Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘Love Island’, heading abroad to warmer climes is a growing trend, especially now that international travel is back on the cards.

So, whether you’ve always dreamed of getting married on a beach, longed for a glamorous international wedding, or simply want to say ‘I do’ in the glorious sunshine, we’ve got just the (return) ticket for you!

Island Wedding Venues in Europe

Below is a list of the top nine islands for couples looking to marry abroad. From the achingly cool shores of Ibiza, to the chic coast of Capri, here’s our best picks.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Shrugging off its image as a party-island, Ibiza has come into its own in recent years, as a chic island for luxurious destination-weddings. Known for its mesmerising sunsets and within easy reach from the UK, it remains a top choice for newlyweds to elope to. One of the many appeals of the island is that it accommodates weddings of all kinds.

Whether you’re here for a humanist ceremony, same-sex marriage, or traditional church wedding, this progressive island welcomes all. Reaching peak sunshine between May and September, time your visit during the summer months and bask in the glorious heat all at once.

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2. Ios, Greece

Dreamy views, delightful cuisine, and a lively party scene – if that sounds like the Greek island of your dreams, then Ios is the Greek island for your wedding day celebrations.

The lesser-known of the Cyclades is not without its charm either. Ios Club, for instance, is one of the leading wedding venues on the island, offering a seductive escape with spectacular views over tranquil waters at sunset. Dance and party into the night, in this shimmering cliff-top venue that never fails to impress.

3. Mykonos, Greece

Fuse fashion with romance, on the most talked about Greek islands right now. A haven for A-listers, this vibrant island is noted for its white-washed buildings, windmills, and picturesque views – perhaps some of the most spectacular in the whole Aegean.

This all bodes well for wedding day bliss that is guaranteed to wow guests. There’s no shortage of spectacular venues to choose from, including the achingly hip Mykonos Blu.

4. Corfu, Greece

Got the whole family coming? Then Corfu makes a great choice for exchanging vows. This traditional Greek island is popular with families, thanks to its smattering of tourist attractions and warm hospitality.

It’s one destination where you’ll want to extend your stay beyond the celebrations, and spend quality time with loved ones. For total escapism on your wedding day, the jaw-dropping grounds of Ekaterini Estate makes a beautiful haven, ideal for complete privacy in a luxurious setting.

5. Santorini, Greece

For iconic wedding day photos, the scenic island of Santorini is incomparable. The Athina Luxury Suites are the perfect example of this chic Cyclades destination, that make it oh-so popular with brides and grooms.

Santorini Wedding Location

Picture pristine white architecture interrupted only by the sound of the splash of the pool, with endless panoramic views of the Aegean sea and sunbathers basking in the sunshine.

In short, this paradise destination is a great choice for wedding vows, and bringing families and friends together. Perhaps what makes Santorini stand out as a wedding destination is it’s peaceful setting and those majestic views.

If you’re ambition is for a spectacular wedding album of photos, look no further.

6. Majorca, Spain

The most famous of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is a premium destination for wedding parties, and honeymooners from all corners of the globe. Its lush greenery, high hilltops and quiet mountains make the perfect escape for large or intimate ceremonies, under the warm glare of the sun.

On ground level, there is no shortage of golden beaches, first-class restaurants, super yachts and private venues for your wedding day backdrop. Quintessentially Spanish, Finca Ses Voltes is the perfect choice of venue for private small groups. Complete with its own terrace and pool, it’s a canvas you can make your own, hidden in a relaxing hillside location.

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7. Pantelleria, Italy

The beautiful volcanic island of Pantelleria is located just off the coast of Sicily. As such, its dramatic setting is a fabulous choice for wowing guests and bringing your wedding day dreams to life. One of the most popular venues on the island is Tenuta Kafar – a sun kissed palm grove that offers privacy and charm, overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

It’s a popular choice for romantic types, or those looking to indulge in the best of Italy. As with much of the island, its remote setting makes it ideal for post-nuptial relaxation and spending quality time together with loved ones.

8. Capri, Italy

Italy remains the top destination for European destination weddings, offering just the right amount of romance, sunshine and mouth-watering cuisine for your big day. Why not take it to the next level, on the magical island of Capri.

Accessible by boat from Naples and Sorrento, this is a destination full of excitement and adventure. Best of all, this beautiful bijou island benefits from breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, making it a truly exceptional island for hosting your wedding reception. Always in high demand, it’s worth booking as early as possible to secure the top venues, such as Capri Palace Jumeirah – a stunning 300-capacity property in the central area of Anacapri.

9. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

This tourist-friendly destination has succumb to the family traveller in recent years. Least of all, it’s home to some of Cyprus’ top beaches – Fig Tree Bay and Ammos beach.

This also works out rather well for couples looking for the perfect beach wedding venue, with a warm Cypriot welcome to boot. Along with fine local food, a warm Greek reception and those golden stretches of sand, Ayia Napa is well-connected to two airports, making it ideal for international guests from all corners.