This year has hit the wedding industry hard, the pandemic has ultimately changed the way both couples plan and venues proceed with their special day and as the aftermath of such an uncertain time continues these changes look like they are going to evolve the industry as a whole.

Wedding limitations constraint by tight restrictions are creating change, couples needs are shifting as it’s impossible for many to presently have the day they had originally planned and venues are having to adapt. Postponements have and may still continue but one thing is for sure, some couples just don’t want to put their life on hold and want to say ‘I do’ as soon as possible.

The wedding industry post 2020 pandemic

We discuss how the industry is evolving both during planning and the big day itself to understand how your venue can thrive as the industry morphs into a differing future.

Is Coronavirus changing weddings forever?

Covid-19 has certainly had an immediate impact and this sudden change has thrown plans and the way we enjoy celebrations up in the air.

Some of the changes which incur from this years events could certainly begin to stand the test of time, it may be that a trend for including technology in weddings becomes an integral part of the industry much sooner than expected or that couples shift their perception of how a dream wedding should look but the exchange of vows will proceed into the future.

Proceed with the future

With social distancing and at least some form of restrictions here to stay for the foreseeable future, couples are and will become more twitchy. Many have their postponed wedding dates looming at the end of this year or the beginning of the next and the thought of yet another postponement just isn’t an option.

Since March of 2020, lives have been put on hold and the point of enough is enough has started with couples eminently wanting to say ‘I Do’ and proceed with their life.

With future plans such as starting a family, many couples will not want to put their wedding on hold again but rather shape their wedding around the world we find ourselves in and then opt for a larger celebratory party in the future once allowed.

Marry now, party later

We are already starting to see venues begin to cater for this movement, offering packages that allow for a small wedding ceremony under the current restrictions in the near future, with a larger party and celebrations for their original guestlist or a much higher number in the future.  This allows couples to get married now, and still have the big celebration when time allows with all their family and friends.

From a venue point of view this allows you to retain your couples, put on an intimate event and then guarantee the revenue from a big party in the future, it is important to consider these as two separate events.

Guest list evolution

Guest number limitations in 2020 has forced couples into making tough decisions on who makes the list and who doesn’t. This new focus changes the way couples look at who they want to invite, instead of anyone and everyone, they are forced with the process of choosing who they really want present at their big day.

The longer these decisions have to take place, the more this could be seen as the norm. Work colleagues could no longer be seen as essential wedding guests, choosing your favourite Aunt could become more accepted and extended family just doesn’t become a guest list necessity.

Intimate wedding indulgence

Current restrictions prevent the ‘big party’ happening at the moment which would allow couples to dance into the night and for everyone to let their hair down and quite rightly as mentioned many will plan a larger party as time goes on but for venues who are used to hosting larger weddings continuedly, if you decide to proceed with intimate weddings it’s so important to remember the guest number does not reflect the enjoyment, quality or even possibly revenue.

Couples still want the day of their dreams even if they have to compromise, instead of sharing their day with a larger guestlist they may opt to indulge themselves and the guests they can invite to another level. Some may decide to spend a whole weekend at your venue with several pre-wedding meals, accommodation and undertake any social distanced activities you may offer.

They could choose to go all out for their wedding breakfast cuisine with a five course instead of three or opt for your deluxe decor options with fresh flowers filling your intimate ceremony area.

Think about what you can offer for an intimate wedding package, if you were to increase your price per head what could you include to really indulge the couple and guests?

Micro weddings are here to stay

Ok, so they are not new, but they are certainly going to be more popular, once couples get a taste for the appeal of intimate and micro weddings we certainly believe they will be here to stay. Make sure your intimate packages are clear, up to date and appealing.

Video streaming

With a limited number of guests, video streaming and recording of the ceremony has become significantly important, the ability to live stream to guests unable to attend whether due to health, distance or number restrictions is a great addition for venues and ideal for couples having a small ceremony.

Show rounds

When physical show rounds and tours were forbidden due to lockdown this made it very difficult for both venues and potential couples, with that came the increased demand of virtual tours. This can be a video show round pre-recorded, a virtual tour allowing you to move round similar to Google street view, or a Skype or zoom show round.

Of course ideally physical show rounds are key to allow you or your wedding planner to build a relationship with the couple and for couples to really get a feel of the size, style and vibe of your venue but virtual tours are already becoming a necessity and a stepping stone in a couples journey on choosing their venue. It is certainly something to invest in if you haven’t already.

The future can be epic

Weddings in the near future are certainly changing and some of these changes will adapt the industry long term. As a venue it’s important to keep focused on couples needs, look at your USP’s and evolve your venue and packages to suit. We are certainly going to see some spectacular intimate and micro weddings and the huge party celebrations when possible are set to be truly epic.