There’s nothing more exciting than receiving an invitation to a far-flung wedding. But what if you dream of a jet-set wedding but don’t want to venture too far?

Top Destination Wedding Venues in the UK

The good news is that the UK has an abundance of exceptional wedding venues, hidden gems and exotic retreats that instantly transport you to further shores. Don’t believe us? Just read on, you’re about to be dazzled by eight stunning venues in the UK, that could easily double up as international destinations, and all without boarding a plane…

With its almost sci-fi architectural design and hilltop perched position, Tunnels Beaches brings a touch of Arizonian wonder to proceedings, in this coastal corner of Devon.

Set on a private beach, the contemporary venue is well kitted-out to cater to your every wedding day whim. This includes a thatched gazebo, ice-cream tricycle and giant deck chairs for taking selfies in. With up to 160 guests accommodated, it’s the perfect size for small to medium groups, with an equally impressive menu serving local fresh delights. Tunnels Beaches is a must, especially for beach lovers.

If you fancy an Italian wedding job, but want to forgo the flight, this one’s for you.

Hidden away on the Dorset coastline, you’ll find a piece of Rome tucked away in Poole. With a nod to Italian design, this architectural delight brings fairy-tale magic to the English countryside, complete with breathtaking gardens manicured to precision.

The multi-award winning venue knows how to put on a head-turning show, exuding first-class hospitality, a stunning menu and a hint of Italian charm.

If you always pictured your wedding day in a French winery, then add Knightor in Cornwall to your shortlist. At a snip of the price of Provence, it offers exceptional value without compromise.

The beauty of this winery is that it can be dressed to your preference. So whether you seek a casual bohemian get-together, or a more formal affair, Knightor is all things to all couples.

The venue boasts granite barns and four acres of vineyards, especially welcoming for outdoor ceremonies. With no neighbours and plenty of space all to yourself, it’s very much the perfect spot for saying ‘I do’.

If you dream of whisking your loved one away for a romantic ceremony, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to leave the country to do so. Get away to the Northumberland countryside and be prepared to be spellbound by its views.

Available for a two or three-night stay, make a long weekend of it, with up to 36 guests able to join you through its luxurious on-site accommodation.

Hidden within 100-acres of private estate, you could easily be in the French countryside, in this tranquil farm house. Complete with Orangery, tropical Elephant courtyard and magical woodlands, there’s plenty for you to discover at your leisure.

It’s not an overstatement to call the Eden Project a tropical paradise. This eco-resort is globally recognised for leading the way in biodiversity, with three climatic zones and nearly two million plants to marvel at. Not that anyone will be looking at anyone but the bride on her wedding day!

With its unique biomes, rainforest setting and citrus groves, the Eden Project offers a soothing setting for your big day. With its lush gardens and controlled climate, it could easily pass as being in the Mediterranean. This piece of paradise, however, is not hanging off a Greek cliff of Spanish island, but burrowed away on the Cornish coast.

Ideal for wedding ceremonies, there’s the option to celebrate alfresco or dine indoors, ensuring the elements never interfere with your big day. Instantly impressive, there’s no-where quite like this setting for an unforgettable wedding day.

The Cornish coast has long been a haven for the well-heeled community and those seeking boutique beach life. As its name suggests, Lusty Glaze Beach serves up a dreamy delight of lust-worthy views, golden stretch of sand and sparkling blue waters to devour on your wedding day.

Close to the popular hangout of Newquay, this hidden oasis offers a secluded venue for beach lovers. It’s also the only beach in Cornwall where you can exchange vows. With tranquillity at every turn, you’ll soon see why it was crowned one of the best beaches in the country by The Sunday Times. What could be more fitting for your big day – dance barefoot on the sand, enjoy spectacular sunsets, and all from the comfort of Cornwall.

The definition of a boutique destination villa, Treseren is a true English delight with all the features of a jet-set home away from home.

English elegance at its best. Pulling out all the James Bond vibes, Treseren is an exquisite award-winning venue. Designed for bijou celebrations and scaled-back soirees, this romantic property brings the beauty of nature to life, within pristine grounds. With room for up to 12 guests to stay overnight, it’s a wonderful spot for reconnecting with nature the day before, or after.

Spoilt for choice, exchange vows in the great outdoor terrace, and meander down to the bay for windswept photos. There’s so much to enjoy in this serene spot, that many couples return time and again to relive their magical day.

For French chateaux style vibes and aristocratic charm, St Giles House in Wimborne opens its magnificent doors to your wedding party. With a long rich history, its regal presence makes it splendid for special occasions – none more so than a wedding.

The impressive estate has numerous settings within it, allowing you to choose from its indoor intimate rooms, or the outdoor sunken garden and private grotto. Whatever you decide, you can expect a memorable day, with a hint of French elegance.

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