Traditionally weddings were hosted across an afternoon and evening but with extended weddings becoming more the norm, celebrations are notoriously being spread across long weekends or even week long get togethers.

Factor in welcome meals, farewell BBQ’s and trending wedding experiences, guests are being treated like never before but with that being said who should foot the bill when it comes to wedding accommodation?

Who pays for the wedding party’s accommodation?

Countless couples are opting to head abroad to say their vows therefore guest accommodation is no longer a choice but a necessity. We discuss the options available to destination wedding couples and give an insight into suitable wedding accommodation abroad.

Wedding venue accommodation

Whether you have your heart set on paying for guest accommodation or not, the style of wedding venue you choose will have a huge impact on not only your wedding experience but also the logistics surrounding your guests stay.

As refined wedding guestlists are set to trend for the foreseeable future, the desire to impress a smaller number of invitees can be conveyed by footing the bill for destination stays but choosing a space to make this possible is vital.

Ideal wedding venue styles that feature guest accommodation include;

Wedding villas

Wedding villas are the most desirable type of wedding venues amongst couples planning at present, they have it all; exclusivity, accommodation, amenities and the privacy to create the day you want.

From rustic farmhouses in Tuscany to contemporary estates in Spain, wedding villas usually include a collection of onsite bedrooms ideal for wedding get-togethers with family and friends.

What can I expect to pay for a destination wedding villa?

The cost of hiring a property suitable for hosting weddings is season dependent. The Courti Estate features 9 double bedrooms within its luxury Venetian venue alongside a private chapel, an array of outdoor wedding spaces and a private outdoor pool, to hire the entire estate exclusively for 7 nights the price is approx. €20,000 based on May 2023 pricing.

“Most wedding villa’s or private estates tend to charge an event fee, some charge per person, others a fixed fee, you can expect the fee to be around €3,000 for 100 guests.” -Chryssa, The Courti Estate

Private villas will usually have minimum requirements to host your wedding celebrations, such as a minimum amount of nights you need to hire the property. To keep to budget you could consider a weekday wedding or an out-of-season celebration.

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Paying for your wedding villa accommodation

“If you have your heart set on getting married at a wedding villa like Courti, don’t feel like you have to cover the whole accommodation cost. The overall price of your wedding stay could be divided between your guests. After all, nobody expects the bride and groom to pay for their hotel accommodation!

Politely speak to your guestlist with a nicely worded email after breaking down the cost per room per night and ask if anyone would like to stay at your chosen wedding venue rather than a nearby hotel. If rooms are sparse, typically you’ll want to start by approaching your wedding party followed by the rest of your guestlist.

The economics of this option works out really well, as a couple you get to experience your wedding stay in full privacy with only your nearest and dearest, and guests get to enjoy a luxurious environment without the logistics of travelling to and from the wedding celebrations, at usually a cheaper price tag than staying at a hotel.” -Chryssa, The Courti Estate

Should I pay for my wedding parties accommodation?

It’s most likely that you’ll want your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents present on the night before and night of the wedding, at the very least when getting married abroad.

Although there are no written rules stating you need to provide accommodation for your formal wedding party, if budget allows and you don’t wish to provide rooms for the entirety of your guestlist, paying for these close individuals would be a great way to divide up your guests.

How to approach destination wedding accommodation with your guests

Be clear, polite and straight talking right from the beginning. Destination weddings do warrant a lot from your guests- extended time off work, planning travel and the logistics of being in an entirely different country.

If you choose to pay for your guests, make sure you address how many nights and exactly what it is that you are providing, for example state if breakfast is included in their nights stay.

Whilst footing the bill might not be the right option for you, it is always best to provide your guests with a list of suitable accommodation options. We recommend block booking rooms and negotiating rates with nearby hotels and resorts or with the venue itself if possible.

Destination wedding accommodation faux pas

What to avoid when it comes to your destination wedding and guest accommodation;

  • Unrealistic expectations- you know your guests better than anyone, put yourself in their shoes before making any silly requests regarding attending your wedding.
  • Extended wedding stays- ideally give guests options regarding the duration in which they can stay, for some a week may just not be feasable.
  • High costs- Not everyone will want to or be able to pay for deluxe suites
  • Not doing your homework- not providing enough information to your guests is an easy faux pas to make. Research the location well and ask your venue for advice.

Do it your way

To answer the question, no you shouldn’t have to pay for your guest’s accommodation, can you- yes, will you-as with any wedding planning decision, it’s entirely down to you and your preferences. Ultimately budget will play a large part in making your choice, whether you opt to pay for a select few, your entire guestlist or none at all, choosing a suitable wedding venue will define your entire wedding stay.

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