Destination weddings have gained popularity in recent years, offering couples a unique opportunity to exchange vows in picturesque locations around the world. However, a recurring debate revolves around whether destination weddings are selfish.

Why Having a Wedding Away From Home Isn’t Rude or Selfish

There are pros and cons to a destination wedding but they are certainly not selfish, so here we are going to discuss and start debunking these misconceptions, and start shedding light on the true nature of destination weddings.

Is it rude to have a destination wedding?

Absolutely not! Your wedding is about your love for each other, and how you celebrate that is down to you and your personal preferences.

Every wedding is different and it comes down to personal choices, do you get married in your home town or further field, do you run away and elope, or do you have a huge wedding with 300 guests, or do you invite your closest friends and family and have a week long celebration altogether. It is not rude or selfish what ever you do.

Unique and Intimate

Destination weddings allow for more unique venues and experiences, venues that would be different from those at home, more unique and allow you to find something that is special to you both, from a beach wedding to a tuscan retreat in the beautiful rolling hills.

By choosing a picturesque location that holds significance or reflects their personalities, couples can craft a one-of-a-kind celebration that goes beyond the traditional wedding setting. It allows them to curate a memorable experience for their loved ones while infusing their own love story into the destination’s beauty.

Quality Time and Experiences

Contrary to the notion of selfishness, destination weddings often provide an opportunity for couples and their guests to spend quality time together. Traditional weddings, with their time constraints, often limit interactions to a few hours with you as the couple trying to say hello and speak to everyone there.

In contrast, destination weddings encourage extended stays, allowing guests to explore the destination, engage in activities, and create lasting memories beyond the wedding day. It allows you to spend more meaningful time with your guests, a chance to catch up in a more relaxed and informal setting, these moments and this time is something that is a real benefit of longer wedding celebrations.

The Guest Perspective

While attending a destination wedding may require additional expenses and travel arrangements for guests, it is important to consider their perspective. Many guests view destination weddings as an exciting getaway and an opportunity to explore new destinations. It can be a welcomed escape from their daily routines and an occasion to celebrate love in a unique setting, however there are things guests will think and worry about:

  • Cost
  • Time off work
  • Child care
  • Travelling (can they travel, age, medical and physical limitations)
  • More costs? (had a bachelor or hen party abroad already?)

When looking at a destination do consider your guests, it doesn’t matter if you are inviting 20 or 200, everyone should be considered, from budgets for accommodation, flight costs, time to get there and transfer times.

A 4-5 hour flight and 3 hour taxi ride the other side maybe fine for some but a struggle for others, some guests may prefer more luxury accommodation, while others are happy with something more basic at a fraction of the cost.

Destination weddings offer flexibility and choice for both couples and guests. While attendance is not obligatory, guests can decide whether or not they can commit to the travel and associated expenses. Couples, on the other hand, have the freedom to select a destination that resonates with their vision, accommodating their desires and budget constraints.

Consideration and Alternatives

It is essential for couples planning destination weddings to consider the financial and logistical implications for their guests. Thoughtful planning, early communication, and providing a range of accommodation options can alleviate potential concerns and help guests make informed decisions.

If you can help with accommodation costs, block room bookings and discount room rates this can all help, breakfast at the hotel, transfers, this can all make a difference and help your guests and the wedding experience for all.

Tips to help and consider:

  • Consider your guests when choosing your venue
  • Consider who will pay for what
  • Give your guests plenty of notice
  • Collate and provide plenty of information, location, how to get there, nearest transport links and timeline for the day.
  • Provide accommodation options at differing budgets and styles.
  • Make it easy for guests and provide transportation
  • Finally, consider your guests and make them feel welcome, there is no pressure to attend.

Labeling destination weddings as selfish overlooks the personalisation, intimacy, and shared experiences they offer. While attending such weddings may involve additional expenses and logistics for guests, many embrace the opportunity as an exciting adventure and quality time with loved ones.

It is crucial to recognise that couples often make concerted efforts to accommodate their guests and provide alternative options when necessary.

Destination Wedding Myths Debunked

Destination weddings can be more challenging to attend than a single day wedding in your local home village, however by considering your guests and making it easier for them, it can make for epic celebrations that they will not only enjoy but be talking about for years to come.

Less guests at a destination wedding

While many couples look to get married abroad to have a smaller wedding hoping that some guests won’t come, this often isn’t the case, and actually most guests want to attend and do! They see it as something different. fun and unique and also an adventure for themselves too. So if you invite 80 guests, don’t be surprised if 80 say RSVP yes!

Read our guide on guest list sizes for a wedding abroad.

Destination weddings are expensive to attend

Attending a destination wedding does not have to be expensive and accommodation can be cheaper, the main consideration would be flights. As a couple it is important to consider this, somewhere with frequent flights will be cheaper than a single flight a week, giving guests plenty of notice also allows them to book way in advance for the cheapest flight deals.

Destination weddings are boring

Weddings abroad for guests can be an adventure, exciting and different, a different country, a unique venue in a special place, for some guests these are the weddings they want to attend! Make it easy and considerate for your guests, combine it with unique experience, pizza welcome party, and then a closing pool party for everyone and it will be anything but boring.

Destination weddings are not selfish, however it maybe rude if you don’t consider your guests, if you want them there, make it a wedding to remember for them too. Consider them, help them and make it as easy for them to attend and have a great time, because destination weddings can be the most epic of celebrations and most memorable for times.