Wedinspire’s core mission revolves around discovering and spotlighting breathtaking wedding venues globally, ranging from boutique villas to chic beachfront restaurants and elusive Chateaus. The platform’s unwavering emphasis lies in crafting distinctive destination wedding experiences. Interestingly, Wedinspire’s inception stems from a fundamental longing to discover an extraordinary space for an overseas wedding ceremony

Co-Founders, Mike & Charlotte

In today’s contemporary landscape, understanding the personalities steering a business becomes crucial. Hence, I’m opening the door to our world, offering a glimpse into the minds behind Wedinspire, our meticulously crafted wedding platform. Join me, Charlotte Ingham, as I provide an intimate perspective on the journey as a co-founder.

The concept

The entire concept for the Wedisnpire platform transpired from the personal journey Mike and I embarked on while planning our destination wedding back in 2015. Brimming with enthusiasm as a newly engaged couple, we were clear on our ultimate desire—to exchange vows amidst glorious sunshine in a contemporary outdoor setting, even though we hadn’t yet settled on a specific geographic location.

The planning process swiftly became a perplexing maze. Despite our eagerness, selecting the perfect location for our vows posed a significant challenge. Traditional avenues like travel agents offered limited wedding options, while scouring the internet for suitable and inspiring venues proved to be an exhaustive task.

This experience prompted a pivotal question: What if there existed a dedicated online platform empowering modern couples to explore innovative wedding concepts abroad and effortlessly discover venues tailored for design-centric weddings?

Our wedding experience

We envisioned an intimate destination wedding, seeking a unique, contemporary setting that embraced the Mediterranean climate.

Despite the initial hurdles in planning, in September 2016, we found our dream venue—the Sunborn Super Yacht nestled in one of Europe’s most exclusive harbours. The upper terrace became the picturesque location where we exchanged vows, devoured delectable cuisine, and rejoiced with our cherished micro-guestlist.

Our friends and family were comfortably accommodated in a nearby hotel, and over five days, we immersed ourselves in celebration, relaxation, sun-soaked moments, and explorations. Our wedding was a true reflection of who we are; we boldly discarded the conventional wedding norms, and I can sincerely say that I wouldn’t alter a single detail of our extraordinary wedding experience.

Our wedding journey resonates deeply with one of our fundamental passions—empowering couples to shape their wedding according to their desires. A phrase we frequently echo is ‘why conform when you can say ‘I Do’ in your own way,’ a sentiment that encapsulates our own wedding journey perfectly.

The beginning of Wedinspire

As newlyweds we began evaluating our own wedding planning experience and concluded that what we really wanted was to be in control of finding relevant venues right at the very beginning, so we began our mission to connect like-minded couples with dream venues and to provide them with access to speak to venues direct- after all they are the true experts in their wedding domains.

Over the years, our venture has evolved significantly. We curated a diverse portfolio of venues across the globe, meticulously selecting inspiring options that resonate with couples similar to us. These are venues we believe couples would delight in discovering right at the onset of their wedding planning journey.

Embracing a minimalist editorial approach, our platform swiftly became a resource that aids couples in browsing, discovering, and ultimately booking destination wedding venues. It opens doors to venues that might have otherwise remained hidden or overlooked during a couples planning process.

Experience meets passion

Prior to founding Wedinspire, my professional journey spanned 15 years in the jewellery industry, specialising in high-end diamond jewelry. My comprehensive expertise ranged from procurement, manufacturing, and design to sales and boutique management.

During this time, a significant portion of my focus was engaging with both pre-engaged and newly-engaged couples. Countless hours of heartfelt conversations unveiled a diverse spectrum of wedding planning experiences. Witnessing their enthusiasm during this joyous phase of their lives was undeniably infectious.

There’s an innate gratification in weddings—observing couples delve into their deepest sentiments to craft a day of profound love and personal commitment. I’m drawn to the limitless creativity that defines each wedding, knowing that each celebration is uniquely exceptional.

My creative nature runs through into Wedinspire’s direction and I personally love collaborating with our venue owners, planners, and managers to amplify their wedding exposure. Mike however, is the driving force behind the technical and business aspects of our operation. With a strong foundation in digital design, development, and a wealth of expertise in online marketing, he consistently injects our platform with cutting-edge advancements, enhancing its appeal to our specific target audience.

Our excitement

Our passion is fueled by the opportunity to offer couples an array of extraordinary wedding possibilities, unveiling remarkable experiences that are within reach. We don’t settle for the ordinary, and our clients anticipate nothing less from our platform.

Our goal is to lead the way in shaping the future of destination weddings, challenging conventional norms to transform weddings into more profound, extended, and unforgettable celebrations

Mike & Charlotte

For the past 13 years, we’ve been a fortunate couple, blessed with the joy of raising two young daughters who keep life incredibly dynamic! Nestled in a picturesque countryside market town in the Midlands, our penchant for adventure often leads us to the coast or overseas, chasing the sun’s warm embrace.

Our weekends are dedicated to discovering charming kids’ playgrounds and idyllic picnic spots, offering our girls endless exploration. And when time permits, we indulge in the relaxation of a rejuvenating spa break – a guilty pleasure we both adore!

The future

With over 300 exceptional venues showcased in our portfolio, our primary goal is to elevate these venues within the realm of destination weddings. We’re committed to expanding our portfolio selectively, only including venues that meet our stringent criteria and align with our vision of offering our clients unparalleled wedding experiences. We’re not aiming to overwhelm couples with an abundance of venues; rather, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, Wedinspire has an exciting lineup of plans in store, including product launches and enhanced membership experiences. Both of us are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to resume our travels, visiting more of the remarkable venues in our portfolio. These visits are invaluable, allowing us to gather essential insights to better serve our clients.

Throughout all our future endeavors, we remain grounded in our own wedding planning experience. We continuously reflect on what we sought and what was lacking during that time, striving to provide future couples the tools and confidence to secure their dream destination wedding experience.