Let’s be honest no wedding can ever be completely eco, travel is required whether that be from numerous guests driving from out of town or couples flying to your destination but one thing that you can control is the type and sustainability of the venue in which you host your celebrations.

Rise of the Eco-Conscious Destination Bride

Over half of the couples we spoke to planning their wedding abroad are considering a more mindful wedding and this journey begins with selecting the right type and style of wedding venue. So, how eco-friendly are wedding venues abroad and what are venues really doing to keep eco-conscious couples happy?

We delve into the sustainability and eco-credntials of three of our extraordinary wedding venues situated across the globe, you won’t believe the lengths taken to protect, respect and preserve!

Sustainable Portuguese Farmhouse

A cutting edge wedding venue which has it all, 38 houses, four swimming pools, a wellbeing centre, an organic garden and a whole range of farm animals, Craveiral Farmhouse is set in unspoilt Alentejo landscape hosting weddings of up to 130 guests with extensive onsite accommodation.

The idyllic European venue is perfect for wedding stays across a long weekend or more and is in fact part of the Regenerative Travel– A community of hotels creating regenerative impact through travel.

An extraordinary concept with sustainability at the forefront

Craveiral is defined as a sustainable farmhouse, centred in Portuguese nature the venue outlines authenticity, belonging, simplicity, sharing and wellbeing as its key concepts.

Sustainability was forefront in the properties design and construction with a multi-disciplinary team of civil architects, landscapers, engineers and environmental and landscaping consultants prioritising the respect of the environment. Only four trees were lost during the entire construction thanks to a prior environmental study focusing on existing trees and the built area only occupies 4% of the estates 9 hectares.

The reuse of water and waste have been carefully considered at the farmhouse with rainwater and grey water used to water the land, and garden or restaurant compost and recycling used to feed the farm animals.

Creating mindful destination weddings in Portuguese countryside

A unique venue celebrating rural life, the entire creation of Craveiral was mindful of its environmental impact and this respect continues to the running of the property.

When hosting your celebrations you will find glass usage eliminates any single-use plastic and all food produce comes from the farm and local markets.

You can of course host your wedding on the outdoor pool terraces or the internal, large restaurant room but we love Craveiral’s ecological space integrated in the protected pine forest- the perfect choice for eco-conscious destination couples!

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Stylish Moroccan Eco-Property

One of the most eco-friendly buildings in Morocco, Kasbah Bab Ourika was traditionally constructed principally by pise (rammed earth) allowing it to blend seamlessly into the Atlas Mountains backdrop. Recognised as an eco-hotel due to the materials used, Kasbah also boasts eco practices and eco-energy.

Alongside teaching sustainable gestures to all its employees, which are exclusively located within local villages, the venue celebrates it’s Moroccan heritage welcoming and integrating into the local community. Recycling water systems, solar energy and biological gardens all collectively equate to create the environmentally responsible property.

An exceptional eco-wedding in Morocco

Hidden deep in Moroccan mountain ranges, Kasbah provides a spectacular wedding setting with exquisite cuisine and eco chic décor. You can expect fresh local produce and home grown vegetables, a secluded solar-heated swimming pool and an oasis of calm for stylish celebrations.

Yoga lessons, spa treatments (using only local natural products), guided meditation, picnics in nature, pottery lessons, the list of experiences available for couples and their guests is somewhat inconceivable. A mindful wedding at Kasbah Bab Ourika is not only achievable but an exciting adventure!

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Private Mexican Eco-Retreat

Positioned on the world-renowned Tulum beach, the spiritual boutique venue of NEST Tulum is a private sanctuary highlighting authentic traditions of Mayan civilization. The intimate, Caribbean Sea setting provides a spectaular destination for weddings including villa accommodation available for up to 35 guests.

Belonging to Namron Hospitality’s venue portfolio, NEST Tulum follows strict codes of eco-responsibility, boasting the only property in Tulum to instill “The Tulum Pledge” which ensures ethical and conscious practices across all areas.

The finer details of a sustainable destination venue

It seems everything at the trendy venue has been considered when it comes to sustainability, from the decor to the cuisine on offer and in fact to ensure total respect of the property and the surrounding environment wedding planners must also sign the Tulum Pledge.

The interior includes an array of vintage and upcyled pieces alongside handcrafted elements of design which together result in an authentic, creative style using a palette of monochrome and natural wooden tones. Floral arrangements are derived from the properties greenery and plants, and where possible dried, foraged florals are used to impact less on the planet.

In terms of wedding decor very close attention is taken to tablescape, setup and wedding prepearations, single-use plastic is avoided in addition to chemical products and any harmful or polluting items.

NEST Tulum’s restaurant NÜ sources its ingredients directly from a local farm in the Yucatan called Mestiza de Indias which practices regenerative farming and cultivation of local produce.

It doesn’t just stop there though as the venue confidently informed us “we are continuously learning about ways to better our environmental impact and protect our precious environment”.

Creating Your Mindful Wedding at NEST Tulum

Hosting your wedding on a private Mexican beachfront is both romantic and unforgettable, and yet NEST Tulum can take it one step further with the original property allowing you to connect not only with each other but with nature through an ancestral Mayan ceremony.

This special ceremony allows you to seal your vows by the traditions of the scared land, entirely bespoke the ceremony involves asking permission from the four points and nature in uniting two souls, this intimate spiritual connection is the definition of a indefectible, mindful destination wedding.

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The eco way to marry abroad

In the past caring for our environment and the impact we make may not have always been forefront where weddings are concerned but times have changed and eco-credentials are not only becoming more and more important but in fact essential for many to-wed couples.

From Portuguese farmhouses and Moroccan properties to private Mexican retreats there are wedding venues abroad which not only have eco-tendencies but go that extra mile to support local traditions, protect the environment and host mindful celebrations in an exciting manner.

You can discover more extraordinary Eco Wedding Venues here or for more tips and advice on planning your eco-wedding read our latest article How To Have A More Sustainable Wedding Day.