.

I hope my photos speak for themselves in portraying this beautiful day… as my vocabulary seems to be limited in describing truly how perfect it was!

The Venue

Sylvia had lovely things to say about the venue; “We had a perfect wedding at This Must Be The Place! It was everything we hoped for, you have to see the place in person to appreciate how beautiful it is.

We live on the east coast of the US and wanted to do something different for our wedding, and found Catalonia to be a perfect destination, great food, beautiful scenery, lovely people, and very affordable by US standards.”

Amazing experience, great support

“Jo and Duncan (the venue owners) worked very hard to coordinate all of the vendors and make sure everything went smoothly on our wedding day. The venue has multiple great locations to hold the ceremony and a beautiful indoor space for the bar and dancing. Jo also found us several beautiful rental houses for our guests in the area, as well as a great restaurant for our Friday night welcome event.

Jo and Duncan were very flexible to accommodate our wishes, including a Sunday breakfast event at the venue, and helped set up all of our decoration ideas. Overall we had a wonderful experience with this venue and the lovely owners, and would recommend it to anyone! It was an unforgettable weekend!”

About the photographer Sylvia said “We are so happy that we chose Anna as our photographer! She made us feel very comfortable, let us be ourselves and did not try to force us to pose for artificial photos!

Her style of capturing the moment was exactly what we were looking for. She did a great job in capturing our big day with our friends and family, especially the beautiful venue. We are very happy with how everything came out!

The photos reflect every moment of our wedding day perfectly. We would highly recommend her!”