Be it an evening wedding pool party of an after party pool celebration the next day, a pool party is great for any wedding abroad, outside in the sun by the pool, friends and family, fun and laughter and a drink in hand.

How to throw an epic Wedding Pool Party

If you’re thinking about hosting a wedding pool party, then great choice! Here are some great ideas and considerations to make it an epic, fun and memorable part of the wedding weekend, we have got you covered.

What is a Pool Party in a Wedding?

A wedding pool party is a unique and exciting way to celebrate your wedding. Its a chance where you and your guests gather around a pool to enjoy some sun, water, and fun. These parties can vary in style, from elegant and refined to relaxed and casual, depending on the couple’s preferences and the overall theme of the wedding.

The central element of a wedding pool party is, of course, the pool itself. Guests can take a dip, lounge on floats, or simply relax by the water’s edge. It’s a fantastic opportunity to mix and mingle, enjoy refreshing drinks, and have a good time while basking in the beauty of the outdoors.

Hosting a Pool Party – Check with your venue

While many venues abroad have a pool, not all are suitable for a pool party, larger resorts and hotels won’t allow this as the pool maybe used by other guests, while exclusive use hotels or properties may not allow it due to heath and safety reasons., risk and damages.

If you find a venue you love with a pool then do ask the question to see if it is possible, next day pool parties after the wedding that take place in the day are likely to be possible, there maybe more restrictions around evening pool parties and using the pool at night.

View wedding venues with a swimming pool here.

Pool party ideas & what to wear

Depending when you are having your pool party there are a few things you can make it even better and get everyone involved.

Make it an event – On your wedding invites or plan for the celebration include it with a time, make it part of the event and not a ‘if you fancy it’ but an event for all the join. By doing this is ensures everyone is invited, welcomed and also part of it.

Drinks: Set up a bar area stocked with a variety of alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, wine, and beer, as well as soft drinks and chilled water jugs. It’s important to stay hydrated!

Pool Games: Organise adult-friendly pool games like pool volleyball, or paddle racing on floats. These activities are sure to bring out the competitive spirit in your guests as well as plenty of fun and laughter.

Relax: Create serene and quiet spaces where guests can unwind, enjoy the scenery, or have a conversation away from the splashing and excitement.

Themed Attire: Encourage guests to dress according to a chosen theme, such as Hawaiian luau, retro beach party, or elegant resort wear, the photos above show a all white pool party, all guests wear white while just the bride and groom are in blue, classy, elegant and fun.

How Many Hours Should a Pool Party Be?

The duration of your wedding pool party largely depends on your schedule and the preferences of the couple. There are no hard rules and times, however as a guide we would say:

Daytime Pool Party: If your pool party is planned for the daytime, consider a duration of 3 to 4 hours. This allows guests to enjoy the pool, have lunch, and participate in various activities without feeling rushed.

Evening Pool Party: For an evening pool party, you can extend the duration to 1 to 3 hours, especially if it transitions into a nighttime celebration with music, dancing, and a bonfire.

Remember to plan a schedule that includes breaks for meals, relaxation, and any other planned activities or games. Flexibility is key to ensuring everyone has a good time.

What Should Be at a Pool Party?

To ensure your wedding pool party is a hit, you’ll want to provide a variety of elements that cater to your guests’ comfort and enjoyment:

Pool Essentials: Bring some fun inflatables, water proof sun cream, and flip flops.

Entertainment: Keep the atmosphere lively with music and a carefully curated playlist.

Shade and Seating: Not everyone likes the sun, so ensure there is ample shaded areas and comfortable seating options for guests who want to take a break from the sunshine. Lounge chairs, cabanas, and umbrellas are essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Safety Measures: While it is all about fun and laughter, ensure everything is safe, from life ring to having a life guard, talk to your venue to make sure you are happy.

Towels: Depending on the venue they maybe able to provide towels for your guests, so make sure there is plenty avaible for them to grab incase they end up in the pool.

Pool party fun

Hosting a wedding pool party can be a fantastic way to celebrate the union of two people in a fun and memorable way. By understanding what a wedding pool party entails, making it special with personal touches, and catering to the needs and preferences of your guests, you can create an unforgettable event that everyone will cherish.

Whether you’re planning a daytime bridal shower by the pool or an evening celebration with dancing and cocktails, careful preparation and attention to detail will ensure that your wedding pool party is a splashing success. With the right location, decorations, entertainment, and refreshments, you can create an atmosphere of joy and relaxation that perfectly complements the spirit of the occasion.

So, take the plunge and dive into the world of wedding pool parties – it’s a refreshing and delightful way to celebrate love and create lasting memories with family and friends.