Once you have your table plan set, you then need to display it to your guests, creating a theme to name your tables and then a large clear display so guests know where they are sitting.

Table Plan Ideas We Love

We have rounded up a range of ideas and images showing creative ways to display your table and seating plan.


Something simple and stylish, perfect for a minimal wedding. A sheet of perspex with your table plan printed on. Not an easy DIY project but there are many suppliers who are able to do and create this for you.

If you have a rustic or vintage frame you would like to use, then how about getting some perspex cut to size to fit the frame, and then writing onto this. A great way to make something unique and different.

Copper & Rose Gold

Be it a printed table plan or hanging tags a copper and rose gold stand can look different and very stylish. Depending on your color scheme it can stand out and make a great statement piece. Copper piping can be made into a stylish stand or you can use something ready made.


Your table plan can be printed on anything and cloth and linen is another great option, it allows you to create something am little more softer and warmer than some of the other options.

Printing your table plan onto a large linin section allows you to hang it up on the wall or hung from a supporting frame.


If you are having a country wedding and want a rustic feel to match your barn venue then a matching rustic table plan sign is needed.

Ideas for materials can include printing onto materials such as linen as mentioned before, wood is another great material that is perfect for that rustic feeling. Be it your plan mounted onto some old wooden planks, table plans hanging from an old rustic step ladder which can then be decorated too.

Mirror and Frames

A vintage mirror or a selection of beautiful frames are the perfect ready made wedding table plan. A wonderful way to display your seating plan, hand written onto a beautiful vintage mirror, or a range of picture frames for each individual table positioned or hung.

You can try and buy a used old mirror, or perhaps try and hire one, you can then use a white wipeable market pen to write your table plan onto it.

Your Theme

When coming up with a theme for how to name and plan your tables you can be as creative as you want, from naming them places your have visited, your favourite drinks or foods, or perhaps your favourite hobbies or sports.

Something fun and something different:

  • Using the periodic table
  • Scrabble
  • Lego
  • Grab a drink

DIY Table Seating Plans

The table plan is a great way to get creative, make it personal, and also to do it yourself. You can easily buy or create something to hold your plan in place, be it something used, made or bought cheaply on Etsy, eBay or Gumtree.

Creating love hearts and adding peoples names, hand written table plan on a large vintage mirror, or a fabled world map with where you have been and who is sitting where.