Whether you opt for a blank canvas wedding venue or an elaborate estate, how you dress your big day can be as exciting as your imagination allows. Using creativity, innovative thinking and your own personality you can most certainly transform a space.

There’s no better way to visually demonstrate the importance of choosing the right d├ęcor then inspirational styled shoots. By establishing what styles excite you, your wedding day can exuberate your true wedding personality.

Your venue, your way!

Now here’s one styled shoot that shouts individuality, with the strong belief when it comes to weddings, there’s only one way to do it- your way. It’s naturally bold and completely bonkers and we love it!

Styled by Weddings by Annabel, here’s her words into the theory behind the imagery;

“This was a shoot to highlight the fact that every venue can be styled to suit you as a couple. With its raw site and epic setting, Rookin House Farm was the perfect place to test a bunch of creatives. Its not a typical site and only hosts weddings once in a while but this meant a challenge in my eyes!

I wanted to create some images that strayed from the usual romantic, pastel styles of stereotypical weddings. I wanted attitude and bold lines. I wanted to use angles, random corners and bombs of colour.”

“Photographer Gavin Powers had the perfect eye for this. He brought the artistic flare to my concept and wow, did he deliver! The team was challenged with two very different zones in the main room, the huge window was the setting for geo elements, marble and copper; simple modern elegance. The bar area, which could initially look boring and purely functional, was transformed with antiques, candle light and deep tones.

Showcasing the spaces with flare, the team were a delight to work with too. It was a long shoot day, never mind the hours behind organising such a day, but they worked and networked like a dream. The weather was mostly miserable but I don’t think that showed (even on poor freezing Marnie our model!). We came together with epic synergy!”

Need a little help bringing your wedding vision to life?

If you choose to have your wedding your way but have no idea how to create this yourself, don’t worry there’s help on hand. Wedding planners and stylists have the expertise, creative flair and passion to transform your wedding into the day of your dreams.

Demonstrating her artistic flair in the images above planner and consultant Annabel explains how she can help with your wedding planning journey;

When you enter the newly engaged world of weddings, it can be very daunting. You may have some ideas or none. You may have help already or none at all. You may then enter the wonders of Pinterest and become completely overwhelmed by the options.

Then you start to get quotes back and feel the budget grow while your head spins with the complexity of piecing this huge puzzle together… That’s when I help couples.

We have a consultation to talk through each puzzle piece (elements of the wedding) and put it all together again. Then you can clearly see the gaps, the misfits and how it all will come together.

This makes all the conversations with numerous suppliers easier as you can see how what they do fits within the entire plan. It helps you picture the style, atmosphere and flow of the celebration. We can also ensure that your budget, time and effort aren’t being wasted and all of it makes a perfectly personal fabulous event!

In the midst of your planning struggles…

If you find yourself struggling to keep your head in the game or your time or patience is running low, I can help. No matter what stage of planning, you can call me in and with a calm demeanor and my creative cogs whirring we will sort it out. This might just be a consultation to get your plans in order and task list created.

It might be that something has cropped up and you feel the need for support on the day. This should be a truly exciting stage in your life, let’s make sure it is! Weddings by Annabel