With stunning views, gorgeous sunshine and a relaxed vibe Ibiza is a popular wedding destination for UK couples. With a flight time of 2 and half hours it is perfect for anyone looking for a destination wedding.

Getting Married in Ibiza

We have put together a detailed guide on what you need to know when getting married in Ibiza with the help from premier wedding planner Ruth, the owner of Ruth Alexander Weddings.

When to get married in Ibiza

Glorious sunshine is one of the main reasons UK couples opt for a destination wedding and Ibiza has an abundance to offer. Temperatures are often 27°C or higher in the summer months with very little rainfall between June and August.

Ruth said “Most of my brides love the months of June and September, they seem to be the popular months. October is becoming more popular as the season in Ibiza is getting longer, it’s such a beautiful month and my favourite, the Island is quieter with the sun still shining.”

Can I legally marry in Ibiza?

You can legally get married in Ibiza if either of you are residents for at least 2 years or if either of you are of the Catholic faith. Residents can legally marry in a civil ceremony and those of the Catholic faith can legally marry in a Catholic Church.

For UK couples of which one or both of you are of the Catholic faith it is useful to talk to your Catholic priest at home on the formalities and they may liaise with your priest in Ibiza. For a Catholic Wedding in Ibiza you will need the following documents:

  • A valid 10-year passport
  • A baptism certificate
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Certificate of no impediments
  • Certificate of completion of pre-marriage course

UK couples who are not residents and are not of the Catholic faith will need to perform the legalities of a civil ceremony in the UK whilst a blessing ceremony can be performed afterwards in Ibiza.

“To marry legally in Ibiza you have to be either Spanish or a Catholic. Many of my brides have the legal ceremony before they fly out which they see just as a formality and the Ibiza wedding with a blessing is their true wedding day and they celebrate their marriage on this day only.” said Ruth

Do I need to visit prior to the wedding?

There are no formalities requiring you to visit in terms of legally getting married, however you may wish to fly over to visit potential venues and have a look around. Many venues are booked up quickly and there is usually a waiting list of 1 to 1 and half years at popular venues.

Ruth said she “would always recommend clients to come out and have a venue recce with myself or a member of my team. Its such a fun day, we see a lot of beautiful and chic villas and boutique hotels. Standing in the location and walking through yours and your guest journey you will be able to realise the vision, its a special day for my couples”

How long before and after the ceremony do they need to be in the country?

As there are no legal requirements to be in Ibiza before you get married, it is entirely up to you, relax and enjoy the run up before your amazing day and chill out afterwards.

Ruth said “Most of my clients like to come a few days before to soak in the sun. We often don’t just create the wedding day but the full wedding celebrations before and after the wedding day. Fun days on boats to Formentera or creating a relaxed BBQ the day after the wedding day to carry the on the celebrations.”

Where to get married in Ibiza?

There are a whole host of amazing wedding venues in Ibiza to choose from, including luxury hotels, small intimate beachside restaurants, as well as a range of stunning villas.

Popular venues include:

View our full range of top Ibiza wedding venues here, get in touch with them for a quote and to check their availability.

The Cost of a Wedding in Ibiza

Ibiza weddings can range depending on your requirements and which venue you choose. Lower budget weddings can start around 15,000 euros and rise anywhere up to 50,000 euros or more on the island.

With destination weddings you also need to take into account flight costs and accommodation for yourself and guests. Ibiza is a popular destination and in the Summer months there are plenty of flights from the UK from budget airlines across most airports.

Ibiza Wedding Planners

Ruth said “Ruth Alexander Weddings specialises in creating bespoke, stylish and luxury weddings in Ibiza, London and the rest of the UK, with a full and flexible design, planning and management service for your unique celebration from start finish.
Wedding planner and founder, Ruth is originally from the UK, where her passion for wedding planning began, and continues to grow, taking seeds of inspiration from the naturally beautiful landscape and British heritage.

She expanded her business overseas when visiting Ibiza in 2011 and her desire for creating dream weddings developed into new Mediterranean surroundings after falling in love with the majestic white island for its laid-back vibe, stunning scenery and not to mention the irresistible climate for creating dreamy, enviable outdoor concepts!”

“Whether you dream of a Bohemian look, a modern and luxurious mood, romantic touches, or a rustic garden party, here at Ruth Alexander Weddings we will bring your idealised concept to life beautifully in your dream location, whether its Ibiza or the UK, integrating style, charm and sophistication throughout your big day, with a look and feel specifically tailored to you.

Our wedding designs are inspired by both founder Ruth’s quintessentially British roots and bohemian Ibiza influences as well as leading global trends. They nurture an honest and authentic quality, complemented by the natural beauty of their surroundings and most importantly the personality and essence of each couple. A personal approach in every step of the wedding co-ordination combined with her industry knowledge enables us to translate your tastes into an aesthetically beautiful concept in your perfectly selected setting with an expert design and production team that are dedicated to delivering a high standard of service and attention to detail.”

Reasons to get Married in Ibiza

If you’re reading this then you may already have your heart set on Ibiza, and it is easy to understand why. Ideal for a destination wedding with stunning golden beaches and beautiful views complimented by divine weather where the sun shines brightly with clear blue skies most of the year.

Romantic settings and stunning sunsets it really is a beautiful place to get married as well as extending your stay for your honeymoon too.

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