It’s true more and more UK couples are opting to jump on a plane and head abroad to say their wedding vows and why wouldn’t they with such amazing destinations to discover and show off to their family and friends!

The new era of Destination Weddings

With this in mind, how can you make your venue stand out from the crowd and more importantly appeal to UK couples, planning their wedding right now?

We discuss everything from must-have visuals to sought-after packages to ensure your wedding offerings align with future expectations and the new era of post pandemic celebrations.

1. It’s all about the visuals!

Let’s face it, imagery sells. In a world of Gen Z tech savvy individuals, you need photography and videography to display the most desirable assets of your wedding spaces.

Styled shoots

UK couples expect to see venue imagery showcasing style focused weddings. Your photographs need to allow individuals to submerse themselves into your wedding environment and the best way to do this is by actioning a styled wedding shoot.

How do I obtain the right styled shoot imagery for my venue?

You can find inspiration from social platforms to distinguish desirable ceremony and reception set-ups but the one thing to keep in mind is your venue’s specific USP’s. If your main selling point is your spectacular sea views, don’t over complicate with fussy decor, similarly if your countryside retreat is surrounded by gorgeous vineyards, line your ceremony aisle with pampas grass to guide your eye to the views beyond.

The main idea when creating marketing images from styled shoots is not to overdress the space but rather to give couples a guide on how the areas can be used for their big day whilst attracting the right clientele for your venue.

Adding models into the equation can help bring the right vibe to the shoot but keep in mind you do also want images solely focused on the space to allow UK couples to picture themselves being present on their wedding day.

Use your black book of local suppliers to create a styled shoot or if this area is not your strongest skill set, work with professional wedding planners to increase the success of the photography outcome.

Wedding Venue Styled Shoot Photography Checklist;

  • Your venue – It’s amazing how many styled shoots do not include the outside of a venue in all its glory. Make sure you get some photos capturing your entire properties exterior.
  • Ceremony set-ups – Ideally capture all of the ceremony areas you offer, both indoors and outdoors. Include; guest chairs, floristry and most importantly a stylish ceremony arch.
  • Reception set-up – Focus on table set-ups in the designated areas you have for dining. Include appropriate chairs, table displays and full dining set-ups, ie- plates, cutlery, glassware.
  • Other relevant spaces – Include any other stand out features, for example; impressive gardens, grand manor interiors or elaborate staircases.
  • The views. Include images of what couples will see when exchanging vows and indulging into their alfresco wedding feast.

Destination Wedding styles that are hot right now

To keep your venue relevant to UK couples utilise current trends and bridal expectations. Popular destination wedding styles which can be incorporated into your styled wedding shoot include;

  • Boho Luxe – Think au naturel, soft tones of creams and rattan. Include dramatic pampas grass table centre pieces and ceremony decor. For a more luxe feel you can also add hints of gold.
  • Green Goddess – Foliage is key, bring the outdoors indoors or simply accentuate outdoor spaces with large greenery focal points, compliment with delicate fairylights to add some magic into the shoot.
  • Pastel Fairytale – A Crisp white colour scheme with subtle hues of blush pink and peach. Incorporate a white carpet ceremony aisle and use lighter toned chairs. Focus on pretty floristry with English roses and bundles of gypsophila.

Real wedding photography

Another great way to visually appeal to UK couples is to promote fabulous real weddings that have taken place at your venue. Network with professional photographers and make a note of memorable weddings that you host to further expose imagery from the big day.


Many UK couples choose their destination wedding venue without visiting the venue prior and the best way you can further aid their decision into choosing your wedding space to say ‘I Do’ is to provide them with impressive video content.

If you are in the process of organising a styled shoot, it’s certainly worth inviting a videographer, especially whilst your venue is looking its best. Whether you obtain simple snippets of walking down the aisle or 5 minute long feature films with drone shots, capturing your venues offerings in a movie format will promote you further.

Tip: Video content doesn’t always have to be left to the pro’s, destination venue owners and planners should certainly consider getting their phone out and filming a walk round of their venue, this provides great fresh content for your social platforms.

2. Shout about your USP’s

Know your destination wedding USP’s and shout about them! Seriously, what makes your venue stand out from the crowd? Is it the unique cuisine, the unique backdrop, the historic architecture or the fact that you are on the only venue in the area with an outside wedding licence. Don’t just assume couples know this or will be able to find the information, you need to shout about your USP’s daily to fresh wedding planning couples.

3. Offer desirable wedding packages & features

Here’s an insight into the top destination wedding features UK couples are searching for right now;

  • Exclusivity – Privacy is one of the top requirements for wedding ceremonies abroad, shout about this if you offer it and if you don’t, think about the expense that would cover couples exclusively hiring out your entire venue or one of your more private enclosed area. It may surprise you how much couples will pay for exclusive use.
  • Weekend Hire – When it comes to destination weddings UK couples do want to revel in the excitement of bringing their family and friends together in a brand new location. The option to use your wedding spaces across a full weekend or more is highly desirable, including welcome dinners and cocktails through to post wedding brunches.
  • Accommodation – Onsite accommodation for a destination wedding venue is an added bonus to many UK couples, charming villas and luxury resorts are sought-after locations to exchange vows. If you have limited guest rooms on-site or in fact offer no accommodation, liaise with local hotels to make sure you have the necessary information to pass on to wedding couples. You may be able to negotiate a special rate for nearby accommodation with your wedding packages making you more desirable.

Wedding Packages & Pricing

Couples fully understand weddings are unique, bespoke and one-of-a-kind which the pricing will reflect but you do want to initially show wedding packages and prices to give them the confidence their budget relates to your offerings.

Simplify your pricing structure for UK couples and keep the details concise as to what you can offer for their wedding day. If you are a venue providing hire only, when it comes to your brochures and packages you may want to consider recommending outside caterers, accommodation and planners. Your aim as a venue is to make a UK couple understand how they can successfully organise their wedding in a country they have most likely never visited.

4. Focus on Reviews

Publishing wedding reviews builds trust and reputation. If you have previously hosted UK couple weddings, ensure you get a personal review about their full experience, the more details the better. This automatically helps other UK couples relate and understand how their overseas planning journey could go when booking your venue.

5. Make sure your venue gets exposed to UK couples

Now, here’s the most important part when discussing how to make your destination wedding venue appeal to UK couples- they need to know about you!

Ultimately you could be offering the most amazing wedding packages, in the best venue in the world with perfect styled wedding imagery and professional videography to match but if UK couples have never heard about you then how are they ever going to book their wedding with you?

You need to be exposed to the UK wedding planning market in a way that matches your brand ethos to attract the right clientele. Your online presence needs to be on point, appealing and consistent, and understandable which is where you might consider adding a UK translation button to your venues website.

Social platforms

There’s not many UK bride-to-be’s that wont be transfixed to social platforms for their wedding inspiration, so make sure you are fully utilising them. Top platforms to expose yourself into the UK market are Instagram and YouTube. Include imagery and videography as we have outlined above and your content will certainly appeal.

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The most inspiring, contemporary way to get your venue infront of relevant, modern and style focused UK couples is through the editorial wedding platform Wedinspire. Boasting a huge percentage of UK couples as its core audience, many of which want to and inevitably do get married abroad, its destination wedding focus makes the platform the ideal place to be featured.

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