You’ve decided on the food, drink and music, but how about injecting some classic fun into your big day by adding wedding games into your event. Outdoor weddings are great for incorporating entertaining activities, after all who doesn’t like a light-hearted carnival game, a round of crazy golf or even a spin on a fairground ride!

Wedding Games ideal for Your Wedding Reception

There’s an abundance of ways you can incorporate wedding games into your celebrations as we’ll help you discover but firstly let’s discuss why they are such a great idea to include.

Why add games to your wedding entertainment?

Quite simply wedding games are the perfect icebreaker, allowing family and friends to mix in a relaxed, fun, less-pressured way. They’re a welcome distraction from the expectations and formal requirements of a wedding, allowing everyone to let their hair down!

Logistically wedding activities are also the perfect scenario, they eliminate awkward waiting or standing around for guests, allowing your day to run smoothly, filling in-between times such as post-ceremony pre-wedding breakfast with some much needed amusement.

If you’re opting for a child-friendly wedding, congratulations wedding games can be so much more fun when little ones are involved but don’t overthink the options available as many wedding games are fitting for all the family, such as giant jenga!

And, finally let’s talk wedding photography, as games add another dimension to your treasured album, creating lots of smiles, laughter and silly antics, theses images will display your guests at their absolute best.

Wedding reception games you’ll love…

Whether you’re super competitive or just up for a laugh, here’s our shortlist of fun wedding games ready to transform your celebrations into a wedding no one will ever be able to forget.

Giant Jenga

It’s fun, everyone knows the concept and not only is it perfect for people to play but it also gathers a crowd to watch on nervously.

The giant version of Jenga is ideal for larger or smaller groups and when the reception drinks have begun flowing the game can become a lot more interesting. Just be ready to jump when the stack comes crashing down your way!

Of course, for the kids you could provide the smaller original sized Jenga on a games table or even as part of their wedding favour as a momentum of your day.

Space hoppers!

We’re all big kids at large and if some good old giggles without the frills is your kind of thing, space hoppers are the way to go. You just can’t help but give it a try, whether it’s your first time or you’re a childhood pro.

Great for outdoor fun, entertainment for all involved, they’ll provide the kind of excitement and laughter you haven’t heard in ages.

If you want to add a bit more competition, hire or purchase 2-4 spacehoppers and set-up a start and finish line, who dares wins!

Cricket & Croquet

If you’re lucky enough to host your wedding in a venue with spacious grounds, make the most of it and add some ball games. Cricket, rounders and croquet are great for getting everyone involved, mixing family and friends, and allowing your guests to get to know each other a little more than they probably would.

Trampolines and Bouncy Castles

Ideal for the kids, a trampoline or bouncy castle is great for outdoor entertainment. Just imagine seeing their little faces light up when they spot them (it’s also a great way to tire them out- parents will forever love you!).

All the fun doesn’t have to be had by the little ones though, there are many style focused bouncy castles specifically designed for weddings suitable for adults and you could always add an inflatable slide for the added ‘wow’ factor.

Crazy Golf

A popular wedding game choice, crazy golf is one of the top wedding trends, making it hard to beat when it comes to family entertainment. On-the-day hire is accessible in most locations making this a fun choice without the hassle.

Carnival Wedding Games

Bean bags and rope hoops at the ready, wooden carnival games are a stylish addition to any wedding reception. The bright colours and easy concepts make them the idyllic garden entertainment for intimate or large celebrations.

Hula Hoops!

When was the last time you tried to hula? Get those hips swinging and liven up your festivities with some hula hoops.

Not only do they look great, available in a rainbow of colours and designs but they provide excellent entertainment for your more reserved guests to watch. As the evening progresses you might even find your dear granny feels obliged to have a go!

Skittles & Connect 4

Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the easy to play carnival games, skittles and connect 4 are great for all ages and can be available in a range of formats, from mini child-friendly options to gigantic garden versions.

Great additions to the drinks reception area, requiring little space and set-up, they can be purchased online to allow for future fun or hired amongst other fun wedding games.


Something a little different, potentially requiring a little more skill set but without a doubt an amusing activity, archery is a game of concentration and one which all your guests will want to prove their ability.

A fun addition to a UK countryside garden wedding or with a more traditional archery set-up the perfect accompaniment to your fairytale castle theme.

Fairground Rides

Complete the ultimate festival themed wedding with some hands down extravagant fun- the addition of a fairground ride! You can be sure you’ll be offering a totally different, unique wedding experience for your guests, one they’ll talk about for years to come.

From the classic dodgems to the tantalising twister, there’s lots to choose from, keeping dare devils happy and fun seekers involved. For a more traditional approach a carousel roundabout has all the romantic feels of an epic celebration.

Bucking Bronco

You can’t go wrong with a bucking bronco, a ride providing excessive laughter and memories of hilarious silly antics. You’ll see your guests in a whole new light.


How low can you go! Best kept until later in the evening when the bar drinks have been flowing, the classic game of limbo requires little set-up and limited space allowance. When the band or DJ are in full swing and guests are in full party mode, this game is one for the adults to indulge into the night.

Beer Pong

Relive those uni days and set-up a game of beer pong! A game strictly for the adults which you’ll probably want to bring out later into the evening, this simple, cost effective activity is a wedding winner.

A long table, plastic cups and a ping-pong ball at the ready, the game is slightly more enjoyable outdoors to avoid any venue mishaps.

Mr and Mrs

Funny, naughty and a way to round off the evening celebrations, a game of Mr & Mrs never disappoints! With minimal outlay, it’s a great way to entertain your guests in the midst of their booze-fueled state.

Get your best man and maid-of-honour to help with the questions, and ensure you have the shots lined up for any wrong answers.

To hire or buy?

It really depends on the specific wedding game or games you want to provide for your guests as to how you go about obtaining them but a good starting point is to speak to your wedding venue. Chances are they may have their own set of games available to you or they can be arranged at an additional charge.

When it comes to the bigger items such as rides, of course hiring is the best option but for the lower cost games such as hula hoops and space hoppers, purchasing means you can once again enjoy them in the future.

Remember, before making any decisions on offering games to your guests to discuss the set-up and space required with your venue and suppliers, manicured lawns are not ideal for pushing cricket wickets into and some games may require power outlets.

Choosing the ideal venue to host wedding games

The one thing you will need to add wedding games is suitable space, whether its a separate indoor area, an outdoor courtyard for carnival games or excessive grounds to host fairground rides.

Whatever your wedding dreams are, make sure you find an incredible venue perfect for you – Wedding Venue Finder.