Whether you dream of saying ‘I do’ on the beach, or long for the rolling hills of Tuscany, there’s no denying that a destination wedding can create an extraordinary wedding experience.

Pros and Cons of Getting Married Abroad

Every year some 71,000 Brits pack their wedding bags to marry abroad. With glorious weather, stunning backdrops and impressive wedding venues, it’s easy to see why.

Pros for Getting Married Abroad

There’s plenty of advantages to getting married abroad, here’s just a few…


Ah, the unpredictable British weather. If you’re looking for just one good reason to marry abroad, sunshine would be it.

While you can never guarantee blue skies and favourable climates, it’s fair to say that you’re more likely to enjoy a bright sunny day abroad with some careful planning and consideration for the season in which you choose to wed. For instance, Greece and Italy experience just 1-2 days of rain in July, compared to Britain’s 10 days across the same month.

Location, location, location

While the UK has no shortage of stunning and prestigious wedding venues, you will find a more varied choice of wedding spaces abroad, complimented by a range of experiences potentially not possible in the UK. From the white sands of the Caribbean to the azure of the Mediterranean, and fairy-tale backdrops that you can only find in Italy – sometimes you simply have to travel to achieve the dream.


If you want to have your (wedding) cake and eat it, going abroad is a smart way to spend your wedding fund. Generally your money will go further abroad, the average UK wedding today costs £30,355, compared to just £14,200 when heading overseas. Plus, extend your stay and you can save on honeymoon costs as well.

Perfect for intimate weddings

Let’s be honest – big weddings aren’t for everyone. Eloping abroad helps to bypass some of the challenges of keeping your wedding party small. Plus, it means you don’t have to make awkward excuses to work colleague, or worry about ‘reception only’ guests.

Logistics and planning

If you don’t have the time, or inclination, to get into the details of planning a wedding, then let the local event organiser do it for you. When you book with an established hotel or professional wedding venue, especially through a trusted source like Wedinspire, you can take advantage of all the benefits that come with it.

Many venues have wedding planners on-site to make arrangements on your behalf. Others will offer packages to make it easy to build a fuss-free wedding of your dreams.

For enjoying the great outdoors

If the thought of exchanging vows on a seafront, or hanging off a craggy cliff at sunset is your idea of wedding bliss, then it’s time to get your passport ready. For beach venues, clifftop charm, vineyard glamour and sizzling sunsets, you have to venture that bit further.

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Cons for Getting Married Abroad

But, before you reach for your Louis Vuitton luggage and diamond encrusted flip-flops, there’s a few things to consider…

Friends and family may not be able to come

For better or worse (so to speak) a destination wedding inevitably means that not everyone can come. If you’re keen that your Great Aunt Hilda, or your best friend from the office is in attendance, keep this in mind. Destination weddings require more time off work and also due to health conditions some may not be able to travel or fly.

Overseas planning pitfalls

From language barriers to travel costs the fact is planning a UK wedding should be more straight forward with the opportunity to visit multiple venues easily and meet suppliers face-to-face.

Organising the finer details of your special day from hundreds of miles away can prove troublesome and things can easily get lost in translation- you’ll certainly need to rely on modern forms of communication, WhatsApp calls and Zoom meetings will have to become your new best friend and don’t underestimate the importance of a quality, professional destination wedding planner.

An enforced UK reception

It’s not a prerequisite, however many couples who organise a destination wedding tend to have a UK reception afterwards. This is a lovely way to eke out the big day and celebrate with loved ones at home. However, it’s not to everyone’s taste and can also be a large cost and a chunk of your wedding budget.

Documentation and requirements

Each country has its own rules when it comes to getting married, especially if you’re planning a religious or civil ceremony. This could may mean you would need to arrive at the destination much earlier than planned, or pay additional fees to obtain certain documentation. Your wedding planner or venue co-ordinator may be able to help with this side, of course you can do the legal side back in your home country making it a lot easier.

Shipping and travel costs

One of the costs that often gets overlooked in a destination wedding is the cost of shipping extras. For instance, you may want your wedding dress to be couriered so it doesn’t get misplaced, or perhaps you have special party favours that need transportation. Some brides also pay for hair and make-up artists to travel with them, as well as photographers. These costs can all add up, especially with the weak pound.

International Weddings in 2022

So there you have it, the pros and cons for hosting a destination wedding. If you’re firmly set on exchanging your vows abroad, here’s five trending destinations for 2022 to consider:

Portofino, Italy – the recent destination for Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s nuptials, the jaw-dropping beauty of this coastal retreat makes it a popular choice.
Athens, Greece – with big-name hotels cropping up on the city outskirts, Athens offers an urban-beach experience within easy reach for international travellers.
Portland, USA – looking for something a bit different, a bit boho, a bit cool? British Airways has just launched flights to Portland, making it the perfect place for surprising guests.
Nicosia, Cyprus – if you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine, even into October, Nicosia is the answer. Plus, it features in Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations of the year.
Cancun, Mexico – roll your wedding and honeymoon all into one, this stunning location that has it all.

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