Modern online concepts develop the way in which we operate, bringing inspiration, information and new ideas to the forefront. Wedinspire concentrates on modernising one of the most exciting journeys a couple experiences, the planning of their wedding day.

Different, Modern and Inspiring

Built with both passion and expertise, Wedinspire injects a sense of romance into a couples planning journey whilst enabling them to discover their unique place to say ‘I Do’.

A quick definition

In its simplicity, Wedinspire is a digital marketing platform specifically for venues offering exciting wedding experiences.

Attracting a worldwide audience, the international platform boasts a minimalistic, editorial style engaging stylish couples at the very beginning of their wedding planning via social platforms, search engines and its current, trend focused articles, guides and inspirational idea blogs.

Wedding Venues that Inspire

The most inspiring, diverse collection of wedding spaces are featured on Wedinspire, from grand Chateau’s and hidden sun-kissed terraces to industrial studios and woodland retreats. Each is approved and hand selected by the founders.

What makes a venue suitable for Wedinspire?

Well, with an audience requiring a wide breadth of possibilities to inspire them, the type of wedding offering does not have to conform however the quality and style must match the Wedinspire ethos and there is one main requirement, “your wedding space must capture the heart of our couples” Charlotte, Wedinspire Co-Founder

Your space is your space

Approved featured venues have their very own Wedinspire profile, a bit like a mini website with all the wedding details of your venue at your audiences fingertips.

This space is exclusively yours, no adverts (in fact there are no adverts on the entire Wedinspire site to keep it clean, modern and user friendly) and all of the information and links are solely related to you and you only.

Your profile displays everything a modern couple wants & needs to know at this stage of their planning journey, such as starting prices, capacity, recent reviews and a brief editorial written by the Wedinspire team about your stand out features. Imagery speaks a thousand words which is why the team utilise’s their network of professional photographers, including Wedinspire’s sister site Your Perfect Wedding Photographer to showcase every venue at its very best.

The Venue Finder

The site has several channels to journey ideal couples to your wedding venue details. Whether through article mentions, real wedding blogs, hand-picked collection features or through the search system venue finder, ultimately the goal is to get your venue’s profile in-front of the right people. Couples are shown what they want, maybe before they even know it themselves.

The Wedinspire Venue Finder allows couples to easily search with a click of several buttons in a stylish way to show quality relevant wedding venues and spaces. It’s different, it’s modern and it inspires.

There’s visuals to represent desirable styles such as; villa’s, barn, beachfront, outdoor, intimate and destination plus the option to select specific requirements like, accommodation, exclusive hire and pet friendly or guest numbers but one of the finder’s key features is the location search. Couples can add a postcode and refine the proximity radius as they wish allowing them to search for venues say within 30 miles of their house offering refined search results and resulting in quality leads for yourself.

How can it help your venue?

Whether your wedding venue is brand new to the market or well established, being on the right online platforms for you is essential. You need to keep your business relevant, found and in-front of the right audience.

If your venue offers several avenues alongside weddings, being on Wedinspire allows for dedicated wedding marketing with the chance to really shine in this area. Some of the site’s exclusive destination venues are hidden gems and the platform exclusively shouts about the wedding side of their business.

Top reasons why your wedding venue needs to be featured on the Wedinspire platform;

  • Exposure to reach a wider, different and appropriate audience.
  • To gain Quality Enquiries from relevant couples.
  • To obtain in-direct Leads, couples come across your venue on Wedinspire, link off and contact you direct (these stats are very difficult to record but you have to be visible online to be contacted through any channels)
  • To be amongst the very best when it comes to wedding places worldwide.
  • To promote your own site and social platforms
  • It’s great for your SEO!

Quality not quantity leads

Wedinspire focus’ on quality not quantity enquiries, putting the right details in-front of the right people connecting couples to wedding businesses with the intention to enjoy their big day without hundreds of pointless enquiry admin to trail through, quality over quantity is key.

Why choose Wedinspire?

Over the last 2 years since launching, Wedinspire has evolved, adapted and grown into a sought-after wedding platform with the most inspiring portfolio of diverse wedding options.

Wedinspire couples are searching, enquiring and booking venues found through the international platform and browsing through the unique collections like ceremonies with a view, eco-friendly and style focused. Being fresh, modern and shaking up the way couples find their dream venue, the site attracts it’s audience when inspiration is very much needed, putting your venue on their radar straight away.

Add your venue to the most exiting portfolio of wedding venues.


Do you deal with wedding enquiries?

No. Wedding enquiries for your venue from our couples are emailed direct to you or the wedding planners email you submit to us. Our aim is to get your wedding offerings in front of the right audience, it is then up to you to turn this lead into a wedding booking.

Do you take commission?

No. Never and we have no intention to in the future. We charge one annual membership fee to cover marketing your venue through our site with the intention for you to get wedding bookings. The team may ask for feedback on the quality of your enquiries, this is for our own insight not to obtain any commission.

How do I receive enquiries?

Via email to the address submitted to our team at the beginning of your membership (only one email address per venue can be used) this can be changed by contacting the team at any point. Your enquiries are also stored on your very own Wedinspire database which can be accessed once you log-in by multiple team members.

Do we chat to our couples?

Yes. We ensure the platform is aiding them in the best way possible and we have regular contact via social platforms and wedding newsletters. We also offer one-to-one support when couples reach out to us for Venue Advice.

Who set’s up my venue’s profile?

The Wedinspire team. We have a strict criteria of displaying venues to our audience, we know what appeals to them and what doesn’t. We use details and information from your own site and wedding brochures plus selected photography either from marketing images you supply or real wedding imagery from our network of photographers.

What if I own multiple venues or wedding spaces?

We offer multiple venue membership to companies with several wedding venues. Fill in the Join our Collection form and the team will respond with the appropriate information.