We take a look at the latest trends set for 2021-2022, what we are seeing more and more of, and what popular styles will be coming through this year. Taking inspiration from the latest wedding reports and findings from floral trends and dresses to fashion and interior trends, we’ve pulled together the must-have and most exciting wedding trends of the year.

Wedding Trends 2021

Weddings are very personal and there is no wedding that fits all, everyone with want something slightly different be it the dress, catering, styling or flowers. While the latest wedding trends change, so do tastes, and what people wish to spend their money on when it comes to their big day.

Relaxed and Informal

Top of the wedding trend list is informal gatherings. Inviting all and sundry to your big day is no longer the trend, ok some small detail such as a world pandemic may have something to do with this but couples are opting for a more intimate, meaningful celebration with their nearest and dearest. Allowing them to spend their budget more lavishly on a smaller group.

One of the big wedding trends of the season is for more intimate ceremonies. Also known as ‘micro weddings’ these occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of up to 25 guests. They can be formal or informal, and keep with tradition, or take a more modern approach – however, they tend to be a fusion of both.

Also, since there is more budget per head, they lend themselves perfectly to bespoke soirees, which are remembered for personal touches throughout. This can range from private wine tasting to personalised favours as part of the big day celebrations.

Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest – just one of the reasons for its surging popularity.

‘I Do’ right now!

The brand new wedding trend of 2021 has to be ‘wed now party later’. Fueled by event restrictions this modern concept will have couples saying their vows to become husband and wife pretty soon then holding a date in the future to party away with larger groups of family and friends.

Controversial maybe but after all, becoming Mr & Mrs right now with impressive lavish celebrations to look forward to in the future is certainly spine-tinglingly exciting!

Extended Celebrations

A trend consistently growing has to be extended wedding celebrations, I mean let’s be honest who wants to enjoy their wedding across a day when they could opt for a long weekend or even a week!

Small gatherings set over longer periods are increasingly becoming the go-to for many couples and we certainly don’t see this slowing down into 2021 and beyond. With intimate weddings on the increase couples will look for extra ways to impress and spoil their smaller guest list and what better way than celebrating for longer.

The Decor

One of the clear wedding trends for 2021 is the inclusion of luscious greenery. Tables dressed with cascades of foliage or ceremony arches displaying masses of leaves and greenery on show are the go to for sophisticated wedding adornment.

Think ferns, succulents, garlands of eucalyptus or even a cactus or two. The best thing about this natural decor trend is that it can be incorporated into almost any style of wedding, rustic farmhouse certainly, modern industrial most definitely, destination outdoor terrace of course!

The Dress

According to the other bible, Vogue, recent runways feature many a stunning white dress and it’s all about the sleeves! Not just any sleeves, oh no they have to be puff sleeves, be it smaller cap sleeves or full length billowing designs this fashion statement will ignite its resurgence into the world of bridal gowns.

Keeping in line with the more relaxed approach to weddings, we’ll see many more throw-out-the-rule-book bridal styles including the classic shorter above the knee dresses.  Brides will continue to hitch up the hem and show off their pro dances moves. With this in mind, all eyes will be on the bridal shoes and 2021 is set to be all about the pop of colour, pastels or rich tones, it’s all about having fun when it comes to footwear.

“Unstructured and less formal styles are going strong. With more texture starting to emerge. Sleeves are certainly important and we are seeing this shift into more of a billowy shape.” Cicily Bridal

Going Sustainable / Eco Weddings 

In these eco-conscious times we live in, now more than ever, couples are looking at ways to host responsibly. This means cutting back on unnecessary waste and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. Wedding venues are being greener and becoming more sustainable, many venues that provide in-house catering will use locally sourced produce, as well as other areas within their business to be more eco friendly.

One of the new wedding trends is for couples to upcycle, or to pledge a commitment to zero waste. This can be from offering wedding flowers away to good causes, to going plastic-free on your big day.

Other ways that couples can achieve this wedding trend is to swap out plastic straws for paper ones, sharing wedding day flowers and décor with other couples using the venue, and offering to ‘replant trees’ as a wedding favour.

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Concept Lighting

Concept lighting can make your wedding venue glisten in the moonlight and sizzle at sunset. Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the top wedding trends of the year is for mood lighting. When the sun sets, the lights come on, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, lights can set the tone and mood for your evening.

Think outside of the ‘lightbox’ and look at different ways to integrate lighting in a unique way. From exposed bulbs to geometric lamps, feestons in cages and vintage chandeliers to candles on a beach. There’s lots of different ways that you can bring a touch of sparkle to proceedings.

Neon signage and lights continue to be popular and can be customised to suit and makes a great keep sake, you just need the space.

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All together now!

Destination wedding getaways are certainly remaining popular but as of more recently couples are beginning to combine their magical moments into one extravagant trip abroad, stag do’s, hen do’s, the wedding day itself and then of course the cherry on top of the cake, the honeymoon.

Logistically its perfect, all your loved ones in one place enjoying a dreamy destination with countless celebrations. Be it Ibiza, Santorini, Bali or Lake Como there’s an array of stylish locations just perfect for this trendy new combination of wedding events.

A much needed Treat

We all want to imprint our own stamp on our wedding day. But coming up with original ideas can be challenging.

Areas such as food and drink are becoming more unique and personal, from custom signature cocktails created by the bridge and groom, to unique canapés and desserts that reflect the couple.

And, what trendier way to enjoy your favourite tasty treats than an Artisan mobile wedding caterer, more and more couples are opting for stylish options such as; vegan street food vendors, Crêpe and Waffle bars, prosecco vans, retro-style gin bars and even vintage VW icecream vans.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, gin lover or pizza fanatic, you can enjoy what you love on one of the best days of your life and provide a real talking point feature at the same time.

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Live Streaming

2021 wedding trends also include a change to how we involve loved ones on our big day, as upsetting as it may seem circumstances may prevent those we love from attending in person, however this is where live streaming & videography comes into its own. Having your wedding day captured as a film is becoming more popular and a great way to relive your day and being able to send live footage will be championed by many across the next few years.

With this being said, we will also see the rise of drones being used, perfect for capturing the atmosphere of your big day and the beauty of your venue from above.

Do it Your Way

Although these are popular make sure you do things your way, trends are great for ideas and seeing what others are doing, but make sure you do things how you want. Make your own style.

Whatever the trends remember this is your day, so make it your own and make it how you want it, don’t worry about what’s popular and what others are doing. It is great for ideas and inspiration, but make sure you do it your way.

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