Weddings are usually planned for weekends, but in recent years, mid-week weddings have become increasingly popular. Couples opt for mid-week weddings for various reasons, including venue availability, cost savings, and a desire for a more intimate ceremony.

Benefits of Booking a Mid-Week Wedding

While mid-week weddings have some advantages, they also come with some drawbacks. Here we’ll explore the pros and cons of having a mid-week wedding.

Pros of having a mid-week wedding

First lets take a look at the benefits and reason why you should have a mid week wedding.

Cost savings

One of the most significant benefits of having a mid-week wedding is cost savings. Wedding venues and suppliers typically offer lower rates for mid-week weddings as they are less in demand compared to weekend weddings.

Many couples find that they can save thousands by choosing to get married on a weekday, typically Monday and Tuesdays would be the cheapest days. Compare this to a Saturday, Sunday or even Friday where the costs would be greatly higher.

More availability

Booking wedding venues and vendors can be challenging, especially during peak wedding season. With mid-week weddings, however, there is typically more availability, making it easier for couples to secure their preferred dates and vendors. This can be especially useful for couples who have short engagement periods or who have specific dates in mind.

With 4 weekends a month these can be booked up very quickly especially in the summer months and peak season, however there s a larger choice of mid week dates offering you more flexibility.

Intimate setting

Mid-week weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate affairs. Couples who opt for mid-week weddings often do so because they want to have a more intimate ceremony that focuses on their love for each other rather than on the spectacle of the event.

If you are looking at having a smaller wedding celebration then this can make the wedding feel more personal and meaningful and a mid week wedding is good option.

Less stress

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and having a mid-week wedding can help alleviate some of that stress. With fewer guests and a more intimate setting, there is less pressure on the couple to create a grand event.

Additionally, since many vendors have more availability during the week, it can be easier to secure the services of wedding planners, caterers, and photographers, which can also reduce stress levels.

Extend the celebration

While this is a con and mentioned below, the flip side is that guests may take more days off work and allow you to extend the celebration, next day after party of lunch, with a chance to catch up and socialise with all your guests and make it into an extended stay.


If you are going straight from your wedding onto your honeymoon then the costs savings of a mid week wedding will help with your budget for this, and also a mid week flight may also be cheaper. weekday flights tend to be cheaper than a weekend flight so if you are getting married on a Monday of Tuesday a flight the next day could work out at a reasonable cost.

Cons of having a mid-week wedding

While there are plenty of strong benefits to weekday wedding there are some drawbacks and things to consider.

Inconvenient for guests

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a mid-week wedding is that it can be inconvenient for guests. Many people work during the week, and attending a mid-week wedding can require them to take time off from work or rearrange their schedules. This can be particularly challenging for guests who have to travel a significant distance to attend the wedding.

A Tuesday or Wednesday wedding depending on the location may require guests to take 3 days off, the day before to travel there and enjoy the welcome party if you have one, the day for the wedding itself, and then the next day to have breakfast, maybe a lunch and then travel back.

Lower attendance

Mid-week weddings tend to have lower attendance rates than weekend weddings. Some guests may be unable to attend due to work or other commitments, which can be disappointing for the couple.

Additionally, some guests may choose not to attend simply because it is a mid-week wedding, this could be because of kids and childcare, school or college, these are other things to consider depending on your guest and who you are inviting.

Your wedding, your way

Deciding to have a mid-week wedding is a personal choice that depends on several factors, including the couple’s preferences, availability of vendors, and the inconvenience factor for guests.

While mid-week weddings can offer cost savings, more availability, a more intimate setting, and less stress for the couple, they can also be inconvenient for guests, have lower attendance rates, and limit vendor availability.


Is it cheaper to get married mid week?

From a wedding venue point of view it tends to be cheaper getting married on a Monday to Thursday, just like high and low season, the summer months are more expensive than winter months, and Saturdays and Sundays are more expensive than mid week days because there’s less demand for them.

What days of the week are best for wedding?

The most popular day is a Saturday, however if you are looking at a mid week wedding then look at a Monday or Tuesday.